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Review of Intex Elevated Plush Air Mattress (Dura-Beam)

When we say “Intex air mattress” here at 3Beds, the first thought that comes to mind is one of the best price-to-quality ratios on the market. That's especially true for this bed.

Dura-Beam Series is the premium line of Intex air mattresses, so we’ll take a peek under layers of sophisticated, patented technology and see what makes it tick. Let's see what changed since the last update.

Last updated: March 2019

Overall ratings of the Intex Dura Beam






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable
  • Firm and supportive sleeping surface
  • Easy to set up
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio


  • Challenging to fully deflate
  • Low-quality carry bag
  • Heavy
  • Temporary plastic odor


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This Intex is currently in  horn-lock with the Simply-Sleeper SS-58RF as the 3rd/4th best rated airbed out there, with a slight edge because of the bigger sample.

We’ll see how it it compares to the hottest model out there.

Head-to-head comparison chart

Currently rated
Intex Comfort
Plush Elevated
Currently best
Sound Asleep
top rated SoundAsleep Dream Series
Air Retention84/10094/100
Value for money94/10095/100
Overall Rating87 / 10094 / 100
Height22 "19 "
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see on amazon comparison table gray
see on amazon comparison table orange


Intex Dura-Beam air mattress "DNA":

  • Inflatable air bed enhanced via Fiber-Tech Construction
  • Amazing comfort and durability provided by high-strength, lightweight fibers
  • The electric pump is built-in and high-powered;
  • Inflation time – 4.5 minutes
  • Height – 22”
  • Waterproof and flocked top and sides
  • Indented sides will prevent the sheets from slipping
  • Included duffel bag
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 60” x 22” x 80”
  • Recommended weight – up to 600 lbs
  • Air Lock tested
  • Vinyl bottom


Now that’s what we call a product specification that leaves nothing hidden. We stress that because we often come across products with scarce fact sheets that leave too much to guess about. With Intex, that has never beeen the case.


Intex dura beam queen and twin air mattress with pump

A look inside - Dura-Beam and Fiber tech:

The "secret" (if one can call it that) of the durability and comfort on this Intex is what they call Fiber Tech technology, which is basically a way to say that the internal chambers are separated by thousands of uber-strong fibers. This keeps the chambers stable, distributes the weight evenly across the sleeping surface and prolongs the "shelf-life".

Here's an illustration we did of what the inside of the Intex Dura-Beam looks like...

Dura beam fiber tech technology

It also features horizontal air chambers and one additional air beam that encircles the bed for extra stability. The top is flocked (21 gauge) and waterproof and the sides and bottom are 16-gauge.

It's a decent, budget solution which is pretty close to the top-rated air mattresses out there (like the SoundAsleep or the Fox Raised) and a good fit if you need a guest bed.

It is currently the top choice in the category of "cheap" air mattresses and in the 3rd best air mattress Overall. Apart from the stability that the fiber-tech added, it's also an elegant solution in terms of weight of the product, because unlike most models the barriers between the chambers are not solid. This is a nice touch, not so much for home use but for travel.

The Pump

You can't expect too much at this price point and the fact that the pump is a bit slower and noisier, is not an issue for people who are primarily looking to get the best value possible for the price of a few cups of coffee. It does NOT feature an auto-shutoff function, which means that you'll have to stay put while inflating it, choose the levels of firmness you like and turn the it off.

If you think you over-inflated it you can always let some of the air out by turning the wheel on the pump to the left for a second or two. The important thing is that the rating of the pump has not changed since we first wrote about it, which means that the manufacturing practices are maintained.

It fully inflates in 4 minutes, but we found that about 3:30 is just enough for the airbed to be "just-right". Some stuff changed about Intex products over the years but there are niches in the industry of inflatables that are still dominated by Intex - as you can see in our mega guide on best inflatable chairs, sofas and pumps.


Intex Dura beam pump


Positive user reviews of this air mattress:

  • It’s a very comfortable piece of inflatable furniture! It also lets me pick the firmness I want, from plush to very firm
  • It’s a breeze to set it up. It does all the work for you, and all I have to do is push a button. The pump fills it with air pretty quick, and it’s not as loud as the Coleman air pump
  • The price of this portable bed is just unbelievable! It’s almost on par with my AeroBed for just one fraction of the cost. Definitely worth the money!
  • I really enjoy the flocked top. It’s so soft and keeps my sheets right where I put them. No sliding shenanigans whatsoever. It’s like I glued the sheets to the bed. The bottom is a piece of work as well. Not only does it not slide around, but it also doesn’t make those awkward squeaky noises when I move
  • This is my first air mattress that’s completely flocked! I’ve had 2 already, but that didn’t end well. The material here feels thicker to the touch and the seams and connections look quite solid from what I can gather. So far, so good
  • I’m a huge klutz, and the waterproof top has paid itself out tenfold by now. I don’t dare to imagine what would’ve happened if I spilled all those drinks on my previous regular mattress
  • The top surface remains firm and straight all night long, and I really like the absence of deep indentations. My last inflatable (also an Intex, the Intex Deluxe PillowRest) bed had them, and they’re a pain to sleep on. Had to buy an additional topper to make them bearable. No such need here
  • We did some topping off right after the first inflation, and that was it for about a week now. It doesn’t leak air at all, and we’ll see how long it can keep it up
  • The support is out of this world! I had a hip surgery recently, and this little guy really helped me out. It gives me enough support without causing pressure points. The sleeping surface is firm alright, but there’s just enough give for my shoulders and hips. Excellent bed and high recommendation for me!
  • I dig the height of this air bed paired with thicker material and flocking all over. With some fitted sheets over it, I can’t even tell it’s not a regular bed. 22 inches of height really make it easier to get in and out of the bed, and eliminate that “camping” feel in your own bedroom
  • We’ve bought an Intex Queen air mattress after reading all the reviews we found. It packs compactly and doesn’t need a ton of storage space. I can whip it out at a moment’s notice and store it away just as fast. The little carry bag makes it all that much easier


Intex plush elevated inflated

Disadvantages of this inflatable bed shared by the users:

  • The bed is great, but the bag that came with it is really low-quality compared to it. I guess, out of all the things that could’ve gone wrong, this was the least concerning one
  • If you’re buying this, you’ll have to learn how to deflate the Intex air mattress. The pump takes significantly more time to deflate than inflate it, around 12 minutes or so for me
  • This portable bed is pretty heavy, even when fully deflated. I didn’t measure the weight, but if you’re taking it camping, you better go by car. Carrying this thing on your back won’t be fun for anyone
  • The flocking all over makes it more difficult to patch. The puncturing was totally my fault. I’ll definitely pay more attention to sharp rocks next time I hit the grand outdoors. Had to scrape the flocking off since the patch can adhere only to clean PVC
  • If you’re sleeping in lower temperatures, you’ll definitely want an extra thick blanket or an additional topper under you. This mattress gets cold in cooler weather even with all the flocking

Summing up the review of the airbed

Intex Dura-Beam air mattress is definitely not the best air mattress in the world, but it has a ton of features worth investigating and pointing out.

The first thing we’ve already mentioned. The price. This is one of the luxurious Intex models, and it costs around 60 dollars. Talking about a bang for your buck! Everything we say about it has to be put through the prism of its price tag, which is ridiculously low.

Furthermore, comfort and durability are enhanced via revolutionary Dura-Beam and Fiber-Tech technologies. These are just fancy made-up terms for stronger polyester fibers. They’ve been made much tougher compared to regular polyester used in air mattress production, so they don’t stretch over time.

Why is that relevant?

Because it means your inflatable bed remains firm and straight as an arrow through prolonged (ab)use. There will be no sagging or holes in the middle, which is the entire point of said technologies. Providing a better sleeping surface, enhanced stability, comfort and support.

The height sits comfortably at 22 inches, which gets it as close to a regular mattress as possible. Users all around the world had pointed out the resemblance, especially when they added fitted sheets into the mix.

As far as CONs are concerned, there’s the infamous duffle bag. It feels flimsy, and it’s pretty low-quality compared to the mattress itself, but it’s better to cut corners on the bag than the mattress, right?

Deflation indeed takes a bit more time, as proven by both our tests and user reports. Nothing to say there, it’s simply the way it is.

Plastic smell, cold feeling in cooler temperatures and such are simply universal flaws of air mattresses, so we can’t really look at them as CONs anymore.

All in all…

Do we recommend this Intex air mattress??

Yes, we do!

Even if we set the price aside, it’s still an excellent mattress standing on its own. The low price tag is just an added benefit, and if we have to suffer through a low-quality carry bag for it, then so be it.

Be on a lookout for a follow-up article containing our test results for this update. We’ve done a couple of new and interesting tests, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the performance of this inflatable bed.

So, we think we’ll keep you pretty busy until the next update on this top Intex model, one of the best value for money mattresses out there.

Last updated: March 2019

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  • Review of Intex Elevated Plush Air Mattress (Dura-Beam)

    When we say “Intex air mattress” here at 3Beds, the first thought that comes to mind is one of the best ...
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  1. philippa

    November 16, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Why does my my Dura Beam mattress get damp overnight, only in the area I am sleeping. I have a normal body temperature and am not sweating, the wetness is coming up from the mattress, while I am sleeping.


    • James

      November 16, 2020 at 1:50 pm

      Hi Philippa,

      I’m not sure what might be going on, I have no experience with the bed getting damp. Are you using sheets with it?


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