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Testing and rating the Serta EZ

We’ve certainly grown a lot with our readers over the years. We went from writing “Serta EZ Bed Queen or Twin”, to some much more serious and detailed guides and reviews.

Today’s EZ bed review will also try to answer the burning question a lot of you have been asking us via E-mails. The question was: “Is the Serta EZ inflatable bed better than Serta raised air mattress”?

Let’s start with the ratings…

Last updated: November 2023

Current Ratings of the Serta EZ bed

Serta EZ - Queen






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable, sturdy construction
  • Durable and well-made
  • No air leaks; good air pumps
  • Prevents motion-transfer
  • Good for back pain


  • Heavy when fully inflated
  • Expensive
  • Short-term plastic smell
  • Too firm for some buyers

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We’ll just go out and say it right off the bat. Currently rated at 82/100, the EZ mattress from Serta fell a bit behind its main competitor, a similar bed made by Ivation, which has a significantly lower price tag. You can see it below.

ivation ez bed

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By the way, this NEW semi COMPARISON format will probably be something we’ll try to introduce more and more as we go on – we got a lot of positive feedback from the readers. Speaking about individual air mattresses has its informational benefits, but seeing two similar products locking horns is something we were looking to implement for along time now.

In this update, we wanted to address one more thing – a question that keeps popping up in the inbox and it relates to the two similar (we dare say almost the same beds by Serta and Insta).

Serta EZ vs. Insta EZ – side by side comparison

serta vs insta ezinsta vs serta ez
Serta EZInsta EZ
Comfort rating8485
Durability rating8185
Air retention8587
Pump rating8187
Value for money8381
Overall Rating82 / 10085 / 100
ColorLight TanDark Tan
Size (inflated)78 x 60 x 22 "78 x 60 x 22 "
Weight55 lbs56 lbs

What changed in the ratings of this EZ inflatable?

Serta EZ mattress always had high ratings, and this review update is no exception, but we give slight edge to the Ivation model.

The change was pretty marginal this time around. So marginal our system doesn’t have the option of actually expressing it correctly. The overall grade changed by 0.04, which is really insignificant on a grand scale of things.

Is that IT for this review update???

Even though the overall grade didn’t move an inch since the last update, we still have a lot of new info to share with you. We were busy ant during these two months, and we have a lot to show for it. We’ve done a couple of interesting and highly creative TESTS devised by our featured team, and we’ll post the process and the results in the follow-up article due to be published soon.

serta ez air mattress happy couple

This update of EZ bed review will focus on fresh user FEEDBACK we’ve gathered since the last update went live. We have a ton of new PROs and CONs, revealing some new details we haven’t heard so far.

We give our best to keep every update new and refreshing; plus, this review features a clash of sort between EZ bed and raised Queen air mattress.

Basic specs of this EZ inflatable bed:

Two separate pumps
The primary pump takes under 4 minutes for full inflation. Secondary keeps refilling the mattress and keeps your desired firmness setting
3 firmness levels – plush, medium, firm
Self-deploying frame
The flocked top is durable, comfortable and slip-resistant
Duffle bag with wheels included
Dimensions while fully inflated – 78 x 60 x 22 inches
Frame dimensions – 64 x 64 x 11.5 inches

The never-flat pump of the Serta EZ

never flat pump of the serta ez

How the Serta EZ works:

Step 1: Unpack and plug it in

Step 1: Unpack and plug it in

Step 2: Push the inflate button and enjoy

Step 2: Push the inflate button and enjoy the sight

Step 3: Enjoy your new bed

Step 3: It’s done, enjoy your new bed

Let’s go over some of the newly shared positive reviews:

  • The shipping was very fast, and we chose the biggest money-saver option we could find
  • They’ve included a very comprehensive setup instruction as if this mattress wasn’t a breeze to set up already
  • The air bed was completely inflated in just a couple of minutes, and it deflates just as fast
  • It’s a very compact portable bed when packed inside the duffel. It takes very little space in my storage closet, and it’s an excellent little helper when unexpected guests arrive
  • EZ inflatable bed is incredibly comfortable! Not only that, but it also prevents motion transfer from my “I’ll just move all night long” husband to my side of the bed. He keeps on turning and jumping around, and I don’t feel a thing over here
  • It’s a very lightweight air mattress when fully inflated. I can move it around without any problems, so I don’t have to deflate it and inflate it again if I want to move it to another room. That was a recurring theme with my Insta EZ air mattress, and this is quite a refreshment
  • We’ve been using it as our inflatable guest bed for 5 months now, and we’ve had our share of guests as well. It’s like they’ve heard we got a new guest air mattress. It still appears brand new, the seams hold tight, and there’s no sagging or bulging anywhere yet. I would say it’s pretty durable and well-made after owning it for 5 months. I’ll update this review if something exciting happens
  • The size and height are just right! It looks like a regular bed as soon as I put a fresh pair of sheets on it. I really like the whole air bed with a frame deal since it allows me to get into bed and out without straining too much
  • It did wonders for my back pain. I’ve had chronic pain in my lower back for years now. I’ve tried a bunch of things, but I never thought of replacing my old, sagged and uncomfortable bed. This EZ Queen air mattress aligns my spine properly and prevents pressure points strain as I sleep. Great little inflatable bed and a great relief
  • The pumps work flawlessly! The main one filled the mattress in less than 4 minutes, and the NeverFLAT keeps it nice and firm all night long. The secondary pump is also really quiet and discreet

CONs consumers shared:

  • It’s a heavy air mattress to move around once I fully inflate it
  • I always support customization in all the products I need/like. This is the best air mattress for illustrating my point. It’s just too hard for me, even on the softest setting. I learned pretty much all about air mattresses when looking for one and I’m so glad I put in the time
  • The smell of plastic was really piercing when I unpacked it. Fortunately, it was gone after just a couple of hours
  • The mattress is completely covered with “holes”. They’re not real holes, of course, and they’re designed to be there, but they can also get pretty uncomfortable
  • It’s definitely a costly pleasure

Final thoughts and a little air mattress comparison chart

Serta raised Queen has a lot more sold pieces than then the EZ air mattress. That’s a fact.

So, how can we even compare them when they’re obviously miles away in terms of everything? Well, are they?

Yes and no.

The main advantage of the raised model is its price, we would say. It costs some hundred dollars less on average, so you can already guess why it sells better. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better or worse, it just means it’s cheaper and less budget-denting. After all, a mattress is not where you should be looking for a way to save, the quality of your sleep and mattress firmness affects all aspects of your life, as this study shows.

They share a lot of qualities and some of the disadvantages, so we would say they’re much more similar than you might initially think. Even though the EZ model features a self-deploying frame.

You can also read our updated review of the raised Queen-size Serta mattress in order to get a better picture of it all.

Bottom line, EZ is on of the best Serta mattresses ever. We can’t really seriously compare it to their cheaper products. They might have a lot more user reviews, even better grade, but EZ has sheer quality and performance in its corner.

Great product with a heftier, but appropriate price tag.