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Is this THE Aerobed?

Currently YES, this is the top-rated Aerobed. Our new update to the review the reviews should shed some new light on the matter. We’ve been working hard to bring you a LOT of NEW info from some new featured testers, and we think these were a well-spent two months.

Current Ratings of the Aerobed Premier

Aerobed Double High






Air retention




Value for money


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Comparison to the currently top-rated model

This mattressCurrently best
Aerobed PremierSoundAsleep
top rated mattress - Sound Asleep
Air Retention7994
Value for money8295
Overall Rating81 / 10094 / 100
ColorRoyal BlueBlue - Tan
SizesTwin - QueenTwin - Queen
Height20 "19 "
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What’s so different about this portable airbed???

aerobed premiere inflatable bed front view

Few words about Aerobed the company

Aerobed began its story in 1992 and got its rightful place on 3Beds not long after. Needless to say, we go way back.

The company was all about innovations when it all started. They still follow that principle today, in case you were wondering.

The REVOLUTIONARY technology they entered the arena with was a new, patented inflating system. Instead of spending half an hour blowing up your mattress, all of a sudden, it could be done in under a minute.

Deflating it was reduced as well, to less than 15 seconds via quick-release valve.


We’ve done some new, interesting tests, and gathered a BUNCH of new user reviews and ratings. We’ve also contacted a lot of people who bought this mattress in search of all the info we could possibly find.

This article will focus on the user reviews and ratings of this mattress, and we’ll follow it up with a second piece featuring mechanic tests results done by our team.

We hope NEW information, FRESH test results and EXPERIENCES coming directly from the buyers will be enough to make this read worth your while. Moreover, we want to help you make the final cut if this is the blow-up mattress you were thinking of buying.

aerobed premiere blow up mattress pump

Our Mattress-reviewing ABCs

Here’s our approach to air mattress reviews:

  • We’ll kick things off with the basic introduction of this Aerobed
  • PROs and CONs users shared with us will definitely help us put some things into perspective
  • You’ll hear our 2-cents at the end, just so we can give the whole review a nice-rounded shape and feel

NOW, that we did all the catching up, we can finally get some actual WORK done.

Premier – the airbed specs:

  • Adjustment wand ensures customizable firmness
  • Heavy duty, rugged construction
  • Built-in pump (AC)
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Available in different sizes

Aerobed was never big on talk, in our experience. So, let’s see if our fellow customers can put a bit of “meat” onto this basic introduction.

The headboard version of the aerobed premier

What the users liked about this Aerobed air mattress in their reviews:

  • This mattress was a real blessing for my busted back. There are three fused discs in my neck and three more in my lower back. Sleeping was a painful endeavor until I started sleeping on air mattresses. I got this one a couple of months ago, and it’s much more comfortable than my previous blow-up mattress (it was Intex)
  • This air mattress doesn’t require heavy topping off every couple of hours or even days. I add some air about once a month, and that’s it!
  • The setup process for this mattress is just a breeze! It inflates incredibly fast, and it’s just as easy to deflate and store away
  • I like the overall construction much better than my last air bed. I can feel all the chambers and beams that support my body, and my previous mattress didn’t have this feature. The most important part is that my spine is well-supported and aligned at all times…one of the best air mattresses out there for sure.
  • It has the height of a regular bed, and it definitely feels like it as well. When I throw some sheets over it, you can’t even tell the difference
  • The built-in pump really does the job lightning fast. It’s pretty quiet while doing so too
  • The sides are surprisingly firm for an air mattress, it seems that the PVC is really heavy duty as they say. It’s a great feature for getting in/out of the bed, but also, if I just want to sit on the side and take my house shoes off before I go to bed
  • This is the first air mattress light enough to be moved once fully inflated!
  • I really like the top. It’s very soft, hold sheets perfectly in place and the indentations actually make it even more pleasant for me
  • It has a pretty good grip on the ground, and it doesn’t slide around the room as I sleep
  • It supports my husband and me perfectly! I swear to god, he doesn’t give me a moment’s rest during the night with his constant twisting and turning. This mattress finally brought me some good night’s sleep. He still shuffles around the bed, don’t get me wrong, only I can’t feel it anymore…
  • That moment when you end up sleeping on your guest bed because it’s way more comfortable than the main one…
  • It holds air like crazy! I do need to top it off every now and then, but it can’t even compare with the ordeal that was my previous air mattress

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Parts of the negative reviews of this mattress:

  • The carry bag can really use a little bit of effort put into it
  • This is my first air mattress, and it’ll definitely take some time to get used to the lack of cushion. I’m thinking memory foam topper
  • The indentations are just too large for me! I never seem to be able to get comfortable due to all the dips or whatever you call them, so I had to buy an extra topper. That pretty much did the trick, though

second top rated aerobed - the Premier top view

Conclusion of this Aerobed air mattress analysis

This model is not the best Aerobed, but its is currently second top-rated model of the brand on our website, right after classic double-high.

Having said that, it’s a very good and widely accepted air mattress, which also performs very well on our tests. It’s been around for a long time now, and you can’t achieve that kind of presence without sheer quality. Successful marketing campaigns can only take the story so far.

The main forte here is the speed and ease of the setup process. Inflation in under a minute, deflation in 15 seconds, perfect! It’s also very LIGHT, so you can move it around even when fully inflated.

aerobed premiere pump closeup

It doesn’t lack in the comfort department as well, although, customers are split in their opinion on the indentations. Some like them, others say they’re the worst thing ever. If you fall into the second category, the solution to your problem is just one memory foam topper away.

The carry bag that comes with it could use a bit of a touch-up, but we’re not really considering this a major CON.

The next update to Premier Aerobed is due in exactly two months. We’ll gather new info and user feedback, but we also have a little surprise for you, so stay put.

No, I can’t even whisper about it for now.