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Coleman Queen with cot airbed review

Today, we’re updating the review of one of the top-rated Coleman Queen Cot with side-tables, a very special products and one of the best options out there if you are driving to a campsite and have the extra room for the bulky frame in your car. Also, people we talked to praise the bed as a great choice for lunging in your backyard during hot summer days.

Coleman is one of the brands that “opened” 3Beds for business, so we always approach their updates with a heightened due diligence. Let’s get right into in and see it’s updated ratings and how they compare to what’s right now the best-rated model – the SoundAsleep Dream.

Updated Ratings of this Coleman

Coleman Queen Air Bed and Cot






Air retention




Value for money



  • Versatile – Camping and home use
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable (Puncture-resistant)
  • Thick material


  • Heavy
  • Elevated
  • Difficult to clean
  • Short-lasting plastic smell

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Compared to the SoundAsleep Dream Series:

Coleman CotCurrently best
comparison coleman cot
top rated
Coleman CotSoundAsleep
Air Retention9194
Value for money8795
Overall Rating88 / 10094 / 100
ColorBeigeBlue / Beige
SizesQueenTwin / Queen
Height22 inches19 inches

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Amazon Rating
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What’s changed since the last review update of this airbed?

As far as our overall rating goes, Coleman Queen Cot made a slight decline from 89 to 88, but we’re sure you remember its fluctuations over the years so, nothing new or unusual. The only thing worth remembering is the fact that it never went under 85, which is an amazing consistency for a model that’s been around for quite a while.

Now that we know what we’ve been up to for the past two months and how this mattress “performed’ since the last update, we can start dishing out some fresh feedback from new people who bought and used this air mattress.

We’ll need to introduce it to our new readers first, however. Along with the Coleman SupportRest, it’s the best the Coleman “family” has on the market today (in our opinion, of course).

coleman frame queen airbed


Specs – the mattress fact sheet:

  • Convenient for outdoors and indoors use
  • Airbed with added cot for extra elevated support
  • Airbed and cot can be separated to provide double sleeping space
  • Durable frame is made of steel and can support up to 600 lbs
  • 2 side tables feature cup holders
  • Both sides closing
  • 4D battery operated pump
  • Airtight system prevents air leaking
  • Carry bag included
  • 1-year warranty


coleman frame and queen and twin side table

PROs about this Coleman air bed consumers mentioned in their reviews:

  • This is one great camping air mattress! We just love how versatile it is. It can be used as a spare bed for our guests, or give us the closest thing to a regular bed on our camping trips
  • It’s the best Coleman inflatable mattress out of 4 we owned so far. It’s big enough for my husband and me, and I don’t feel a thing when he twists and turns all night long
  • This was a real bargain now that I know how high-quality this air mattress really is. I got it for under 150 bucks, and they even included a free patch kit
  • I like the rechargeable air pump feature. It means I can take it camping and don’t have to carry any manual pumps or whatever with me. It saves a lot of time and energy
  • I’ve read all the Coleman air mattress reviews I could possibly find, and this one seemed like a real winner. I’m glad I decided to take all the positive feedback into account and buy the mattress. It’s very comfortable, and my sheets fit perfectly. My old airbed was officially Queen Sized, but it was much smaller than that
  • I can do the setup all on my own. That’s how easy it is
  • The entire setup is done in a couple of minutes, which really saves time and hassle. This is especially an asset during our camping trips when we don’t want to spend hours setting up our beds
  • The height is pretty good, so it kept us above ground and well-insulated during cold nights spent outside
  • It’s a strong and well-made piece of bedding. Puncture-resistant as it may be, I still managed to pierce it through no one’s fault but my own. Having said that, it was a breeze to repair this air mattress with a cheap patch kit I got at Walmart
  • We’ve been camping on a rocky patch of land near our home, and this mattress and its frame really helped with evening the ground we set camp to. The frame has that customizable feel to it, and it made an utter fail of setting camp on uneven rocks feel like a good idea
  • The overall height of the mattress gives me a lot of space underneath. It acts as a really good buffer against the cold ground, and I can store a lot of stuff there as well
  • The frame feels very sturdy and made to last, and the mattress is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever had
  • This inflatable air mattress is high enough for me not to fear straining when I get in or out
  • The side tables might look like fluff to the overall design, but they’re really useful. The cup holders prevent my water bottle from “wondering off” during the night

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coleman raised blow up mattress

Some of the downsides:

  • It was a bit too heavy for comfortable transport. The wheels on the carry bag certainly help, though
  • The cot and the cotton anti-slip thingy are sewn together, so there’s really no great way of cleaning them once our boys decide they want to “storm that castle”. It’s good that I can always get some spare parts from their site, unlike most companies that are nowhere to be found
  • The plastic smell was there, yes, but I know it’s a normal thing at this point. I left it to air out a bit, and the smell was gone in a couple of hours

coleman side table open

Final thoughts – Best Coleman air bed in queen size, or…?

Well, if not THE best, then certainly among the Coleman’s most premium products.

It can be used indoors, but camping is where it really shines. According to our tests and user reviews, this Coleman air mattress is comfortable, easy to set up, supportive and it doesn’t leak any air.

On the other hand, the frame gives it a proper height for that “regular bed” feel while simultaneously keeping the sleeper away from the cold ground and well-insulated. Buyers have also reported that it’s a tank among air mattresses. In few instances, campers actually managed to puncture it, but they state it was a breeze repairing it with a cheap and simple patch kit.

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In terms of camping, it’s by far the best option in the Coleman portfolio, far superior to, let’s say, the Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed.

It’s all we want to see in a good home/camping mattress hybrid and more, to put it simply.

So, if you’re in the market for a high-praised, top-rated quality air mattress, Coleman Queen Size with cot won’t disappoint.

In the next two months, we’ll be preparing a lot of new facts about this airbed paired with some pretty creative and interesting tests so stay put ‘till the next update.

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  • Coleman Queen with cot airbed review

    Today, we’re updating the review of one of the top-rated Coleman Queen Cot with side-tables, a very special products and one ...
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