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Serta air mattresses are frequent visitors when it comes to our guides of top-rated in a number of categories (you can see the currently 3 best air beds here).

You can just take a peek at the sheer number of Amazon reviews of this blow-up mattress to see how many people bought it and wrote back as happy customers.

Serta air mattress – our choice and its current ratings

Last updated: November 2023

Serta Raised with Never Flat Pump






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to set up/store away
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Doesn’t leak air
  • Good for back pain/spine problems


  • Indentations too deep for some people
  • Plastic smell
  • Loud primary pump
  • Heavy

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Demonstration of how the Serta Never-Flat works:

Serta inflatable mattresses were one of the first products we wrote about in our guides, and they’ve held their own until today. That has to speak volumes to every smart buyer out there. It holds the Amazon average rating of 4.2 out of almost 1.2k user reviews, which is impressive.

Let’s start by doing a side-by-side comparison with the currently top rated airbed – The SoundAsleep Dream Series.

Serta Raised vs. Sound Asleep (currently top rated)

Serta RaisedSound Asleep
serta raised vs soundasleep
Soundasleep dream series
Comfort rating8095
Durability rating7794
Air retention7894
Overall Rating76.294.4
ColorTanBlue / Tan
Available sizesTwin, QueenTwin, Queen
Dimensions18 x 78 x 60 "19 x 78 x 58"
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What changed since the last review update of this Serta air mattress?

Unfortunately, Raised Serta got a lower average rating than two months ago, but it’s far from a drastic change to be honest.

It simply fell from 80 to 79, which is a marginal change since the last ratings update. it’s one of the few models that holds itw own in a sea of new arrivals that are yet to be battle-tested. It’s an industry classic.

Serta review high rise

As far as fresh INFO goes, we sure have a lot of it! We’ve carefully collected all the user reviews we could find, and we tested the mattress in some pretty interesting ways.

Our main point for every air mattress review or ultimate guide is to bring something new and fresh to the table. We discontinued several lines of articles because the topic was too stale and nothing new was happening, EVER!

So, if we say we have some fresh, up-to-date info, we sincerely mean it.

Now that we know the material we can expect ‘till the end, we can start laying out the foundation for our new Serta update.

Serta Raised Air Bed Unpacked

Serta raised unpacked

What are we talking about?

The basic structure of our digest reviews:

  • First thing’s first. We need to know a little bit more about the mattress itself
  • We’ll then put all the manufacturer said to the test via PRO and CONs
  • Finally, you’ll hear our final thoughts on the model, and we’ll say our goodbyes and wish you all the luck in the world during your shopping.

Serta Raised Fact Sheet:

2 separate air pumps in 1 bed. NeverFLAT pump is patented and keeps the mattress fully inflated all night long
The primary pump takes just under 4 minutes to completely inflate/deflate the mattress
The primary inflation system features an auto shut-off, which activates when the mattress is fully inflated
35 circular coils offer a level and supportive sleep surface made even softer and more comfortable thanks to the flocked top, which also keep all your sheets tightly in place
This air mattress is made of top-quality materials that are water and puncture resistant

Serta inflatable beds and their never-ending array of different air pumps…

the pump of the serta raised

Let’s see how this mattress fared against what consumers had to say about it.

Positive experiences with this Serta air bed:

  • This air mattress is incredibly comfortable, but the thing that I like the most is that my husband stopped snoring all of a sudden
  • It’s just what the doctor ordered for my spine. I have a severe problem, and it didn’t really hurt until a year ago. When the sharp pain started emanating from my lower back upwards, I knew I had to change my bed. This raised Serta mattress is so comfortable and, above all, has a great value for money
  • The sides are also very firm, so I can sit on them and watch a movie/take off my slippers. It’s the first air mattress ever to do that
  • All the coil tech I know nothing about supports my busted back perfectly. I can feel the surface of the mattress aligning my spine correctly from the moment I get onto it
  • I’m a huge Serta fan for 5 years now. Their raised air mattress is the epitome of durability! I’ve just bought a new one, and I’ve been using the previous as my main bed this whole time
  • Both of the pumps work perfectly. The main pump is a bit louder, but we only had to use it once, anyway. The NeverFLAT thingy is super quiet, and it can’t even wake me up at night as it refills the mattress with air
  • My 3 previous air mattresses use to slip and slide around the room like crazy. This Serta mattress feels glued to the ground, and doesn’t move an inch during the night
  • It’s extremely easy to set up, I’ve actually finished it myself, without any help from my husband who’s usually in charge of things like this
  • It packs really compact. So it’s more than easy to store away when our guests go home
  • I’ve been using it as my main bed for little over 2 months now, and I think this is the most comfortable air mattress I’ve ever slept on. I can adjust the firmness just the way I like it, and the secondary pump keeps it in check all night long. Great product!

Here are some of the CONs:

  • The indentations on the surface made it pretty much impossible to fall asleep for me. Luckily, this is one of those problems that can be solved with a simply, cheap memory foam topper
  • I didn’t particularly care for the plastic smell that started emanating when I first got it. It was gone after a day or two, however
  • The main pump is too loud for me
  • This air mattress is HEAVY! So, taking it around the house is next to impossible. I have to inflate it right where I want it to sit without movement

serta raised fully inflated

Final thoughts

There’s not much we can say about Serta inflatable mattresses we haven’t mentioned already. It remains one of the top value for money product in its price range.

Queen-Size raised model is probably their top-selling model with an impressive number of positive consumer reviews on Amazon. Once we see so much customer trust invested in a single product, we know it did our mattress-rating job for us, more or less.

So, this air mattress gets very near to your average “REAL” bed experience. The height is right, it’ll never deflate mid sleep, it’s comfortable enough to pull it off, and the support is quite good as well. It holds sheets in place, doesn’t slide all over the room, doesn’t pierce easily and it’s really easy to set up and store away.

On the other hand, it’s pretty heavy once inflated, the main pump tends to get loud and some customers said the built-in indentations felt uncomfortable.