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High-rise air mattress – Top 3 picks of 2017

If our past feedback is any indicator, the top picks among high-rise air mattresses is by far the most ENGAGING category for our fateful readers.

It’s the most closely followed topic on our site, and we can’t say we’re overly surprised.

When buying a new inflatable mattress, people usually want it to simulate the feel of the “regular” bed. The primary factor, both visual and comfort-oriented, is its height.

Oli’s brief summary of the latest update


People are highly visual creatures. So, a “bed-like object” covered with our favorite set of sheets leaves a much more “comfortable” impression than a flat mattress lying on the ground. To put it shortly, nobody wants a camping feel in the middle of their bedroom.

Before moving on to the individual reviews of the best high-rises, let’s see the “winners” of the last update and their ratings:

The TOP 3 and their ratings:

winner high rise
Sound Asleep
Dream Series

94 /100
2nd rated high rise
Fox Plush

89 / 100
SimplySleeper third best high rise blowup mattress

89 / 100

What’s so good about the top-rated high-rise?

The reasons we mentioned at the beginning is why we pay special attention to every update in this category, knowing how many of our fellow readers (and even casual perusers) await its publication.

What’s new since the last update?

Although the most POPULAR, this is also the most “set in stone” category on 3Beds.

The product changes are so rare we constantly have to reinvent new and interesting tests in order to keep the category fresh and informative.

The MIRACLE happened today, though!

We already know SoundAsleep Dream Series Double High as an eternal king of the hill, judging by the past 7 updates. It’s a RECORD-SETTER and an unbeatable boogie man among best raised inflatable beds. So, this high-rise Queen is riveted to the 1st place, and we’re not expecting ANY changes ANYtime soon.



Top rated in both high-rise category and overall


FOX Plush high rise Twin is holding the 2nd place for the last 5 updates, so it’s not looking like it’s going anywhere either.


The newcomer stole the 3rd place in a perfect example of a photo finish. Our new top-of-the-market inflatable bed comes from SimplySleeper. It’s their PREMIUM SS-58RF model. It had the same overall score as the Fox model but had less favorable tiebreakers.

Need more top-rated air mattress goodies?

Besides monitoring the market closely, we also did a  bunch of new TESTS on all of our top choices.

We read a ton of air mattress REVIEWS written by their new buyers and contacted a bunch of them personally. We’ve also revisited our expert check-ups for every model while we were at it.

Side by side comparison:

Sound Asleep
Dream Series
Fox PlushSimplySleeper
SS-58RF Raised
Comfort rating95/10088/10090/100
Durability rating94/10095/10095/100
Air retention94/10089/10087/100
Value for money95/10087/10087/100
Overall Rating94/10089/10089/100
ColorBlue / BeigeGray / Dark grayTan
Sizes availableTwin / QueenTwin XL / Full
Queen / King
California King
Height19 "24 "18 "

Between our initial thoughts on these air mattresses, live testing and user reviews, we have a lot of ground to cover so let’s hit the road.

Quick blueprint of our air mattress digest reviews

In case you’ve just stumbled upon 3Beds, here’s a little HINT at what’s coming next.

Digest reviews are just shorter versions of our basic product reviews. They’re cut to size in order to fit our ultimate guides such as this one. The structure is the same, though:

  • Category and Overall Ratings
  • Fact sheet provided by the company
  • PROs and CONs shared by our featured testers and users
  • Our final thoughts

We’ve spent enough time announcing stuff, let’s actually do it.

SoundAsleep Dream Series

This BAD BOY needs no special introduction. Suffice to say, we have it all around 3Beds, branched out to every category it can possibly fit into.

It’s current ratings:

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)

Here’s what SoundAsleep had to share about it:

  • ComfortCoil Technology is the leading design in the industry, featuring 40 air coils for extra support/durability
  • 1-click patented built-in pump provides fast and easy inflation/deflation. The Dream Series air mattresses reach their full size in less than 4 minutes
  • Design for use in-home
  • High-rise double high queen measures 78 x 58 x 19 inches
  • Dual chamber construction and Sure-Grip bottom
  • Flocked top is waterproof, extra thick and features multilayer material that’s extremely puncture-resistant
  • Includes a carry bag1-year consumer-friendly guarantee
  • You can call/E-mail anytime if you need any kind of support

Exactly the description we’re used to seeing when it comes to SoundAsleep products. All the goodies are there, and we’ll let our fellow buyers have a crack at them in their reviews of this air mattress.

Is this double-high air mattress comfortable?

The overall comfort rating for our “eternal” WINNER in this category is 94/100, which already acts as a major spoiler for user reviews to follow.

The sheer number of user reviews is usually what we like to call a “soft” ranking factor. When they reach 8.5k on Amazon alone, however, they become a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s check some of them out:

Dream Series was a real game changer for me. It’s much more comfortable than any other bed I’ve ever tried (regular AND air beds). It’s also very easy to set up and take away once I no longer use it

  • I like that it’s not too squishy. If I choose the firm setting, it’ll be firm, no questions asked
  • I like the range of firmness settings this mattress offers. All of my previous 3 mattresses had SOME customization, but SoundAsleep Dream Series was definitely the one that took it home
  • The sides of this inflatable bed are just as firm as the middle part! I guess there’s a first time for everything
  • The bottom is super “grippy”, so our sleeping journey ends exactly where it started 
  • One of the best things about our new air bed is that I don’t feel my wife turning on the other side. She can be as restless of a sleeper as she wants, I don’t feel a single vibration. Thank you SoundAsleep
  • This air mattress did wonders for my back and joint pain. I can feel my back aligning properly when I lay down, and I don’t wake up with sore muscles or stiff shoulders and neck anymore
  • The mattress is double high, which means it’s in the ballpark of my previous “old school” bed. It’s also very firm, and it feels as if it had a solid base or something
  • The support is really something on this one! Those air chambers make it feel like a regular bed, firm and supportive. My older air mattresses were kinda ok, but they all had that wobbly, rubbery feel to them. Not Dream Series!
  • The top is so comfortable and soft to the touch. Not to mention my sheets stay riveted to the mattress

Durability of Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress

The overall score is whopping 95/100. It’s as if all the rating categories are competing at impressiveness with this model. Both our pressure and tensile tests yielded excellent results, and the buyers LOVE it as much as they did in the previous updates.

Let’s see some of their experiences:

  • We sleep on it for 3 months, and it’s been one comfortable ride so far. The seams look tight and well-connected, so we’re expecting it to last for a pretty long time
  • This is the best air mattress we’ve ever slept on! We got it as a temporary sleeping arrangement until we settle into our new apartment. It’s been 6 months since, and this is still our main bed. The construction feels more solid than our old regular mattress, and the comfort is not even comparable.
  • I’ve had this mattress for 3 years before it finally gave in. I’ve bought another one right away and can recommend it to everyone opting for an air mattress as their primary bed. Best one you’ll find way above the price range
  • I’ve bought this double high air bed for my mother, and she couldn’t love it more. She had some back problems, and this baby helped out a lot. Anyway, that was more than 2 years ago! It still doesn’t look a day old after 2 years of constant use

But what about air retention?

It got 94/100, and I won’t spend useful space gushing over the WOW factor of this number. Our in-house pressure test was a full success, and this baby can hold weights like they were butterflies.

Let’s go over some of the customer/tester reviews:

  • This air mattress does stretch a bit for the first couple of days. It needs some topping off during that time, but that’s it! I honestly forget when I had to refill it, it holds air that well
  • I know it’s not recommended for camping, but I took it with me anyway. I slept on it like a boss, and it stayed firm all night long
  • I’m a heavy guy, let’s be honest, and this air mattress doesn’t even flinch when I sleep on it and twist and turn during the night. Great quality for the price!

Is the pump performing adequately?

94/100 says it does. We inflated/deflated this air mattress numerous times, and the pump was magic every single time. We also did it with weights on the mattress, and it still did the job right.

Here are some remarks from the customers:

  • The pump performs exactly as described in the ad. It inflates the mattress super fast, so setting the whole thing up takes no effort whatsoever
  • I like how the pump can also deflate this double high air bed. My previous air mattress had to be deflated manually
  • The pump is pretty silent considering how powerful it is
  • I just click the button, and the mattress is inflated in just a couple of minutes

Ultimately, is this inflatable bed worth buying?

Our value for money rating says 95/100, which is a result unheard off, even among much more expensive models.

Let’s see if the customers feel the same:

  • This blow-up mattress is the real deal! The price is more than budget-friendly compared to the quality
  • I would expect this kind of product to go for 300-400+ dollars, at least
  • The price tag was really kind to my budget, and I’m left with a top-quality portable bed and no holes burned through my pocket
    Here are some of the reported CONs as well:
  • It feels smaller than Queen Size, I think. I have to inflate it to its full capacity in order to reach Queen Size, but then it’s just too firm for my liking
  • I wish it were just a tad higher. That’s the only thing I kinda have problems with when it comes to this air bed
  • It’s just standard beige and blue with the Dream Series. I wish there were some other colors

Our final thoughts on SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Double High Air Mattress

This model was a true REVELATION ever since it hit the market. Scratch that, the whole Dream Series was a revelation.

Where do we even begin with this model???

How about with its patented ComfortCoil Technology?

It features 40 separate coils that keep the mattress from sagging or losing its shape. They also ensure you have a flat and firm sleeping surface. The biggest problem with air mattresses is the fact that they lose their shape and “pull” the sleeper/s towards the middle. That’s why people end up mashed together even though they’re sleeping on a Queen Size bed.

No such problems here. The patented coil technology keeps the surface firm and even all night long, which means the sleepers will each remain on their side undisturbed by motion transfer.

Durability is one more trademark of this series. The mattress is made of high-quality, puncture-resistant materials, and the construction is more than solid. So, your (grand)children can use it as their bouncy castle, and cats can even sharpen their claws occasionally without any danger. Don’t overdo it, though.

The air retention and the pump are amazing, and that status was proven both through our tests and user reviews. We’ve put A LOT of weight on this portable bed, and kept it there for a very long time. The results were nothing short of amazing. We’ll let you read all about it in our upcoming article dedicated to revised tests for this model. The pump was also tested thoroughly, and we only have words of praise.

First thing’s last, the comfort is a whole different beast. I think I could write a whole guide dealing with comfort alone. Flocked top, adjustable firmness, excellent support, firm sides, good height… It all adds up to one of the most comfortable air mattresses we’ve ever reviewed on 3Beds.

Bottom line, we can’t say enough good things about this model. It really stands out not only in its price range but well beyond. Comparing it to Innomax Medallion might seem like a bit of a stretch, but we definitely don’t think the huge difference in price is well-deserved.

For just over a hundred bucks, this model is probably the best air mattress currently on the market.

Fox Plush High Rise Air Mattress

This model, coming to us from Fox Air Beds was well-cemented in the second place until now. This time around, things appear a bit shakier than usual.
Never even close to beating the representative from SoundAsleep, though. That’s the thing with Dream Series I’ve already mentioned. They make our guides boring by simply refusing to be beaten.

The current ratings:

Fox Plush High Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • durable & resistant to punctures
  • true to size
  • comfortable top - extra layer of air flow chambers
  • highest - easier to get on and off


  • heavier than other airbeds
  • bulkier - packs bigger
  • reported structural flaws (details in the full review below)


Here’s the official product specification for this high-rise twin:

  • Air-Flow Chambers
  • 43 percent thicker vinyl
  • Built-in pump (2-way)
  • External pumps can also be used
  • Deluxe release valve

Fox Air Beds are well-known for their basic and terse specifications. Luckily, we had two of these bad boys thoroughly tested; all backed up by countless user experiences.

Is it comfortable?

The comfort rating reached 88/100, which is a point lower than the last time we drew the line under our results. It’s still far away from being even remotely serious of a candidate for the throne.

Here’s what the buyers had to say about its comfort:

  • I measured this air mattress, and it’s the only high-rise twin with the length of full 80 inches!! So, if you’re 5’10” like me, this is the best inflatable bed for you
  • This portable bed is somewhat taller than the regular one I used to sleep on. I really dig the extra height since it makes slipping in and out much easier
  • This inflatable mattress is crazy comfortable! I bought it to sleep at my mom’s place since I need to visit her ever more frequently, and it’s on par with my bed at home
  • I’m a back sleeper, and I like the firmness possibilities with this air bed. I can inflate it to be super firm, which is a godsend for my bad back
  • The top is smooth and comfortable to the touch, and it keeps the sheets like glue

Is it durable?

Longevity is the strongest point of this air mattress, and we’ve stressed this out more than once. The rating for durability is 95/100, which mirrors the score of the SoundAsleep model in the same category.

Let’s back it up with some customer feedback:

  • M wife and I weigh around 550-600 pounds, and this inflatable bed holds us like we’re nothing  we’ve had it for more than 5 months now, and use it as our main bed. Highest recommendation
  • The construction seems more than solid and able to withstand a fair share of abuse
  • The connections are tight, and the whole thing looks neatly done with high level of precision. There’s no glue hanging or threads sticking out. It’s all clean and professional-looking

Air retention

It’s a “downward slope” after durability, but we already said that’s the biggest thing this portable bed has going for it. The overall score is 89/100. It performed beyond our expectations during the pressure test, and we weren’t even trying to be gentle.

The experiences with air retention shared by the customers:

  • We had to refill our previous mattress every other night or so. This Fox bed holds air for about two weeks before we have to top it off a bit
  • I’m pretty heavy myself and a VERY restless sleeper. When my parents bought this air bed for me to sleep when I visit, I thought they were joking. Three months later, I’m not laughing anymore. The most impressive thing is that it managed to stay perfectly firm even though I use it pretty often

What’s the quality of the pump?

The score it got this time around is 87/100, which was more than enough to cement the 2nd place for this model. We’ve test-inflated and deflated it more times than we care to count, and it definitely deserved the awesome rating it got.

Let’s see what the customers had to say about the performance of the built-in pump:

  • The pump inflates it in just a couple of minutes, which is significantly faster than our previous (Coleman air mattress)
  • We like how we can also deflate the mattress using the pump. It drains every little speck of air, making it a folding sweetheart
  • The pump is pretty silent compared to our past experiences

Is this high-rise Twin air mattress worth the money when it’s all said and done?

It’s number two on our list for a good reason, after all. The score it got is 87/100, which only further increases its desirability. It means the customers are overwhelmingly pleased with what they got for their money, and that’s the ultimate test, after all

Here are some of their reviews of this air mattress:

  • I got a pretty sweet deal on Amazon that allowed me to save around 80 bucks buying this bad boy
  • In comparison to my old air bed, this little Fox is worth every single penny I paid!

Let’s check out some of the downsides as well:

  • The carry bag I got with it really doesn’t mirror the quality of the mattress
  • It’s pretty heavy and difficult to move around, but I can definitely live with that considering the quality I got for this kind of money
  • It gets really cold when the temperature of my bedroom drops. I just add an extra thick blanket and problem solved!
  • The sides get a little soft after about 2,5 weeks, so I need to refill the mattress every now and then. Not much of a hassle, though

Our 2 cents

As previously mentioned, durability is the main thing pushing the crazy sales of this air mattress. It’s made to last and to be used, which is an excellent place to start. This feature is paired with excellent comfort, air retention and top-quality built-in pump.

It performed extraordinary well during our pressure and tensile tests, beating every single model except the Queen-Size from Dream Series. Well, the SimplySleeper obviously had a thing or two to say about it.

One of the main points we want to get across is this. If you like this air bed, don’t compare it to SoundAsleep. Dream Series is just a superior line of products that can not be outmatched by anything we encountered (and tested) so far. Some brands are just superior to other, and one of them has to be on top.

So, if we’re completely honest, I could’ve left it at one product here, and nobody would tell the difference. But Fox is still a stellar brand, so if you like this mattress, go for it. It won’t disappoint.

SimplySleeper SS-58RF Full Raised Air Bed

Our newcomer that brought an inkling of shaking things up in this update.

Current ratings of the inflatable:


Let’s get over the official specs right away:

  • The material of choice is a highly breathable Durmothane PVC (patented) Laminate Technology
  • Patented built-in pump (no batteries, electricity only)
  • 74 x 55 x 18 inches when fully inflated
  • 14.5 x 9 x 17 inches when folded
  • Oval coil construction
  • Maximum weight – 600 lbs
  • 3-layer construction  that’s air-tight, soft and extremely puncture-resistant
  • Inflates in 3 minutes

SimplySleeper model is hitting us hard with a slew of patented technologies and pretty bold claims. Let’s see if they can put their money where their mouth is.


Comfort is one of the two most prominent features of this model, alongside durability. It scored 90/100 after our extensive testing, public scrutiny and our expert check up, which was definitely and achievement unlocked for a newbie on our list.

Here are some consumer reports:

  • The material is really soft and high-quality. It feels more comfortable than my regular bed back home
  • My wife and I spent only two nights on this inflatable bed so far, but we’re already amazed at how comfortable it is. We had a cheaper mattress that we used before this one arrived, and it’s a change like you wouldn’t believe. We wake up smiling every morning, and we recommend it highly
  • Super comfortable air mattress! You can feel the quality right away, and I was in love with it after the first night
  • This high rise air mattress was exactly what I needed! Getting up every morning just a couple of inches from the ground became increasingly taxing on my spine. The elevated sleeping surface was such a relief. Not to mention it looks just like a regular bed with a set of sheets over it

Durability – The main selling point

With 95/100 after the 3Beds treatment, this portable bed doesn’t have anything else to prove. Longevity and top-quality construction are the main things that should convince you to opt for this bed. It’s all backed up with an extraordinary dose of comfort.

Let’s go over some of the user reviews of this air mattress:

  • Had this air mattress for 5 months now, doesn’t look a day old
  • It’s all so well put together. The construction seems more than solid, and it doesn’t give off that “air mattress” feel, if you know what I mean
  • The seams feel ironclad, so I can just relax since I won’t be having the same problems I had with my 2 previous air mattresses

Air retention

87/100 is an excellent result, so we can expect some pretty positive response from our fellow customers.

Let’s see what they had to say:

  • We inflated it two weeks ago, and besides some topping off at the start, we didn’t have to touch the pump at all
  • I bought this air bed for my dorm, and it was such a great investment! I didn’t spend a lot of money, and I still got one heck of a bed. My mom and dad were all about how I’m gonna wake up on the floor every morning, but I’m 3 months in and still, that didn’t happen

The pump

The pump also got 87/100, which is still an amazing result. It took our inflation/deflation tests like a champ, so all that’s left for us to do is take a look at what the buyers had to say about its performance.

  • User experiences with the built-in pump on this model:
  • The pump feels really powerful, and it inflates this baby in a matter of minutes!
  • Pretty silent compared to the other pumps I’ve used

Value for money

With the overall score of 87/100, we would say this model more than justifies its own price tag.

Do the customers agree?

  • Great price for the quality!
  • I got a sizeable discount from the seller, which made a great buy even better!
  • Totally worth it!

CONs shared by the customers:

  • The raised lip that goes the entire frame of the mattress wasn’t something I liked. Had to solve it with an extra topper
  • It can get really squeaky if we put it on naked hardwood part of the floor
  • The only extra thing it needs might be just a bit more cushioning right at the top
  • It’s a little short for me, so pay attention to that if you’re over 6’

Final thoughts

All of our winners in this update are extremely durable products. This SimplySleeper model adds a healthy dose of comfort to the mix as well.

Its scores of 90 and 95 for the comfort and durability respectively tell us a story of an excellent product that could have ended up 2nd in its first try.  It performed beautifully in our pressure and tensile testing, and the pump worked flawlessly during the many times we had it inflated/deflated.

So, we just witnessed a great start for this raised air bed, and we’re anxious to see what it’ll do next.

Summing up the “Best raised air mattress” category. We’ve had some pretty interesting twists and turns in this update.

It might not look like that at first glance since the first two places remained unchanged, but considering our SimplySleeper newcomer almost got the second place right off the bat…

It’s been a major development, and we can’t wait to see what happens next time around.

As far the new info goes, we’ve seen a lot of new feedback directly from recent buyers, we have new ratings for all of the products and we’re waiting for our testing article and videos to go live. We would say that’s just about enough to keep us all familiar with the current market situation.

Enjoy the read and sleep tight until the next update.

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