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Review of AeroBed Classic Low-rise airbed

Aerobed Classic low rise – the classic of the industry

It’s time for the review UPDATE of a very frequent visitor to our top 3 guides – the Aerobed Classic low rise.

Aerobed mattress, bag and pump

We’ve already been over the company’s history so many times before in other texts and reviews, but we’ll always have to stress the innovative spirit behind AeroBed.

They brought something new to the table the moment they hit the stage. Their revolutionary inflating/deflating system did everything so much faster than before. They’ve continued this trend to this day, and they exist for 24 years now. It’s not an easy pace to keep. It’s not as stylish as some of it’s Aerobed “cousins” (like the Aerobed King Double High for example), but the value for money is where it shines.

Bottom line – this air mattress is currently placed 3rd in the guide containing reviews and ratings of currently best Aerobeds.

Before we move on – let’s see it’s current ratings

Aerobed Classic Low Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Thick material/puncture-resistance
  • Low air loss
  • Packs compactly
  • Durable


  • Gets cold in low temperatures
  • No built-in pump
  • Short-term plastic smell

What changed in the past 2 months?

As far as our overall rating goes, nothing much. It’s still at a solid 79.

This basically means it won’t be winning any “Best…” anytime soon, but it’s a solid mattress that obviously performs well and doesn’t nuke your budget when you get it.

We’ve got a ton of new user REVIEWS for you, most of them coming from our personal E-mail correspondence with buyers all around the globe. We’ve gathered their experiences (god and bad), specifically for this update in order to give you a fresh look at this model.


Aerobed unboxing



We’ve done some additional TESTS this time around, so we’ll soon have a detailed performance report. We hate doing an update without even a single new test since we know how much you love it. Last time, we experienced technical difficulties so the testing stage couldn’t be completed in time for the scheduled update. Everything went smoothly this time around, so we’ve got some interesting data to share with you in the follow-up article.

So, there’s plenty of useful GOODIES to go around. We hope they’ll help you make a completely informed decision if you’re thinking about buying AeroBed Classic blow-up mattress.

The outlines of our air mattress reviews:

  • We usually begin by INTRODUCING the product through its specification sheets provided by the manufacturer
  • Then, it’s PROs/CONs time, to see which parts of the specification actually hold water
  • Our final thoughts are there to button thing up with a nice OVERVIEW of everything we just saw

Those would be the ABCs of our air mattress reviewing method. Well, more of writing the articles if we’re honest. The science, testing processes, endless correspondence and mailing products back and forth are just an inkling of what you DON’T get to see in that final number we call 3B rating.

The Low rise Aerobed fully inflated

The Low rise Aerobed fully inflated


AeroBed Classic introduced by its manufacturer:

  • Includes a powerful pump for quick inflation/deflation
  • Fleece flocked surface for optimal comfort
  • Extra support added by oval coil construction
  • Puncture-resistant, heavy-gauge PVC
  • 78” x 60” x 9” when fully inflated

We never fail to mention AeroBed is not big on words. It doesn’t really matter, after all, if the mattress is good.

The carry bag

The carry bag

Well, let’s check it out – best AeroBed out there or a bust?

Positive user reviews of the inflatable bed:

  • It reached full size in just minutes, and it feels much sturdier and better made than those cheap store brands I use to buy before
  • I like how thick the material is. The seams are very strong, and I don’t see this bad boy leaving anywhere for a long time
  • We bought 2 AeroBeds for our motor-home. They’re just great, and our boys love them! The inflated in a blink of an eye and didn’t lose air the entire weekend. Before gettting this one we already owned the double-high version of the Aerobed Classic, but this is way more convenient if space is an issue
  • I was wondering about space I’ll need to store this air mattress when I’m not using it. It’s my first inflatable bed, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I bought 2, eventually, and I can fit them both into one carry bag (the one that comes with the mattress). It’s perfect!
  • We’ve read a lot of AeroBed Queen reviews, but we decided to go with 2 twins as our back-up/guest beds. It’s just easier if we have two guests that want to sleep separately or one that doesn’t need a Queen Size air mattress. Our guest over the past few months said the mattresses are more than comfortable, and they especially liked the customizable firmness
  • The price is more than reasonable for the quality offered
  • I have 3 cats, so this air mattress is fighting for its life every single day. So far, so good. I haven’t gotten any leaks yet, and I definitely play with my cats on the mattress more than I should
  • I bought my first AeroBed in 2012 and wrote a long review about it. Everything positive I said there still stands, but I couldn’t speak for the durability. More than 3 years later, I can say AeroBed Classic air mattress is a tank among inflatable beds
  • It appears really well-made. The vinyl is thick, and the inside isn’t just one big chamber but a lot of them, and they support me like no air mattress before. Top-quality at a top budget-friendly price!
  • I had chronic pain in my lower back, and really needed something (anything) to bring me, at least, sparse moments of respite. My friend recommended an air mattress, and I almost laughed him out of the room. I had nothing to lose either way, so I eventually got this AeroBed Classic and went WOW! The pain was much less intensive after just one night! It never stopped completely, but the mattress sure made a difference for the better. So, if your back make your life miserable too, give this one a go
  • The customer support is amazing! Really professional and forthcoming individuals

Cons shared about AeroBed Classic portable bed:

  • If the room is cold, I’m cold! The mattress perfectly mirrors the temperature in the room, so if you sleep in a cold/cool room, you better put a really thick blanket under you
  • It would be great if they made some kind of fasteners so I can attach 2 mattresses together
  • There is no built-in pump!
  • The smell of plastic was really bad when I first got it. I had to air it out for half a day or so, but the smell was completely gone by then

Final thoughts on AeroBed Classic low rise in queen size

summary of the review


Like all AeroBeds, the Classic takes great pride in being among the fastest “inflaters” out there. Deflation is even faster and easier.

Having said that, I’ll just put this out there. This is one good air mattress. Not amazing, not the best AeroBed, just very good for the price. It doesn’t really come close to the quality of the best Aerobed out there – the Premier, but it does just what it’s supposed to – offers value for money and a solution if packing size and space are an issue.

It also offers good comfort and durability, mixed with a sturdy build and overall user-friendliness. As you see, it’s all good. Nothing is exceptional about this inflatable bed, but it’ll all do the job when push comes to shove.

On the other hand, some of the major CONs are the plastic smell, cold feel in low temperatures and a somewhat annoying external pump.

So, we want to tell you exactly what you’ll be dealing with if you decide to buy this air mattress. You’ll be getting a product that’s well-worth the money you paid for it. That’s the bottom line.
We know this might sound like a roast paired with AeroBed bashing, but we said it, and we mean it. This is one GOOD air mattress.

Nothing more, nothing less.

See you in the next update with a ton of new INFO and one “out-of-the-box” mechanical TEST.

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