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The fact sheet that Insta offers for its EZ air mattress paints a pretty bold picture by promising us the comfort of a regular bed with all the benefits of an inflatable one.

So far, our tests and customer experiences revealed a top quality inflatable bed with positive features too many to number. This is our 5th update to this air mattress review, so let’s check if something changed over the last 2 months.

Insta Bed was one of our major players ever since 3Beds “opened its doors”, so we’re understandably excited when EZ air bed update time comes a knockin’.

insta bed ez queen

We’ve gathered a lot of up-to-date info, including a myriad of new user reviews, positive/negative critiques and a brand new set of additional tests done in our headquarters. The article on those is due to be published soon as a bonus following this update. On top of that, the Insta EZ is among the top 3 top-rated Insta air mattresses according to our testing and user reviews.

It’s also one of the top picks in the “air mattress with frame” category and it’s among Top 10 best air mattresses Overall.

Current ratings of the Insta EZ

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money

So, there’s a lot of new material to sift through and wasting time is not one of our stronger suits.

We’ll just mention the grade changes and be on our merry way to some specific info. The “big reveal” is that there were no changes to the overall grade. At least, not significant ones. We’ve had some marginal fluctuations as always, but nothing escaped the realm of statistical error.

ez inflatable mattress unfolding

There’s still a lot of new useful info to justify the past 2 months, so let’s get cracking.

Insta specification for their EZ inflatable air mattress:

  • Featuring 2 separate pumps. NeverFLAT patented pump system silently maintains the mattress inflated at all times
  • Primary pump inflates/deflates the aerobed in under 4 minutes while neverFLAT pump monitors the air pressure silently and keeps it to desired comfort setting
  • 3 different comfort settings – plush, medium and firm
  • Easy to set up
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Flocked durable top offers a comfortable and soft sleep surface that keeps the sheets firmly in place
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78 inches x 60 inches x 22 inches / frame dimensions – 64 inches x 54 inches x 11.5 inches
  • Compact duffle bag with wheels included for easier storage and travel

EZ air mattress technical details:

  • Color – tan
  • Dimensions – 9.5 x 60 x 78”
  • Item weight – 56 lbs
  • Material – PVC
  • Size – Queen

That’s exactly the type of specification we’d expect from Insta Bed. After dealing with the technicalities, we can finally hear what the users had to share with us after buying this air mattress.

Positive consumer reports:

  • The zip up bag is really neat. It makes storage of the mattress so much easier which is a great plus for camping
  • It’s really easy to set up. The main pump inflates it in a couple of minutes, so I just drop the sides down and have myself a proper bed
  • My husband is a really restless sleeper, but I don’t feel any vibrations on my side of the bed
  • It really packs small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when we’re not using it
  • This is the most comfortable portable bed out of the 3 we’ve had so far. The material is very thick, and the connections seem solid. Our girls use it as a bouncy castle when they think we’re not looking, and it still holds like a champ. A much better option than our previous piece – the Insta NeverFlat Raised.
  • Really affordable price for such quality air mattress
  • The never-flat pump really does its job. The mattress never loses air, which is really important for me since I like to keep it on firm setting because of my bad back. The pump is also very silent, so it doesn’t wake me up at night
  • The sides of this inflatable bed are as firm as the rest of it. So, they don’t bow out when I sit to take my slippers off, which is a really refreshing change
  • We bought it as an additional bed for our guest, and they told us it feels just like a regular bed after spending 4 nights sleeping on it. Plus, my granddaughter simply loves to watch it inflate. She says it’s like some weird bug coming to life 
  • It helped me get rid of my back problem by aligning my spine perfectly while I sleep. Also, I didn’t wake up with sore muscles ever since I got it
  • I’m constantly on the road for work, and I wanted to have a bed of my own that I can carry with me. This EZ airbed was just what the doctor ordered. It packs really compact, and it’s actually pretty comfortable. With some fitted sheets, it looks just like a proper bed would
  • You can’t really beat and EZ inflatable bed for camping. It keeps the bug away and allows me to focus on enjoying the nature. I had the Serta EZ before this and it was top-notch so I was weary when I decided to experiment and get this. But so far so good, it’s sturdy, no leaks, great pump…pretty much the best you can expect from an inflatable
  • The top holds my sheets in place all night long. It also doesn’t move around the room when I turn in my sleep thanks to the built-in frame
  • My husband is a pretty big guy, and we’re both sleeping on this mattress without a problem. It seems really durable and well made. The surface is also pretty well-balanced since I don’t feel any pull to his side even though he’s so much heavier than me
  • The mattress doesn’t sit on the ground because of the elevated frame, so it doesn’t get as cold as my other air mattresses

Some things the users didn’t like:

  • It had this sharp vinyl-y smell when we unpacked it. It was gone in a couple of days, though
  • The mattress is designed to have these indentations which I don’t find particularly comfortable. It’s probably because of my bad back and injured spine. A cheap foam topper did the trick in solving this problem
  • I bought this bed for my mother, and it’s a top-quality air mattress, don’t get me wrong. The only problem is it’s too high for here. The frame gives the mattress some extra height, which proved to be too much for her
  • The main pump is pretty loud. Thank god the NeverFlat one is completely silent
  • One of the wheels on the bag broke during shipping. It’s a great inflatable bed, but a pain to move around without that wheel

pump insta bed ez queen

Let’s sum up this Insta EZ air mattress review

In order to present this airbed in the proper light, we need to put some things into perspective.

There are things that might look like flaws of a specific model, but they’re really flaws innate to all air mattresses. Things like the rubbery smell and cold feeling in cooler rooms are “maladies” even the most expensive mattresses suffer from. They stem from the very nature of the product, so we can’t actually consider them as something the manufacturer was able to fix.

essential insta ez inflatable guest bed

If the material of choice is PVC, the mattress will have that plastic smell for a couple of days or less if you air it out properly. Air mattresses are filled with, well, air. So, the air inside the bed will be the same temperature as the room. This can easily be solved with a thick blanket, cheap foam topper or bed frame like we just saw/heard.

Bearing all of that in mind, this is one premium quality air mattress. The customers are overjoyed with its comfort and performance, and it passed out tests with flying colors. So, the high overall score of 85 shouldn’t come off as a shocker to anyone. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that this product the rated as the best EZ air mattress on the market today.

We’ll keep an eye on this bad boy, probably do a number of additional tests and let you know what we dig up in exactly two months.

We hope we helped you make the right decision and wish you pleasant dreams on your personal cloud.