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SimplySleeper SS-EZT Hideaway Twin Air Bed

With our update on the best air bed in the EZ category, it’s time to overhaul the dedicated review on SimplySleeper SS-EZT. We have some interesting new info waiting just behind the corner, so we better get to it right away.

The EZT Hideaway by SimplySleeper is currently placed 3rd in the guide on best EZ air mattresses. Let’s take a look at how it got there by starting with it’s ratings:

Overall rating of the SS EZT Hideaway

SimplySleeper SS-EZT Hideaway Twin Air Bed






Air retention




Value for money



  • Very comfortable
  • Auto inflation/deflation
  • Durable construction
  • Sturdy frame
  • Uniform sleeping surface


  • Heavy
  • Plastic smell when unpacked
  • No option for battery operation

ss ezt hideaway comparison banner

The SS EZTCurrently best-rated
EZ air mattress
ezt hideaway comparison
ezt comparison 2
SS EZT HideawayInsta EZ
Air retention7987
Value for money7781
Height24 (+/- 1) "22"

Here’s a quick breakdown of the review process we went through to get to the ratings:

  • First of all, we RE-did all of our in-house tests, followed by two outsourced ones (comfort and durability tests)
  • We followed it up by contacting more than a hundred recent buyers to glimpse their experiences first hand
  • We compiled all that data into a single number, which is somewhat greater than two months ago

So, we’ve been quite busy with this model for the last couple of months, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading this info-load as much as we did compiling it for you.

unboxing the ss ezt

The EZT Hideaway comes in a convenient case and when unpacked, it sets up automatically


The fact sheet:

  • Automatic opening and closing with a flip of the switch
  • The frame is coated with powder, durable and strong
  • Up to 300 pounds of support
  • Sturdy wheeled case for storage made of 600-denier polyester
  • Patented integrated AC electric pump
  • Self-controlled inflation/deflation
  • FREE repair kit

After the initial introduction, we can move on to pleasant and not-so-good user experiences.

Favorable user reviews of the EZT Hideaway:

  • The setup process is incredibly simple. It’s even better than my old EZ – the Insta. I just flip the switch, and it fully inflates all on its own. The best thing is, it stops on its own as well when it reaches a certain point, so I don’t have to monitor it to shut the pump off at the right moment
  • It’s a perfect little traveling companion. I’m out of the country for work most of the time, and I really needed a good and dependable bed to carry with me. If I ever have to sleep on a cheap hotel mattress… It’s very comfortable, packs pretty compactly for its size and takes just a few minutes to set up or take down. Perfect!
  • I like the addition of a steel frame. It really makes it feel like a regular bed. My previous bed with the frame was supposed to do all the work on its own, but I had to set up the frame legs more often than not. It’s all automatic here. The frame spreads entirely on its own, and all that’s left for me to do is hit the sheets after it’s done
  • All of my previous air mattresses were OK in the middle, but quite soft and squishy around the edges, so I always had to aim straight for the middle if I wanted to avoid sliding down. The edges here are quite firm, and allow me to have a proper seat before getting into bed for real
  • It holds the air like no other inflatable bed I had before. It needs a little refill every 4 or 5 days, but I’m a big guy and a restless sleeper to match. I can have a proper camping trip without ever thinking about ending up on the ground, which is a relief like you wouldn’t believe
  • Although I use this bed primarily for camping, I still like to have a good set of sheets over it and make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. The top is flocked, very soft to the touch and keeps the sheets riveted in place
  • The support my aching back get when I’m sleeping on this blowup bed is simply amazing! I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, and the quality of sleep is on a whole new level. It helped me with my pain in the lower back, shoulder pain and with sore muscles every morning. Great little bed if you’re suffering from similar problems but still love spending time in the great outdoors
  • The travel case is pretty handy, I must say. It does look kinda bulky at first glance, but it’s really easy to wheel around. I like the fact that the case and the mattress are one basically, so I don’t need to think about the extra storage space for the case alone when I’m using the bed. Really helpful for organizing our guest bedroom.
  • It’s absolutely true to size, and my twin sheets fit perfectly. I use it as my primary bed btw, and it feels like such an improvement over my old “regular” bed
  • It arrived in one week to my address, which was two days BEFORE it was supposed to be here. That’s some express delivery right there! The bed itself is definitely a sound investment. It’s very comfortable, and you can just feel the high quality of the construction. Great deal for the money spent
  • I’ve never believed these frames could be stable of strong enough to give proper support to the bed. Boy was I proved wrong. It did look kinda flimsy on the pictures, but once it got here and I inflated it for the first time, I saw just how strong the whole thing is. The frame is very stable, and I have to admit I gave it a pretty hard time the first couple of days, trying to prove my point. Didn’t even flinch
  • I like the addition of the frame, since it raises the bed off the ground, making it much warmer when I’m sleeping in cooler temperatures. You can really feel the difference between lying directly on the floor and being somewhat insulated from the cold

Let’s go over some misgivings as well:

  • The actual mattress part of the story smelled like plastic somewhat when it first got here. We took it outside, and left it there for almost two days to air out, and the unpleasant smell was gone completely. I love these ezy beds but the one I had before, the Serta EZ, was honestly a superior product.
  • The whole contraption is quite heavy when I think of it. I thought air mattresses supposed to be ultra light, and even wondered at the wheels on the travel case. Turns out, air mattresses are quite heavy, and even more so if they come with a steel frame
  • This bed would be perfect for camping only if it had the option to power the pump with batteries. Things being as they are, I have to carry a portable generator to power the thing

Our thoughts on SimplySleeper SS-EZT Hideaway

The Frame

The first thing we need to set straight is the material of the frame.

For some reason, a lot of people think the frame is made of hard plastic. That was the predominant concern of the people we talked with, at least. We’re here to put your mind at ease when it comes to this uncertainty. The frame is made of steel, and both user reviews and our tests proved it to be very solid and quite capable of handling its share of the weight.

Pressure and endurance

We’ve conducted pressure and frame endurance tests, and the mattress performed beyond even our expectations. When it comes to durability, it jumped from 79 to 80/100 for this update, thanks to a lot of user reviews in the last two months. It also moved up one point in the comfort department, so it reached 81/100. The material seems just as tough in the EZT hideaway as in the other SimplySleeper models we reviewed (the SimplySleeper 58-RF and the Simply Sleeper SS-47T ).

The overall rating, as we already saw was 79/100, which is marginally better than it did two months ago. It’s not a big leap, but it’s what we like to call “steady growth”. The buyers are slowly piling up, and positive reviews are starting to kick in slowly.

Comfort – pros and cons

The things users liked the most are the comfort, the independent inflation/deflation and the integrated travel case. We like more to focus on things like durability and general performance.

The uniform sleeping surface is what contributes the overall comfort the most. Unlike many other inflatable beds, this model keeps it firm throughout, instead just having the firm core and flimsy, unsupportive edges.

Setting it up

The fact that we can just flip the switch and leave to do its thing is a reasonable time-saver, but the real advantage is the fact that it’ll reach the desired firmness on its own, without us having to time the exact moment to turn it off. I don’t know about you, but I never seem to be able to get it just right. I always end up with my bed being too soft or too firm. So, having preset options is just what the doctor ordered.

The carry case

The “carry” case is one with the mattress, so we don’t have to think about any additional storage for it while we’re using the bed. It simply opens up and lets the bed come out when we need it. Great option in both our and the user opinions.

As we said already, we hope you enjoyed reading this dedicated review, as we sure enjoyed writing it and testing this model. The sale numbers for it are pretty slim so far, but it’s an excellent piece of inflatable furniture, and we hope to change the unjustly low numbers by the next update.

We’ll be seeing you all back here in two months.

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