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SoundAsleep products are among the best air mattresses currently out there for both home use and camping trips. Today, we are bringing you the 4th update to the review of the only camping mattress by the company.

The fact that this is the 5th update means that we’ve been testing and collecting data on this mattress for 8 months now and the info and ratings we are about to present is reliable and up-to-date.

It’s no “ordinary” mattress, too. It is currently the best rated camping air mattress as you can see in our guide on TOP 3 camping air beds.

Overall rating

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The Dream Series (made by Sound Asleep for home use) air beds are NOT made for camping. It’s what you can see on the label when you buy them, or simply read online.

There’s little in terms of competition when it comes to this brand, but we’ll still have it bump heads with the 2nd-placed from our “Best air mattress for camping” guide, just to put some things into perspective.

Compared to the second best in camping

Sound Asleep
Lightspeed Outdoors
comparison SoundAsleep Camping
comparison Lightspeed Outdoors
Air Retention92/10086/100
Value for money92/10089/100
Overall Rating93 / 10088 / 100
SizesTwin/Queen2 Person

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Amazon ratings
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Basic info sheet provided by SoundAsleep Products:

  • ComfortCoil Technology
  • I-Beam Air Coils for extra durability for outdoor use
  • Easy and quick inflation/deflation via external patented pump
  • Heavy-duty pump battery (rechargeable), which can be charged both in your home and car
  • Full firmness reached after 3 minutes with a quick/easy topping
  • Extra thick material for better puncture-resistance
  • Carry bag
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Queen-Size air mattress dimensions – 78” x 60” x 9”
  • User support always available via call/E-mail

That’s exactly what we’re used to seeing when it comes to SoundAsleep. An extensive and informative product specification to kick things into gear.

Sound Asleep camping air mattress queen and twin size

Queen and Twin size of the Camping Series

But let us move on to the “meat” of this review – what they users and our testers shared in their reviews, their likes and dislikes.

Positive user reviews of this air bed:

  • I called the company directly to get some additional info on differences between this and their Dream Series. I expected an answering machine or something, but their office in New Jersey answered the call immediately and gave me all the precious info right of the bat. Excellent customer service before I even became a customer!
  • This bed can be inflated ANYWHERE, which was just what I was looking for. I can just plug the pump into my car for a recharge, so I know I won’t be left sleeping on the ground
  • I gave this mattress a test run at home, and it stayed fully inflated for three days without losing any air. It’s a breeze to set up and just as easy to pack and store away
  • This thing is well-made! My son just dropped our pack on it on our last camping trip, and mine was in the ballpark of 80 pounds. That jolt would’ve been enough to bust some seam on my previous camping mattress, but SoundAsleep just bounced almost like nothing happened
  • We forgot to charge the battery first time around but, luckily, it already had enough juice for one fill from the get go
  • This inflatable bed is very comfortable and durable at the same time. I’ve been yanking it around through thick and thin for three months now, and it’s the same as the moment I unpacked it. The top feels very soft and holds my sleeping bag in place perfectly
  • It keeps my shambles of a spine well-supported at all times and saves me, at least, half an hour every morning I used to spend stretching just to get myself to a semi-functional state. The surface is very firm, just the way I like it, and it doesn’t lose air over night and the pump is fast and quiet

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inflation pump of the camping airbed

  • The price is super budget-friendly, and the quality is way above the price tag
  • The height of this mattress is just perfect! I used Intex Dura-Beam for camping, but it was just too robust for my tent, constantly pulling on the sides. This low-rise air bed is just what the doctor ordered
  • The sides are surprisingly firm here. I can’t just sit and chill exactly, but they don’t bow out completely under pressure either. It’s definitely a step in the right direction as far as inflatable mattresses go
  • The material seems thick enough to fight off any sort of camping debris that might lurk underneath. I’ve had a punctured air mattress situation before, and it ain’t pretty, so knowing I’ll still have a bed under me when I wake up means a lot
  • The pump feels quite powerful and does its job in just a couple of minutes. The mattress itself seems to have some sort of construction inside that allows it to distribute air like no camping bed I had before. The entire sleeping surface feels equally firm, without any bumps, holes and whatnot. Great buy in every sense of the word
  • The entire packaging was made from recyclable material, which is a nice thing to see. More companies could learn a thing or two from SoundAsleep Products
  •  Arrived quickly, and it was packed perfectly to prevent any kind of potential damage during transport
  • We bought two of them, one for camping and other as our guest bed. We know it’s primarily designed for camping, but having a thicker air mattress in our home can’t do any harm, right?
  • The functionality of the pump goes beyond just inflating the mattress. It also has attachments for blowing up river/lake inflatables, which also comes handy when I need to blow off my dusty keyboard
  • The baffles on the surface contour around my shoulders perfectly! I’ve had a ton of problems with shoulder pain, and it feels like I haven’t really slept during our camping escapes until we bought this air bed

unboxing of the camping series


  • This is one high-quality air mattress, but boy is it heavy! It’s our first air mattress ever, and I don’t know why we expected it to be much lighter. You can forget about backpacking with it. It’s a viable (and very comfortable) sleeping solution only if you’re car-camping
  • The flocked top seems to collect every little speck of dirt from the environment! Since it’s a camping mattress, there’s A LOT of dirt to be collected, and somebody has to clean the damn thing after our every camping trip. That “somebody” is usually me
  • I wish there were some sort of pillow-top to this air bed,so I wouldn’t have to stack blankets for extra comfort
  • This would be the best air mattress for camping if it only had a replaceable battery pack. The expected life span for the battery is around 3 years, and it would’ve been nice being able to replace it. The bed itself feels like it could last way longer than that
  • A way to keep track of the battery charge would definitely be a nice addition. A cheap LED light or something doesn’t seem like that much of an added cost compared to the functionality it would bring to the table
  •  It makes a bit of a rubbery, squeaky sound when we move. Nothing major, though

Summation of the Camping Series review

This is the SoundAsleep offer to the lovers of the great outdoors.

Their Dream Series products were used in the past for camping, but they’re not designed to. The material is not thick enough, the power supply is wrong… They’re simply made for home use.

Didn’t stop people from using them for camping, though.

SoundAsleep Products noticed the need for a good and durable air mattress, able to withstand all the challenges camping environment has to throw at it.

So, how did they do?

This is the inflatable bed you WANT inside your tent, no questions asked. Our in-house and outsourced tests plus the user reviews all came to the same conclusion. This is the mattress to beat when it comes to outdoors adventures.

With the overall rating of 93/100, testing this bed was history in the making as far as 3Beds is concerned. User rating is 92/100, and our featured testers came up with the same number we did.

We’ll go further in-depth in our article about specific test results, but I’ll just spoil some of the results. 94/100 for comfort, 95/100 for durability! Those are the types of ratings we’re used to seeing when it comes to SoundAsleep, and this model right up there with the rest of them.

The pump works without a hitch, it’s fast and silent and can be charged at home or using your car power outlet.

It performed excellently during our pressure and tensile tests, demonstrating its readiness to accommodate two people for extended periods of time without any problems. Unfortunately, we had to destroy one of the three we got to measure the thickness of the material, and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. You’ll read more about it in the follow-up article.

We won’t rehash the thing users already said here, but this is also probably the ONLY air mattress where surface indentations serve some purpose. Multiple users reported the sort of ergonomic support they feel when they sleep on it. They’ve stated it supports their backs perfectly, alongside contouring around their shoulders and hips for maximum comfort.

If you read any article on 3Beds before this one, you could’ve notice people generally complaining about the discomfort caused by the little surface pockets or indentations, often using foam toppers or thick blankets to nullify the effect. That makes the success of this design that much greater.

Is it a good camping choice?

If an air mattress is your camping sleep companion, the Camping Series by Sound Asleep should be right there at the top of your consideration. We rarely write about airbeds like this and we are rarely so direct, but this one truly seems like a winner. All campers know how important is the role of the camping gear is in the field, so if you are looking for more than an airbed consult our guide on the best inflatable chairs, rechargeable pumps and patch kits.

That’s the position our team, our featured testers and our fellow buyers united behind. This I a true representative of a great-quality, budget-friendly air mattress for camping, and it won’t leave you hanging in the great outdoors.

Happy shopping and see ya back here in two months, just in time for the next update on this air mattress review.