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This is a Fox model we definitely haven’t written enough about. It’s one of the rare examples coming with their own foam topper and pillows. Most of our attention has always been directed to the Fox Plush, which is basically the same airbed only stripped of the memory foam and the pillows.

So, let’s dig in together and do a proper update on this review we left two month ago.

Overall rating of this Fox






Air retention




Value for money


We’ll put some things into perspective by comparing it to the “big kahuna” on 3Beds.

How it compares to the best?

Currently ReviewedBest on the Market
Fox Inflatable Bed with Foam Topper and PillowsSA Dream Series
Fox with topper and pillows
Dream Series
Comfort92 / 10095 / 100
Durability86 / 10094 / 100
Air Retention84 / 10094 / 100
Pump84 / 10094 / 100
Value for Money82 / 10095 / 100
Overall Rating85 / 10094 / 100
Color Dark gray and grayBeige with blue
SizesKing/Queen/Full/Twin XL/California KingQueen/Twin

What Fox shares in the fact sheet:

  • Air-Flow internal chambers
  • Pillow top
  • 43 percent thicker material
  • Integrated 2-way pump
  • Additional valve for external pumps
  • Gel memory foam pillows and topper

This is one of the few things we always reprimand Fox for. Their product specifications are always short and basic.

The other thing we’re not huge fans of are their overly bombastic headlines, including words such as “Top-Rated”, “Best-Rated”…If anybody from Fox airbeds happens to be reading this, please let us decide what’s good and why.

So, we guess it’s up to us to figure out the ins and outs of this particular model to the best of our abilities. Luckily, we have 3 of them just sitting in our warehouse, waiting to be tested.

Oh wait, we already did all the necessary tests.

Let’s first deal with positive and negative user feedback, however.

fox airbed with pillows included

Favorable user reports:

  • My boyfriend had this super uncomfortable bed that began to sag on his side, rolling me towards him all night long (maybe it was on purpose when I think of it. We bought this one as a temporary substitute, and it was a great choice! The extra topper is a great little bonus, very comfortable and soft
  • I’ve paid way more for my previous air mattress, and it didn’t even have an extra topper or anything. The top wasn’t even flocked! As far as comfort goes, this is definitely a major upgrade, and we’ll see how it goes with durability
  • We were looking for a guest bed that’ll be easy to use, comfortable and still leave us with, at least, some money for the rest of the month. This model fits the bill on all three accounts. The added topper really makes a difference, and the price is way lower than any regular (semi-comfortable) bed would cost
  • I needed a decent bed for my parents to sleep in when they come visiting. My mother has severe problems with her back, but I wasn’t able to spend a large amount of cash on this, so I decided to go with an air mattress my friend recommended. I already have one that I use for camping, so it wasn’t that far-fetched of an idea. Mine doesn’t have an extra topper or the pillows, though, and they really add a dose of comfort to the mix. Mother says it feels just like her regular bed, and that’s everything I wanted to get for the money paid
  • The inflation goes smoothly, and it takes just a couple of minutes. It’s a great option for guests, especially if they come unannounced. We can just pull it out of the storage and get it ready for sleeping in a jiffy
  • I can feel the difference in material between this one and my previous guest mattress. Fox feels much thicker and more durable at first touch. We even took it on two camping trips, and it passed the test with flying colors, even though we had to set up camp at a pretty rocky terrain
  • The edges are extraordinarily firm for an inflatable bed! Having had 4 different ones in the past, I’ve learned the hard way you’re not supposed to sit on the side or even get near them when you sleep. This is a completely different story here. I can sit pretty comfortably, and I don’t fall off even if I roll near the edges during the night
  • I really appreciate the fact that I can inflate AND deflate the mattress using the same built-in pump. It makes the whole deflation and packing process all that much easier
  • We bought it for camping before anything else, and it’s turned out to be a supreme choice! It’s comfortable enough to give us a good night’s rest, sturdy to handle nasty terrains and “prickly” elements found outside, but we especially like that we can use external pumps to inflate it. So, if our power supply fails, we can whip out the old-school manual pump and still have a bed under us when the time comes
  • It’s our first air mattress that doesn’t actually feel like one! It’s not a complaint, oh no; I want to say it feels just like a regular old-school mattress in our bedroom! Our guests are always overjoyed with it, which was such a refreshing change compared to experiences with our guest beds in the past
  • I like how I can get the bed to be super firm, and the foam topper still gives me all the comfort I could possibly need. This allows for a great support for my problematic spine without causing pressure points or stiff joints in the morning
  • Excellent quality for the money! We use inflatable mattresses as our regular beds, and this is by far the best one yet (we had 2 until now). Both of our previous sleeping “solutions” were highly overpriced, and we were left feeling like suckers! Fox costs way less, and delivers much more!
the pillow included with the fox airbed

The included memory foam pillow

Let’s go over some negative reviews as well:

  • OK, we love this bed, but it’s soooo heavy… It never even occurred to us inflatable furniture can weigh so much. It’s our first one, and we always thought it’ll be light as a feather, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re buying it for camping, like we did, just know it’ll be a viable option ONLY if your car’s involved
  • The foam topper is a dream, but the little pillows are borderline useless! They’re too small to make any sort of difference, so we just use our regular pillows instead. It’s a valiant effort, but there’s simply not much you can do with these, even though they come in pair
  • I’m not used to an air mattress this high. It’s got all important qualities of what I would call a keeper, but I really wish they’d toned it down on the overall height

Is the Fox air mattress with foam topper and pillows a good buy?

This in a product made for those of us with SPECIAL comfort requirements.

It comes with a comfortable memory foam topper, which is quite the precedent in the air mattress industry. We usually have to go and get one ourselves if the surface of the bed “rubes us the wrong way” for some reason.

foam topper of the fox airbed

The topper and the pillows

The 85/100 overall rating is high enough to catch our eye, but the comfort is where the fireworks really happen.

92/100 for comfort gets dangerously close to the result of SA Dream Series, which we openly proclaimed as one of the best lines of inflatables we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. So, it’s no huge mystery what’s the zinger behind this design, which bring us back to our opening sentence here.

Durability is also not something we can look past. Not when it’s rated 86/100.

The material went through our tensile and pressure test like a boss, and we’ve read a ton of customer reports stating this bed to be a real tank, well-suited to answer all their camping needs.
We’ve also seen people labeling it as “cat-proof” on many occasions, so we’ll give some thought to making a “cat testing circuit” in the future for sure.

The quality/performance of the pump and the ability to hold air both ended up with 84/100, which is just another one of pretty impressive scores for this model.
We’ve inflated/deflated it for over a hundred times, and it’s all running smoothly still. There were no malfunctions as far as the pump is concerned, and the air retention was pretty consistent during pressure testing.

Most customers claim they’re happy with what they got for the price, and we agree, but borderline.

What do we mean?

Well, Fox King-size air mattress goes for 180 dollars on average. The one we’re currently reviewing has an added topper and a price of 250 dollars (for the King), which begs the question…

Is it worth it??

We’ll have to say yes, after everything we’ve seen during our in-house shenanigans with it, and all the reviews we’ve gotten from other customers. But we definitely think there was some wiggle room there.

If we forget about the purely decorative pillows, we believe, at least, 10 or 20 bucks could be shaven off easily, probably more. So, we gave it an 82/100 in value for money category.

We hope you enjoyed this review and found something useful and informative…
We’ll be updating it in exactly two months, bringing even more user reviews, fresh ratings and test reports.

Until then,

Sleep tight.