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Aerobed King Size Double High Inflatable Mattress – November 2016 review update

We first reviewed the Aerobed King Size Double high (14-inch) about a year and half ago, which means that it has 9 updates under it’s belt. For you, this means that the information and ratings you are about to see are highly relevant, checked, tested, re-rested and then tested some more.

We did not include this Aerobed in the guide on best Aerobeds because it stands in a category of it’s own, both in terms of quality and price, so it’s more of a luxury item. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but it costs just enough to qualify for “luxury” according to our criteria that we set all those years ago when we started

Aerobed double high king inflated

Modern design of this Aerobed stands out from the “crowd” of airbeds – the only female member of our team, Melissa, insists that this is the best-looking airbed in existence


Having said that, this model IS currently the best rated Aerobed on our website – it passed our tests with flying color, it’s supportive and durable, solid weight distribution means more comfort and last bu not least, THE DESIGN. The design is nothing like we’ve ever seen in an air mattress and it looks like it came of the pages of an interior design magazine.

Who is the Aerobed Double High King for?

It will be the choice of anybody who sees themselves as a person of style and for whom, mediocre is never enough. This Aerobed is not for everybody, but those who do end up owning it are likely to be proud of themselves for spending the extra Ben Franklin to bring it to their home.

But enough fluff, let’s get straight to the point and look at the ratings of this airbed as per the latest update.

Rating of this Aerobed king size

Aerobed King Size Double High






Air retention




Value for money



  • Solid air retention
  • Spacious sleeping surface
  • Good support, sturdy edges
  • Modern design, fits standard sheets
  • Feels like a regular mattress


  • Not battery operated
  • Doesn’t pack small, not easily stored


see ratings here one line


Comparison table

comparison icon 1
comparison icon 2
Comparison table image of this Aerobed
comparison image 2
Comfort90 / 10095 / 100
Durability86 / 10094 / 100
Air retention85 / 10094 / 100
Pump85 / 10094 / 100
Value for money85 / 10095 / 100
OVERALL RATING86 / 10094 / 100
ColorGray and beigeBlue and white
SizesKingTwin and Queen
Height14 inches19 inches
see on amazon comparison table gray
see on amazon comparison table orange

Since it survived the clash with the best on the market, we’ll pick up the pace and give it a review it deserves.

The vital product info Aerobed decided to share with us:

  • King Size
  • Height – 14”
  • Horizontal inner air chambers prevent sagging and provide body support
  • Built-in 120V electric pump
  • Carry bag

Well, that’s definitely a mouthful of info!

Did we mention Aerobed tends to be skimpy on words?

unboxing of the aerobed king size double high

Unboxing of the Aerobed King double high

It’s a lot like Fox in that regard, no matter how much time we spend talking about it and pointing it out as a major flaw in product introduction. In fact, it’s the second best-rated airbed in king size, right after the Fox plush.

Basically, it comes down to “if you’re not gonna present your product properly, who will?”. Well, we will, but you don’t have to tell them that.

So, it’s up to us and our fellow buyers to UN-riddle this model.

Shall we?

We’ll start with some positive user experiences:

  • I didn’t even realize how hard it was to find a King Size air mattress nowadays. This was the ONLY one we found that fits our spring box perfectly! It’s not too tall in that setup, so that’s a great bonus!
  • It doesn’t lose air, which was the most important thing for me going in. I took it slowly, though. I unpacked it, and then kept on adding air little at a time to allow it to stretch and take its optimal form. After that process, it held air like a boss. We used it for three days straight, well, our guests used it, and it didn’t need any refill or topping off during that time
  • It inflates really quickly, and it’s also easy to deflate. It’s the prefect guest bed! It’s ready for sleeping in a matter of minutes, and I can store it away just as fast. It also doesn’t need a lot of storage space so it’s a win-win
  • This was definitely a great buy! It all started with my wife’s mother needing a proper bed to sleep in when she comes to visit. We don’t have enough space to accommodate a guest room, and we couldn’t really buy a regular mattress as well. This was a quick and painless solution, and it’s as comfortable as your old-school mattresses. My mother in law also didn’t have any complaints after sleeping on it, which is definitely a first!
  • I’m a 6’3” guy, weighing around 300 lbs, and this mattress holds me like I’m nothing! The support is great, and I can feel the difference every morning. I’m waking up fresh and well-rested, without the joint stiffness and sole muscles. Don’t even get me started on how good my back feels right now. Great buy, definitely worth the money!
  • It’s a really big mattress, so two people can sleep on it no problem. The most important thing, however, is that I got a great air bed within the price I could actually afford. The money is tight, and having to worry about permanent sleeping arrangement was just another problem piling on, so this was a pretty painless fix for it
  • I need to top it off every week or so, which is pretty darn amazing considering we’re using it every single night. We got it two months ago, and so far, so good ! It’s very comfortable, especially with the extra 2″ topper we got. The extra height  makes it feel more like a regular bed too
  • My King-Size fitted sheets actually FIT!! I couldn’t believe my eyes… The mattress also fits perfectly on the base of our old bed, so it’s a real King Size. We had to throw away our old memory foam mattress, and were looking for a budget-friendly replacement, and this air bed first the bill perfectly!
  • The pump works like a charm! It’s not overly loud and it fills the bed with air in just a couple of minutes. I also like that it can be used for deflating as well, so I don’t have to do pretty much anything. It’s not overly loud, but that doesn’t really come into play all that often since I don’t have to turn it on constantly. The bed doesn’t deflate over night and I have to top it off a bit every 5-6 days
  • I used to own a Aerobed Classic Double high and when that sprung a leak I decided to pamper yourself with a bit of luxury and let me tell you, that’s exactly what this bed is, the most comfortable and plush airbed I’ve ever owned
  • It’s proved to be surprisingly durable during our frequent camping trips. I just make sure to protect it properly, and it pushes through even some not very air mattress-friendly areas. What I do is put a thick blanket and a tarp underneath, so there’s not a damn thing that can get into contact with it. Regardless of the protection, there were occasions where it came into direct contact with some rocks and twigs… Handled it like a pro, though

Let’s take a look at some reported shortcoming as well:

  • The only thing I would like to be different here is the fact that it needs electricity in order to work. I don’t have a mobile electricity unit, so I can’t really use it outside of my home. It’s a shame since it fits great inside my tent and it would’ve been a blast being able to sleep on it when I go camping
  • I don’t like the layout on the surface of the mattress. I like my mattress top as flat as possible, and this one has lines. We solved it with a topper we bought at Wall-mart. It nullifies the layout and makes everything nice and flat
  • The first inflation procedure is so complicated and it definitely takes a while if you want to do it right! I didn’t have the patience to drag it out over a couple of days, so I just inflated it right away and slept on it. It lost some air yes, but nothing unbearable. You could still sleep on it, it was just a bit more, hmm plush than usual. After that stretching period, it was perfectly fine and stopped deflating

What do we think of this Aerobed?

Well, it’s a rather simple product, and there’s not all that much to say about it really.

That simplicity, however, is exactly what justifies the price!

Confused yet?

You shouldn’t be. Well, not if you spend time on 3Beds, at least.

The point is, we like to see a simple product done well way more than bells and whistles on a poorly designed and executed air mattress. This Aerobed falls into the former category.

There are no fancy technologies here, no shiny patented thingamabobs… It’s a simple inflatable bed, but done really well.

Our test results and the reports of the buyers we’ve contacted over the past two months agree on the sheer quality and durability of this model. True, it’s not much to look at, so to speak, but what it lacks in appearance and flashy technologies, it makes up in raw quality.

Looking for the King…

King Size air mattresses are definitely a rarity on the market.

Try looking for one and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. This is one of the few models out there, and a good one at that. It managed to snatch the 2nd position in our guide on best air beds in this category, which is always an impressive achievement, no matter how scarce the competition. It’s nothing like it’s cousins from the Aerobed family, like the Aerobed Premier, it doesn’t look “plasticky”, it’s and airbed you can be proud of when you have guests over.

So, if you need a King Size inflatable bed, you don’t really have a lot to pick from, and this model is one of the best.

The size is a true King, unlike many products presented as such but really missing an inch here, a couple inches there…

The inflating procedure?

This came off as something quite cryptic to a lot of you, so let’s try and explain it as plainly as possible, shall we?

There are two roads we can go here. One is suggested by the manufacturer, the other is just a “shortcut” for the impatient buyers. Both ways will get you there, so the difference between the two doesn’t really matter.

Will that stop us from explaining it in dept?

You know us better than that.

So, the manufacturer says that we should unpack the mattress, give it some air and leave it alone. Then, we should add more and more air over the course of a few days until we reach the full size of the bed.


Well, it’s simple really. The rubber needs some time to stretch to its full size, so adding a little bit of air multiple times will help “ease” the mattress into it. That’s the whole gist of it.

On the other hand, we could just inflate it right away (the “inpatient” option) and wait for it to lose some air, then top it off and repeat until the rubber stretches completely.

As we said, both ways will get us there eventually.

Bottom line…

It’s a solid minimalist product that doesn’t need anything “flashy” in order to do its job.

One could argue that the time of high-quality, non-flashy products is long gone, but we think a true quality will always find its buyer.

Whether this one is the mattress for you, we hope you put our info to some good use.

We’ll update this review in two months, so be on a lookout for some fresh intel on this model.

Sleep tight and see ya in the next update.

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