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Aerobed began its story in 1992 and it’s one of the company with the most models reviewed – one of them, an industry classic, the Aerobed Double-High

Compared to other brands, the main thing Aerobed inflatable beds have going for them is their price-quality ratio. They’re not the best portable beds out there by any stretch of the imagination, but they offer more than enough at a very reasonable price. It’s not easy competing with all the SoundAsleeps, Instas and Colemans out there, but Aerobed is doing a bang up job so far. And the Classic Double-high version, available in king and queen size, is no exception.

fully inflated mattress

Aerobed Double-high – fully inflated

So, they won’t be winning any best or top-rated air mattress awards anytime soon, but they’re good at what they do, and that’s embodying the business policy their manufacturer is pushing forward. Enough small talk, let’s see how it was rated it our latest update and why it’s placed second in the top 3 Aerobeds.

Current ratings of the Aerobed Classic Double-high

Aerobed Double High






Air retention




Value for money


Who should get this mattress?

We’d say anybody who needs a good-quality portable bed on a budget. It won’t have all the bells and whistles of, let’ say, the Sound Asleep Dream Series, but it’ll get the job done without nuking your budget. It’s the runner up in our Aerobed guide, only second to the Aerobed Premier.

Bag of the Aerobed Double-high

The included bag for easy storage

They’ve also spiced up the offer from their early beginnings by introducing revolutionary patented technologies from the get-go.

We’re talking ultra fast inflation and deflation. We’ve already said in our aerobed air mattress reviews that their built-in pump inflates them in under a minute, and they have around 15 seconds of deflation time thanks to the patented quick-release valve.

Aerobed double side twin

Twin version of the Classic

What changed in comparison to the last review update:

  • The overall score has gone up slightly. Not enough to endanger the positions of top inflatable air mattresses in our ultimate guide but it’s progress. Buyers seem to enjoy the underlying notion behind this brand, and it’s definitely reflected in the grade
  • We’ve prepared A LOT of new material and info over the past two months, and we can’t wait to share all the goodies with you. We did some interesting tests, and you’ll be able to see how it all gets out of hand quickly when you have a team as crazy as ours. I’ll just say it all started with some weight testing, only to turn into a flash mob party 3Beds style  You’ll get all the juicy details in the follow-up article featuring test results and our expert opinions
  • This article is PACKED with new feedback directly from the buyers. It came, for the most part, by contacting customers via E-mail and some of them are taken from Aerobed air mattress reviews on Amazon

So, stay put and get ready for some fresh info.

Let’s start this Aerobed Queen review with its basic product specification:

  • Plug-in pump included for quick inflation/deflation
  • Height – 18”
  • Flocked, soft fleece surface
  • Heavy-gauge construction with puncture-resistant vinyl
  • Length – 78”; width – 60”
  • Available in queen and twin
Aerobed blow up mattress unboxing

Unboxing of the inflatable

Positive user reviews of this Aerobed air mattress:

  • I bought this air mattress recently to sleep at my parent’s house when I go to visit them. It beats their couch by a mile. It’s very comfortable, and the flocked top keep the sheets riveted in place
  • The built-in pump is just amazing! It inflates the mattress in just a minute or so
  • I’ve had 2 air mattresses before this one, and they all “jumped” around the room like crazy as I slept. Aerobed doesn’t move at all. It stays put, even though I’m a very restless sleeper
  • This is the best Aerobed so far (I’ve had 3). I like the company cause they obviously pay attention to the little guy, whose budget is everything but limitless
  • It’s the easiest thing to set up. Inflates super fast, and I can deflate it and store it away in mere minutes. Great buy and my highest recommendation
  • All those aerobed air mattress reviews I’ve read were true! The thing I like the most, however, are the sides. They’re as firm as any other part of the bed, and I can sit on them comfortably without sliding down
  • We’re using it as our main bed for 5 months now, and it feels like just that, a regular bed. The height is perfect! It’s double high, so I don’t have to fear I’ll strain my back like with my previous low-rise Aerobed
  • It doesn’t leak one bit of air. I’ve been sleeping on it for the past 2 months, and it didn’t require any refill except for the initial topping off until it stretched to its full size
  • The construction seems very solid, and the seams appear to be well-connected. My husband is a pretty large guy and a restless sleeper to match. Still, I can’t feel anything during the night. He does his “Bed shuffle”, and I can’t feel any motion transfer whatsoever
  • We have 3 aerobed air mattresses for our guests, and this is by far the best one! They’re so easy to whip out and set up when you’re in a hurry, and even easier to store. It packs compactly, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the storage
Aerobed double high pump test

Testing the pump – inflation and deflation time

Negative consumer feedback:

  • This air mattress is cold! If the room I’m sleeping in is even remotely cool, I can expect this portable bed to mirror that temperature exactly. I’ve solved this problem with a thick blanket
  • A sharp plastic smell was the first thing I felt when I unpacked it. I was so bummed out since it was pretty much unusable in that condition. Luckily, the smell was gone the next day
  • It’s pretty heavy to carry, so you better inflate it right where you need it
  • I don’t like the overall design of this airbed air mattress! The quality is decent, but the look makes it appear much cheaper and low-quality
  • The pump is not built-in, and it doesn’t have an electric deflation feature, it has to be done manually
  • The seams are sturdy, but they look very rushed and imprecisely made. I thought they’d give in after a month or two, but nope. They hold their end of the bargain and just look bad

Conclusion of this Aerobed Queen review

As we said before, this is a decent air mattress for the price. It’s far from being the best portable bed in the world, or even best Aerobed, but It’ll get you where you need to go.

It’s not made as your main bed, as users give it about 6 months under those circumstances, and our tests corroborate that opinion. You want it as your guest or back-up bed, and that’s about all it can do perfectly.

It’s pretty comfortable, doesn’t slide around and keeps the sheets in place. It inflates very quickly, doesn’t leak air and it’s easy to set up and store away. On the other hand, the pump is separate, not built-in, you have to deflate it manually, which is a pain, no matter how quick, the design is mediocre, and it’s not all that durable under heavy usage.

Bottom line – we get what we pay for. It’s a solid mattress from Aerobed with affordable price tag. Not bad, but not great – good value for money. Currently the top-rated Aerobed, with the Premier breathing down it’s neck in the few latest updates. It’s our estimate that the next in-house testing might just bring a change at the top.

We hope this review helps you out. We’ll complement it with some new and exciting test results soon enough.

Until then sweat dreams.