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Intex 2-in-1 is one of the most versatile air beds on the market and as such deserves our special attention.

It’s technically one air mattress that can turn into two and accommodate up to 4 people without any problems. This makes it the best choice if you’re in a pinch and have a bunch of people coming over to stay the night. Let’s have a closer look at this model.

Ratings of the Intex 2-in-1

Intex 2-in-1 airbed






Air retention




Value for money


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Comfort85 / 10095 / 100
Durability85 / 10094 / 100
Air retention83 / 10094 / 100
Pump86 / 10094 / 100
Value for money85 / 10095 / 100
OVERALL RATING85 / 10094 / 100
ColorGrayBlue and white
SizesQueenTwin / Queen
Height (")1819
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With all the numbers and comparisons out of the way, we can start giving this mattress the review it deserves.


  • Easy maintenance
  • The beds are attached via snap-buckles
  • Tested quality
  • Waterproof
  • Flocked top
  • 20.8 gauge material on top, 15 gauge used for bottom and the edges
  • Compact packaging

This is a bit shorter of a specification than we’re used to when it comes to Intex, but we still have enough material to work with.

two people on this intex

Only one half of Intex 2in1 comfortably sleeps two adults – making it possible for 4 people to spend the night on this airbed, which makes it a rare beat among airbeds

Positive experinces – PROS:

  • I can’t believe how convenient this bed really is. It’s one bed that turns into two, which is a godsend when I’m having a bunch of friends staying the night. I can accommodate 4 people at any given moment, so the party can go on without any fear about sleeping arrangements
  • This is by far the most versatile air mattress I’ve ever had. You can have one higher bed or two lower ones. I brought it with us during our last camping trip, and it was a complete hit! We put both beds in two separate tents, and I felt like I got two beds foe the price of one the whole time
  • The sheets stay firmly where I put them, and the top feels really nice and soft. I even tried pulling the sheets to see just how strong the grip was, and I was pretty impressed. The surface material feels like suede and it feels really plush to the touch
  • I like the idea that was behind this inflatable bed. If my past experiences taught me anything, it’s that you never have just one guest, at least, in my case. There were always a couple of them coming together, so sleeping arrangements were a complete nightmare. This model offers so much sleeping space it’s not even funny. Great value for the price!
  • I thought this was a great idea but, honestly, I didn’t expect a great quality. We used it over 7 camping trips so far, and it’s still going strong. I can’t believe how durable it is with that price tag. We used it as one bed or split, on some pretty nasty terrains as well and it never tore or got punctured
  • The most important thing for me is that it holds air properly. The whole “it can split into two separate beds” thing is kinda cute, but if it deflates constantly I don’t really care a bout that. Last time, we took it to a 7-day camping trip, and I didn’t have to re-inflate it once! I can go to sleep knowing I’ll wake yup at the same height I fell asleep on. Great little camping bed and a sincere recommendation from me!
  • The clasps are pretty well-made and strong, so the beds never separate unless I want them too. There are also these indentations on the sides, so I can tuck the clasps in nicely when we’re using them separately
  • I like the quick-release valve as it makes the whole deflating business much easier than with my previous camping mattresses. I just twist it, and I have a deflated bed in a matter of seconds! The air just rushes out, and the rest of it exits when I start rolling the rubber
  • It’s crazy comfortable and provides a bit better insulation from the ground. Instead of just two pieces of rubber like with regular raised mattresses, you have four. Add a thick blanket on top and you can sleep anywhere, no matter how cold the weather
  • I don’t use any sort of bedding when we go camping. It’s just the mattress and my sleeping bag. It was quite cold outside last time around, but I was pretty warm during the night with nothing else on top of the mattress. Another great thing with it is the fact that the top simply “grips” my sleeping bag, so there’s no danger of me falling off in the middle of the night
  • I like that they made these in Queen Size! I paid around 40 bucks for effectively TWO Queen Size camping beds, which sounds like such a bargain even before you feel how comfortable they really are
  • I bought it for my inlaws during their last visit and it was such a smart move on my part. They didn’t have any complaints whatsoever (which is a small miracle), and even told me they never expected it to be this comfortable. I constantly joked around that we can make it into two beds if they start arguing, so my father in law wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch
  • We bough it for kids sleepovers since it’s good for up to 6 of them if needs be. The last sleepover was a complete success since all the kids just LOVED this bed! They’ve never seen an air mattress before, and I don’t have to tell you there was a lot of jumping involved. It’s been taking this “abuse” for quite some time now without any visible deterioration or damage. It’s a lifesaver!
setting up the intex blow up mattress

Setting up the Intex blow up mattress

Some issues users and our testers raised in their reviews:

  • The bed is amazing with one major flow in my opinion. It doesn’t have the built-in electric pump! I had to buy an external pump unless I wanted to inflate it the old fashion way. I suppose the integrated pump would raise the price somewhat, but I still had to buy it so it’s the same thing basically
  • The beds need some occasional refilling with air, but nothing major. Let’s say if we use it 3 or 4 days constantly, it’ll require a minimal topping off after that time. It doesn’t get super soft or anything, it loses about half an inch after 3-4 days, that’s it
  • I expected the mattress to smell like rubber when I unpack it, and indeed it did. I’ve been sleeping on air mattresses for a better part of the decade, so I know they will have a plastic odor spreading for a while. There’s a quick fix to this problem, though. Just leave it outside or in a well-ventilated room for a day or two, and the smell will be completely gone
  • We owned the Intex Durabeam which was great in every way so when time came to replace it we went with this and it sprung a leak a month into use, a waste of time and money. Don’t bother and go with the classic -the Durabeam.

What we think about the Intex 2-in-1

Before we get to the good parts, we’ll have to address the main “flaw” first.

The Pump

The thing most of us are lamenting over is the fact that there is no electric pump integrated in the build of this inflatable bed. It would make things so much easier, and it would save us the trouble of getting the pump separately (unless we already have one handy).

However, this is a very budget-friendly product, so having an internal pump would definitely increase the price. I don’t think Intex wanted to go that route, so they stuck with this design. You can also use manual pumps, so it’s not all that bad. So, an electric pump would definitely be a nice addition to the mix, but we don’t consider its absence to be a deal breaker.

intex airbed pump

Buyer beware – this Intex doesn’t come with a pump and you should get one separately (you don’t want to get the bed only to realize you can’t inflate it)

The good things about this model are almost too many to count.

Can sleep up to 4 people…how?

We’ll kick things off with the obvious advantage; it splits into two separate beds. This is more than handy whether we’re talking about people staying at your place or dealing with sleeping arrangements during your camping trip. It can comfortably accommodate 4 individuals, so this is basically the only guest or camping bed you’ll ever need.

Buyers are also predominantly satisfied with the level of comfort offered especially pointing out that the top surface is very soft, nice to the touch and “grippy”. When we say grippy, we mean it holds things like sheets and sleeping bags perfectly in place, so you will never wake up on the floor or end up losing your sheets during the night. It’s one of the reasons that bed Intex is currently on the list of top models by the brand.

You can read the more about the top-rated Intex air mattresses here.


Durability is also its stronger suit. Users have reported camping in some pretty inhospitable areas without a single one getting punctured or suffering any sort of visible damage. People who use it for kid’s sleepovers say it remains firm and undamaged no matter how much hell the kids give it.

It also doesn’t leak air, but it WILL need a slight topping off after 3 or 4 days of constant use, especially if you use it in cold climates or cooler rooms.

All in all, this is one amazing air mattress for the money we have to pay for it, no questions asked. It offers everything we can get from much more expensive models, plus the insane amount of versatility. In those terms, it can be compared to the Coleman 4-in1 Quickbed, similar design and similar functionality.

So, if you’re in need of a great yet cheap inflatable bed that can be used both in-house and outside, look no further, Intex has you covered.

Enjoy your shopping and, as always, sleep tight.