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As we already noted in our ultimate guide on best Insta air mattresses, this never-flat air bed has been “killing it” sales-wise for the past 3 years or so, it’s been the best Insta air mattress for 30 months now.

The numbers say this Insta-Bed air mattress is their top-selling model, so it’s no wonder it’s been reigning our guide dedicated to this brand for ages.

Watch a quick demonstration of how the Never-Flat pump works.

A quick note:

We update our reviews and ultimate guides every two months, and this never-flat air mattress really made it into a dull chore. It’s been on the very top of Insta beds for almost a full year now.

Insta bed Never-flat – overall rating

Let’s take a look at how this piece of inflatable furniture fared against our rating categories.

Insta Raised NeverFlat






Air retention




Value for money


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With all that ratings out in the clear, we can give you a comparative view of this model and (in our opinion), the best inflatable bed we’ve seen so far.

Insta vs SoundAsleep – comparative view

Here are all the categories side by side; just bear in mind we ARE comparing this Insta with the “big kahuna” of our site.

With that in mind, we are more than pleased with how it did and we can definitely see why it has more than 3.5k user reviews on Amazon. Buyers just love this model for some reason, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


insta compare 1
insta compare 2
Insta neverflat
category winner
Comfort89 / 10095 / 100
Durability87 / 10094 / 100
Air retention88 / 10094 / 100
Pump89 / 10094 / 100
Value for money88 / 10095 / 100
OVERALL RATING88 / 10094 / 100
ColorChoices: Brown, WhiteBeige-blue combo
SizesTwin / Full / QueenTwin / Queen
Height (inches)1819

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Official description of this Never Flat air mattress:

  • Two separate electrical pumps
  • The NeverFLAT patented system monitors the pressure inside the bed and activates automatically to maintain your desired setting at all times
  • The main pump features auto shut-off
  • Queen Size – 35 circular coils; Twin – 21 coil
  • Heights – 18”
  • Carry bag included

They also provide some additional facts we’ll talk about a bit later.

Not the most thrilling product specification we’ve ever seen, but it gets the point across and gives us a good foundation to build upon.

insta white neverflat

White version of the NeverFlat

The positive user experiences with this Insta-Bed raised air mattress:

  • My line of work has me constantly on the road. I’ve been around the globe more times than around my neighborhood, so having a good and reliable air mattress was everything I could wish for. I was initially pulled by all the positive reviews of this Insta bed online paired with a friendly price. It’s just amazing and it packs very small, so I’m not having any difficulties tugging it wherever I go
  • The setup took like a couple of minutes max. I got a piece of rubber, and it just opened up to become a real-size Twin Insta bed right before my eyes. It’s my first air mattress, and I’m simply loving it so far. It’s also a breeze to deflate and store away when I’m not using it
  • I’m a huge fan of inflatable furniture, and this is the first time than I almost didn’t feel any kind of sharp plastic smell after unpacking the bed. I’ve been using these mattresses regularly for years now, and they always have a sharp, short-term odor when new. Not Insta, though! One moment I was unpacking it, the other I was already fast asleep
  • A good camping buddy recommended this air bed, and I can’t think of a time when I slept so well for such a price. It’s much more comfortable than my regular bed, so I’m kinda second-guessing myself about the smartest course of action. I just might buy another one as my main bed. That reminds me, I think I owe my buddy free beers for the rest of his life
  • We were really in a pinch with our sleeping arrangements while the house was redecorated. We went on Amazon and just bought the inflatable bed with the highest number of reviews. Most of them were positive, so we felt good. It’s a perfect temporary solution for you or the guests. It holds my hubby and me no problem, and it doesn’t leak air AT ALL!
  • Elevated Insta air bed was definitely a step in the right direction toward a great night’s sleep. I really dig the extra height since it makes so much easier to slip in and out. The sides are definitely not as firm as the center-section, but they’re more than firm enough to have a proper sit. This make my life so much easier since low-rise beds I used in the past really messed with my busted spine
  • We just bought our second Insta (the first one was Insta Deluxe), and it’s already going through a lot with our two kids. They’ve made jumping on the “bouncy bed” their favorite activity, and they’re giving it hell. The mattress holds them like a champ, not to mention our pet cat as well. I can’t believe it survived for a full month with all that abuse, and still looking brand new. The material seems pretty thick, so I think it’ll give our kids and cat a proper run for their money
  • It’s the first time I see this “neverFLAT” thingamabob, and I thought it’ll be loud and keep me up at night. It’s completely the opposite. It’s completely silent, so I can’t even tell if the mattress doesn’t lose air at all, or the secondary pump fills it without me realizing or hearing it
  • This Insta bed held my wife and me (I’m at around 260lbs) without any issues! I’m a bit of a restless sleeper, and this was the first time my wife didn’t complain once about me walking her up with my constant twisting around. She said she slept like a baby and that she haven’t felt a thing
  • This is one of the best decisions ever! The user reviews of this Insta-Bed air mattress really helped, and I must admit I’ve never seen so many of them for one product. I also bought one cooling pad with it (it was Insta also), and I’ve never slept better in my life! I don’t really think I needed the extra pad, but I’m known for my propensity to go overboard


pillotop version of insta neverflat

Pillowtop version

Some negative reviews of this Insta-Bed raised air mattress with never flat pump:

  • Ok, all the great things we have to say about it aside, this Insta bed Queen Size is heavy as Hades! You can forget about taking it camping if you’re not going by car or some other mode of transportation able to carry this monstrosity. We expected a feathery air mattress since we never had one before. Guess you learn something new every day
  • 18 inches is somewhat low for me. My last bed was 22 i9nches, so I got pretty used to that height. I wish they made these just a bit taller, then, they would be perfect
  • The only complaint I have when it comes to this Insta is its wavy surface. I never liked any crevices or irregularities on my bed, and I’m definitely not starting now. My husband bought it one day, preparing for our move, and I practically had no say in the matter. Anyway, it’s a pretty good temporary bed with a cheap flat topper over it

Our thoughts and impressions

As we said in our ultimate Insta guide, if some model goes like crazy, we definitely want to take a look behind that curtain.

If this was a short-term hype, we’d have a completely different story on our hands. This model was killing it since 2012, as we mentioned, so that can’t be just a fluke.

People generally enjoy this bed, and have been for a very long time now.

The size is the first thing we’ll mention here.

Air mattresses are notorious for always being “shy” a couple of inches. You just bought a Twin-Size model, for example, only to find out it’s shorter and narrower than that.

Here, however, they got it completely right. You sheets will fit like a glove, and you’ll get exactly the size you ordered; to an inch.

headboard version of insta neverflat

With Insta NeverFlat you can choose between the regular airbed and the version with the headboard

We measured three of these during our in-house tests, and they were all right on the money as far as sizing goes.

The material

Very thick and heavy-duty.

We’ve conducted our pressure test with 100lbs more than the advertised limit. Insta states this bed can hold up to 500lbs, and we ended up putting 600lbs of weights on it and left it overnight.

Imagine our surprise when we saw it in the morning. It was just standing there, almost no air lost thanks to the NeverFlat pump.

Thicker PVC

The PVC used for this one also makes it more pierce-resistant, which is crucial if you decide to take this bad boy outside and start hitting some trails and camp sites. It’s also tested and confirmed to be free of any toxic chemicals that can find their way into lower quality airbeds.

We also liked the inner construction of the bed. Circular coils are the closest thing to innerspring an inflatable mattress can have.

They’re there to provide structural soundness and give a proper support to the sleeper. So, these are excellent for painful backs, sore muscles in the morning or stiff joints.

We’ve always liked coil-filled interior than beam design anyway. Other than that, in terms of design it’s very similar to its somewhat inferior “cousin” – the Insta with Insta III pump.

The slip-resistant bottom

The bottom is “sure grip”, which means you won’t have any problems with your mattress sliding from one end of the room to the other during the night.

The top is flocked, very comfortable and hold sheets perfectly in place.

NeverFLAT pump is a feature we can write a whole guide about, and we probably already did over time. It’s a very convenient thing to have, especially since it’s absolutely soundless while it works. The pump is also featured in much more expensive Insta models, like the Insta EZ bed, which says a lot.

how never flat technology works

Long story short, this is one heck of a product, as proved by our testers, the customers we’ve contacted and all the user reviews online, which are overwhelmingly positive and ridiculously numerous.

We’ll update this review in exactly two months. We’ll bring you new ratings, some new test results and a lot of fresh user reports.

Until then, sleep tight.