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Whenever we start a new update on Coleman air mattress reviews, we can’t help but look back on the amazing history of the said company.

Coleman certainly went a long way from being a typewriter salesman, through founding its own company for making and selling lamps, to the giant we know today.

Best Coleman airbeds on the market

Here’s a quick overview of the overall rating our winners scored since the last update.

88 / 100
86 / 100
83 / 100

We’ll also have our best-rated model for this update lock horns with the best of the best. We’re talking about the Dream Series, of course.

Head-to-head comparative view

Comfort89 / 10088 / 10084 / 100
Durability88 / 10084 / 10081 / 100
Air retention91 / 10087 / 10085 / 100
Pump87 / 10086 / 10082 / 100
Value for money87 / 10086 / 10083 / 100
OVERALL RATING88 / 10086 / 10083 / 100

Now we can start with the aforementioned “dissecting” part of the story. Here are the dedicated digest reviews of all three models we brought you today.

We’ll go over the positive/negative user feedback, followed by our own conclusions and opinions. But first of all, lets take a look at an explanatory video about the proper way to inflate and maintain a Coleman air mattress.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

User feedback?

We constantly speak to hundreds of recent buyers of all the models we’re reviewing, so we always have a bulk of fresh info on all the positive and negative sides of each product.

In our humble opinion, there’s nothing like actually sleeping on these for prolonged periods of time and then sharing your firsthand experiences with the world.

Our impressions?

Every opinion we “put on paper” within our guides is the result of extensive tests and experiments conducted on actual products we’re reviewing.

So, if we’re writing about some Coleman Queen air mattress, you bet we already have that model in our warehouse, testing the hell out of it for strength, air retention and all the good stuff.

That, combined with numerous reports from recent buyers is what 3Beds is all about. Giving you the perfect info of every piece of inflatable furniture on the market that’s worth something.

Now, let’s talk specifics.

Coleman Queen Air Mattress with Cot, Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

Our winner is the closest thing to a regular bed Coleman has to offer.

It has a proper frame with the inflatable part on top, so reviewing it is always a ton of fun.

Ratings of the Coleman Queen Air Mattress:

Coleman Queen Air Bed and Cot

Coleman Queen Air Bed and Cot





      Air retention




          Value for money



            • Versatile – Camping and home use
            • Affordable
            • Comfortable
            • Durable (Puncture-resistant)
            • Thick material


            • Heavy
            • Elevated
            • Difficult to clean
            • Short-lasting plastic smell

            Official product specification:

            • Versatile construction for indoors and outdoors use
            • Airbed plus the cot for elevated support
            • Airbed can be separated from the cot
            • Sturdy steel frame can support up to 600 lbs
            • Two side tables feature cup holders
            • Enclosure on both sides
            • It comes with built-in pump that utilizes 4D batteries (not included)
            • The pump inflates and deflates the bed
            • Airtight system prevents air leaking
            • Carry bag
            • For people up to 6ft 2in high
            • Warranty – 1 year


            coleman twin inflatable bed


            It’s always a great pleasure seeing a product specification this extensive. It’s something Fox could learn a great deal from, considering their terse and uninformative info sheets.

            It gives a lot to work with, so we better get going straight away.

            We’ll start with some positive reports on this Coleman Queen airbed cot:

            • We just came back from our camping trip, and this Coleman Queen air mattress sleeps exactly like our regular tempurpedic mattress we have at home! It’s surprisingly comfortable, and we definitely give our recommendation
            • This inflatable bed with built-in pump is sooo easy to set up and it saves us so much time! Even the frame opens up on its own when I flip the switch, so all I have to do is exactly that; flip the switch. It also comes with this super convenient carry bag, so tugging our camping mattress around was never easier
            • The side tables with cup holders might not seem like much at first glance but they come in really handy if you often get thirsty in the middle of the night. They’ve helped us avoid countless spilling accidents, so we’re really happy Coleman decided to include them into their design
            • Delivery was more than fast (it came here two days before expected), and the price was very friendly to my limited budget. If you need a good-quality air bed for camping without having to spend a fortune, this is the right way to go!
            • The frame feels very durable, sturdy and well-made. We thought we’d get a flimsy piece of thin metal, but ended up with a solid frame made of steel. It doesn’t feel flimsy or wobbly at all!
            • It’s a very versatile product. We use it when we go on a camping trip, but also as our guest bed. Even the unexpected visitors are no longer a problem. We just take it out of storage, inflate it in a couple of minutes, and a super comfortable guest bed is ready for sleeping!
            • We are pretty heavy people, and this bed holds us without any problems. It holds air like a champ and it’s, overall, pretty comfortable. It was a great choice, and we recommend it to all who love camping as much as we do
            • I like the fact that it’s raised from the ground, which adds a lot of extra insulation. The mattress doesn’t touch the ground like my camping mattresses in the past, so it’s automatically much warmer to sleep on

            coleman air mattress 1

            Let’s list out some of the reported shortcomings:

            • The bed is really heavy to carry around, but it’s well worth the trouble. The frame adds a significant weight, but it pays off for being elevated from the ground. On uneven terrains, the wheels on the carry bag aren’t of much use either
            • The pump fills it with air rather quickly, but I have to keep the nozzle of the pump down since it’s not exactly a snug fit with the hole in the mattress. It’s not a big deal, but I wanted to report it anyway since I can’t find anything else wrong with this bed
            • The clips on the pump are made of plastic, and I’m afraid they might break over time. The plastic seems pretty strong, but it’s still just plastic. If the clips break, I’ll end up having to hold the batteries while inflating/deflating, and that would be such a pain
            • The folding mechanism pinched my fingers twice! I am a huge klutz, but I’m just saying you should keep in mind to take care of your fingers when handling this beast

            Is this Coleman airbed cot worth the money or not (accidental riming)?

            This bed shows us just how far the air mattress industry has progressed.

            coleman airbed queen and twin size ratingsIt’s an inflatable bed with its own collapsible frame that truly resembles an actual bed. With some sheets over it, you can’t even tell the difference.

            What’s the ratio between PROs and CONs?

            We would say the PROs have it!

            As is our general practice, we like to put all the major CONs out there first, before dealing with all the good sides.

            The size

            Our biggest bone to pick with this model is the fact that it’s advertised as Coleman QUEEN air mattress, but in reality, it’s falls a couple of inches short or a regular Queen Size.

            Namely, the dimensions of this bed, as stated in the specification and confirmed by us, are 78” x 59”. We know by now that Queen Size measures 80” x 60”, so that’s 3 inches missing.

            This is not such a big deal unless you’re as high as the Queen Size length and you end up with a bed that’s 2 inches shorter than you.

            So, that would be one thing to pay attention to. If you’re under 6 ft 2 in, you’re golden with this choice.

            We should also say that you CAN put another mattress on top of the cot, but if it’s a real Queen Size, you won’t be able to zip it inside the cover that’s attached to the frame.

            The pump and weight

            We don’t have any bad remarks as far as the pump goes, but the fitting is somewhat “not-snug” indeed.

            This can be fixed by simply holding the nozzle while you’re inflating the mattress, but it’s a silly mistake and it shouldn’t have taken place in a good-quality product such as this.

            As far as weight is concerned, this is not a light item by any stretch of the imagination. It reaches almost 93 pounds altogether, so it’s a real “monster”.

            We’ve tested the quality of the wheels on the carry bag, and they’re pretty satisfactory, unless you’re traversing some uneven patches of terrain in which case they become pretty useless.

            What about the good stuff?

            The main advantage of this model lies in its steel frame, thus, the fact that it’s raised from the ground. The overall height measures 22 inches.

            The fact that it’s not contacting the ground directly means a lot of insulation space and extra warmth. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be super warm sleeping in cooler climates, but you’ll definitely be better off not sleeping on the ground.

            The frame itself is very well built and sturdy enough to handle a pretty heavy-duty use. It doesn’t wobble or feel unstable ever, plus, it expands on its own, so you don’t have to move a muscle during setup, except flipping the switch.

            The overall comfort is also a strong point according to the customers who actually took it out and spent some time sleeping on it in the great outdoors. It also makes it one hell of a guest bed since it can accommodate up to two people comfortably and give them a great night’s sleep.

            We’ve tested the pump the usual way, by inflating and deflating the mattress one hundred times. It performed beautifully, without any hiccups along the way.

            All of the seams are well-done, so when we put 600 lbs of weight on the top, it handled it like a pro. We left the said weight on it for three days in a row, and it didn’t lose air as the result.

            Bottom line, it’s a very well-rounded product that offers a huge bang for the buck. So, 3Beds team gave it its official stamp of approval. The individual review of the Coleman with side table can be found here.

            So, whether you want a good guest bed or a camping mattress, Coleman has your number with this model.

            Coleman (queen and twin size) Double High Air Mattress SupportRest

            Current ratings of the Coleman SupportRest Double High:

            Coleman SupportRest

            Coleman SupportRest





                Air retention




                    Value for money



                      • Good support
                      • Comfortable
                      • Durable, Thick PVC
                      • No air leaks
                      • Budget-friendly option


                      • The pump is sold separately
                      • No color choices


                      This Coleman Queen and Twin air mattress is our 2nd placed product in this update, but its specification is a far cry from the winner.

                      Here’s what we mean:

                      • Plush surface
                      • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC
                      • Requires an external air pump
                      • Airtight system
                      • Two sizes
                      coleman supportrest inflatable queen size

                      Coleman SupportRest in Queen size and sage color

                      Now you see what we mean. Coleman decided to give us just bare bones on this one, so we’ll have to get all the necessary info on our own.

                      It shouldn’t be a problem, though. We’ve done our part by dragging this model through hell and back during our testing circuit, and we also have a bunch of valuable info from the buyers we contacted over the past two months.

                      Here’s what the customers liked about this Coleman double high Queen/Twin airbed:

                      • It’s very comfortable and easy to set up. I couldn’t believe I could ever get a good night’s sleep on a piece of rubber filled with air, but there we go, I was proved wrong big time!
                      • I’m a really outdoors-y kind of guy myself and I absolutely LOVE this little guy! I’ve had my share of air mattress accidents over the years, and all I was searching for this time was one that’ll handle being exposed to what it’s designed to handle. I took it with me to two camping trips so far, and it performed like a boss! Comfortable and able to withstand rocky surfaces without being shredded to pieces
                      • My kids use it for jumping and giving it a hard time in general. We have it for three months now, and it’s already taken so much abuse. It remains in perfect shape, however, and doesn’t lose air, even after some serious “jumping sessions”.
                      • It’s been my main bed for 6 months now, and I refilled it THREE times during that period! I sleep on it every night, and it’s just amazing how it keeps staying super firm all the time!
                      • My back problems are too many to count, and you can imagine my feeling of dread when my wife finally talked me into a camping trip. We didn’t go camping probably in decades, and just thinking about sleeping on some foam mat or something sent piercing jolts down my busted spine. I decided to make the whole experience as painless as possible and bought this inflatable bed to mitigate the damage. It was Heaven, let me tell you. Amazing comfort, decent support and satisfactory level of firmness got my back in one piece out of this camping shabang. If you have back problems like me, and your wife talks you into camping, this is a lifesaver!
                      coleman bed pillowstops

                      Coleman twin air mattress – with pillow-stops

                      Reported shortcomings:

                      • The only minor thing I don’t like about this camping bed is the fact that the plush top attracts dirt like a freaking magnet! It’s a pain to clean afterwards, and I can never seem to get all of the dirt off
                      • Great quality, but I really wish it came with a built-in pump. I don’t have an external electric one, so it’s manually all the way! I can inflate it pretty quickly, though, but it’s much harder than simply switching the electric pump on
                      • It would be perfect if it had some more height to it. It feels kinda low for me

                      Our impressions on the Coleman twin/king quickbed

                      Ok, so we added some meat to the bones Coleman gave us when it comes to this model.

                      We’ve heard what the customers had to say, and they predominantly enjoyed it. But we have to address some of the issues they raised.

                      The top surface?

                      It’s a well-known fact among us, air mattress lovers. Flocked tops are, as one of the buyers put it, “magnets for dirt and dust”. They seem to collect every speck of dust out there, and they’re a real pain to clean.

                      It’s a choice we have to make when buying our next inflatable bed.

                      Do we want a nice, soft surface that’ll keep our sheets or sleeping bags perfectly in place, or just plain rubber that won’t collect dust and it’ll be a breeze to clean?

                      We leave that choice to you, however.

                      The pump or lack there of…

                      Air mattresses without the built-in pump are nothing new. That’s how the whole story started. Having an electric pump is a great convenience, without adding too much money to the overall price.

                      They do add to the weight of the bed, however, so, seems like we have another choice to make.

                      Do we want a lighter bed without the convenience of an electric pump, or heavier one with the said option?

                      Again, we are here just to give you the options; we’ll leave the ultimate choice to you.

                      The height of the bed is just a matter of personal preference, so we can’t really hold it against the model itself.

                      With that out of the way, time to get to the, you guessed it…

                      coleman supportrest twin size

                      The good stuff!

                      First of all, people report this mattress to be extremely comfortable and durable.

                      The comfort is owed to the well-designed internal construction, and the durability comes from the material, used.

                      They’ve opted for thicker PVC here, meaning they meant for this model to see some great outdoors, rather than just rotting in the storage, waiting for some visitors to stay overnight.

                      It can certainly hold its own in the inhospitable conditions, so it’s a great choice for your next camping trip. You can read a more detailed reviews of the Coleman SupportRest here.

                      The Airtight System developed by Coleman means it’ll keep the air in like its life depends on it, so you won’t have to re-inflate it every couple of minutes. We did our pressure tests on it, and it handled the weight perfectly, without deflating or popping a seam.

                      All in all, it incorporates everything we’ll ever need within its minimalist design, so if you’re looking for a reliable air bed, this Coleman double high Queen and Twin airbed is you best bet.

                      The price is beyond reasonable as well.

                      Coleman 4-in-1 Easy Stay King/Twin Size Air Mattress

                      Coleman 4-in-1 EasyStay airbed ratings:

                      Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed

                      Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed





                          Air retention




                              Value for money



                                • Durable, heavy-duty material
                                • High versatility and capacity
                                • High-quality coupling mechanism
                                • Good for back pain
                                • Coleman Airtight System doesn’t leak air


                                • Needs an external pump
                                • Couple of inches shy of real Twin-Size


                                Let’s head straight to the official specification for Coleman 4 in 1:

                                • 2 separate Twin beds in 1, 1 King Size airbed or double high Twin bed
                                • Sturdy internal air coils
                                • Plush soft top
                                • Double Lock Valve
                                • Airtight System
                                • Wrap’N’Roll attached carry bag

                                full sized coleman

                                This set of data falls somewhere in the middle between our winner and the runner up.

                                Let’s do some building on this foundation, shall we?

                                What the buyers liked about Coleman 4 in 1 airbed:

                                • I like the top surface on this bed. It feels like suede to me, and it’s very soft to the touch. Not to mention it does wonder with keeping the sheets right where they belong; on the TOP of the mattress!
                                • The top really helps prevent that “sticking” feel when I’m sleeping during the summer
                                • The zippers holding the beds together are really good quality and they keep them firmly in place. I thought there might be some issues with just a couple of zippers holding them, but they’re really doing their job. It’s all firm and tight until we decide to have two beds instead of one
                                • It’s really easy to pack and store this bed with the carry bag attached to it. In the past, we always ended up losing the bag or misplacing it somewhere. With it attached to the bed, there’s no way in hell that happens again
                                • The valve is really something else! It allows for fast inflation, and I can release all the air in just a pinch. It’s a nice respite from having to roll the mattress in order to get all the air out and pack it as compactly as possible
                                • It never loses air, at least, not in time we use it during our camping trips. We slept on it for a week, and we only had to inflate it once during whole that time!
                                • We can just undo the zippers and have ourselves a nice big King Size airbed. It just has such a high level of versatility… As far as visitors go, it makes for one really nice guest bed. It’s the first time ever that our guests commented on how well they slept
                                • 7 months later, still in perfect shape! I think that says enough about the durability of this bad boy

                                coleman quickbed 4 in 1 quickbed 4in1 used as king airbed

                                Here are some of the negative experiences:

                                • My only complaint is the gap between the two beds when I unbuckle them to form a King Size one. There’s considerable space between them, so I can’t really roll as much as I’d want to
                                • Definitely using sheets even when camping. It gets dirty way too quickly otherwise, and cleaning it is pure agony
                                • The Twin seems a bit smaller than it’s supposed to be

                                Our wrap up

                                The main thing we were interested about here was the stability of this contraption.

                                Will it sit stable and solid, or will it feel like a house of cards?

                                We’re pretty happy with what we saw during our testing period. The whole construction is not rock solid like with some one-piece models, but it’s firm enough to provide a good night’s sleep without to much wobbling.

                                This is ALWAYS the first thing you need to make sure of when dealing with this sort of construction of two mattresses stacked on top of each other, and this model definitely passed the stability test. You can take a moment and read more details about the Coleman 4-in-1 quickbed on its dedicated page.

                                This was a definite potential deal-breaker since the structural instability leaves a very hard-to-fill gap.

                                full sized coleman blowup bed

                                The flocked top of the Coleman Quickbed adds to the feeling of comfort and eliminates sheets slippage


                                You can really feel the gap between the two beds when you unbuckle them into a King-Size, so we definitely suggest you fill it with some sheets or put a cheap topper over the surface for more comfort.

                                It also gets dirty easily since it features suede top, so there’s not much to do about that except covering it with sheets even (and especially) during your camping trips.

                                Seems like we can solve every problem with a good set of sheets, doesn’t it?

                                They’re also a bit smaller than indicated, and that’s also a well-known problem with air mattresses. Like we said before, we’re either ok with that trade-off or we’re not, and the choice is all your.

                                The thing that we generally don’t like is over-glorification of common features. Like calling a regular carry bag a “STORAGE SYSTEM”. It’s JUST a simple bag, and giving it a “Wrap’N’Roll” spin doesn’t change that fact in the slightest.

                                What’s good about it?

                                A lot of things!

                                The fact that it has THREE different sizes means insane versatility (they carry a few great airbed models in twin size). Yes, there is a gap between the beds, but a model this ambitious will always have a few kinks that need ironing out.

                                The design of incorporated air coils is there to mimic the old-school metal coils, and it’s doing a bang-up job out of it. The support and firmness of the beds is on a very high level, as proved by our pressure test.

                                The double valve means inflation/deflation goes smoothly and quickly, but there is no integrated pump, so be aware of that fact. Oddly enough, none of the buyers we’ve contacted complained about that fact.

                                It’s a very complex model in its simplicity, actually. It’s a very ambitious project, but they’ve kept it simple as far as the construction goes, and we like that. Over-complicating things with additional features that don’t serve any purpose whatsoever would just jack up the price without any added usability.

                                So, if you’re in the market for a highly versatile yet reliable camping/guest bed, this is your golden goose.

                                We wouldn’t recommend this model as your main bed since we don’t have enough data to state how it behaves after a couple of years of constant use.

                                Conclusion of our set of reviews on best Coleman air mattresses

                                This should give us enough info to make a well-informed decision about whether Coleman is the brand for us.

                                If you don’t decide in the next two months, feel free to come back and check our next update that should be up by that time.

                                We’ll have a bunch of new data, including both test results and customer feedback. So, we’re bound to find something that’s just right for you.

                                Sleep tight and see ya at the same place in exactly two months.

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