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Comfort Boulevard and their Quick Luxe air mattresses are no strangers to our reviews. They haven’t been as riveting as, let’s say, SoundAsleep Dream Series, but they’re always right there, very close to the TOP and for those who are looking for an air mattress that won’t feel like an air mattress, the luxury of the foam topper might very well be the solution.

Today, we’re updating our review of the Queen Sized Quick Luxe air mattress with a foam topper. This is its 8th update, which means it’s been with us for quite some time now.

Updated 2023 ratings of the Quick Luxe Queen

Quick Luxe Queen - Sky Blue






Air retention




Value for money


Let’s see how it compares to the SoundAsleep Dream Series:

Side by side comparison with the currently TOP rated

This bedCurrently top rated
Quick Luxe
Sky Blue
Dream Series
comparison quick luxe
comparison sound asleep
Comfort87 / 10095 / 100
Durability Rating82 / 10094 / 100
Air Retention83 / 10094 / 100
Pump84 / 10094 / 100
Value for money84 / 10095 / 100
Overall Rating84 / 10094 / 100
ColorSky BlueBlue / Tan
SizesQueenTwin, Queen
Height20 " 19 "

What’s new in the review update?

Well, we have a bunch of new user reviews to go through, offering some pretty insightful PROs and CONs, we got two new expert opinions from our featured testers, and we’ve conducted some new tests of our own. Needless to say, we’ll make it worth your while to sift through this update.

Quick Luxe Queen

Our trusted readers know the drill already. Here we’ll deal with fresh user reviews and ratings of this air mattress, and new test results are due as soon as we make them presentable fro publishing.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dig in.


Quick Luxe air mattress as described by Comfort Boulevard:

  • 2nd generation with thickness of the foam increased from 0.75 inches to 1 inch
  • Fully inflated measurements – 78” x 60” x 20”
  • Weight limit – 500-600 lb
  • Features a built-in electric pump with rapid inflation technology
  • 1-year warranty

Other technical info of the Quick Luxe

Warranty 180 days
Weight Limit 600 lbs
Mattress weight17 lbs
Shipping weight20 lbs

Now that we got the basics down, we can start quoting some people who also bought this air mattress and were kind enough to share their experiences with us.

Positive reviews of the Quick Luxe mattress:

  • We’ve read A TON of inflatable bed reviews, and this one seemed like the most profitable option. It was pretty cheap, compared to some fancier models, but it had far better grades than all of them
  • The memory foam topper on this air mattress feels like Heaven. It’s really soft and comfortable, but also very supportive. It saved me some money on a separate topper I’d had to buy
  • The pump inflates it in a matter of minutes! It’s a perfect little helper when some unannounced guests arrive and spend the night. Once fully inflated and covered with some sheets, it looks just like a real bed (and feels like one as well). Once the guests go home storing it away is just as easy as setting it up
  • I was searching for a top-quality blue air mattress to go with the purple shades in my bedroom. Sky blue was a perfect hit, and I like the elegant lines and sleek design as well
  • I’ve always loved air mattresses save for one thing. They all have these indentations and uneven surfaces, which are just too uncomfortable for me. This one, however, has a built-in memory foam topper, which more than adds the comfort I needed
  • I’ve been using this air mattress for 2 months now, and I only had to add some air once. I’m not counting the initial topping off until it reached it full size. It held air perfectly so far and stayed firm and comfortable even though I’m a pretty heavy guy myself
  • The mattress is very easy to set up and inflates super fast. I though it’ll be somewhat more difficult to store because of the foam layer, but turns out I had nothing to worry about. It deflates just as quick and packs really compact
  • I’ve always had problems with the sides of my previous air mattresses. The center was always ok, but the sides were so flimsy and soft they’d bow out immediately as I tried to sit on them. This inflatable bed is a whole different story. The sides are just as firm as the center part, and I can sit and take my slippers off like a boss
  • The material looks very durable and feels quite heavy (but in a good way). My two cats play on it all the time, and no punctures or any kind of damage so far
  • I like the height of this air bed. The mattresses I previously owned were all way too low to feel like a proper bed, and the frames are sold separately and cost a lot of money. This one gives the whole 9 yards experience. It feels like I’m sleeping in a regular old-school bed, only it’s much more comfortable
  • This Quick Luxe air mattress solved my back pain problems in under a month. I never really thought about the importance of a comfortable bed before my back started hurting on a daily basis. I used to wake up all sole and stiff, and needed, at least, half an hour to start functioning properly. Now I feel my spine being properly aligned when I go to bed, and there’s no added pressure on my shoulders and hips

The negative reviews – scarce but relevant

  • The smell of rubber started spreading when we first unpacked this mattress. We didn’t know this was normal for air mattresses, so we were really bummed out. The smell disappeared on its own after 2 days, however
  • It lost some air for the first couple of nights, so we constantly had to refill it


Final thoughts on Quick Luxe air mattress

When we see the CONs section holding only innate “disadvantages” of air mattresses, we know we have a winner on our hands.

The rubbery smell is something EVERY air mattress out there will have for a day or two. Even the most expensive models (1000 dollars plus) will have that plastic odor. It can not be helped, but it’s gone before you know it so, not something we’d usually consider a deal-breaker.

All the manufacturers specify that the material will have some stretching to do before reaching its full size. This explains why air mattresses “lose” air the first couple of days/nights. The thing is, they’re not. The vinyl is just stretching, making it feel like the mattress is leaking. This too is something we have to go through with every inflatable bed known to man, so again, not much of a CON there.

Quick Luxe air bed actually mitigated one of the most bothersome downsides of inflatable furniture. Feeling cold if you’re sleeping in a cooler room. Air mattresses are filled with; you’ve guessed it, air! The temperature of that air depends on the temperature of the room you’re sleeping in.

So, if you like a bit cooler sleeping temp, you’ll need a thicker blanket or some sort of an additional topper. Well, Quick Luxe has got your back. It already has a built-in memory foam layer, which protects you from the cold and adds comfort at the same time.

Bottom line – this mattress is worth the price. Our tests have corroborated the 5-star grade it holds on Amazon, and the users just love it. The absence of any “real” downsides in the reviews of this air mattress also speak to this.

So, we hope it was worth the wait to get all this fresh info on this model. Test results should be published shortly, so we’ll have a complete picture of this top-rated air mattress.

Sleep tight, and see you in time for the next update