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SimplySleeper SS-47T air mattress review

Durability – that’s the main forte of this SimplySleeper 47T and it has been in the TOP 10 of most durable air mattresses ever since we started the category. Everything else about it is kind of average.

It promises a lot (like the maximum of 400 lbs but it doesn’t really deliver), at least not according to our tests.


Although it’s rated pretty high by users on sites like Amazon (which is why we decided to review it in the first place) we didn’t find anything extraordinary in our tests. It’s not in TOP 3 in any category, it’s not the best inflatable bed the company makes and it’s not even close to the top in its price range.

Harsh, we know, but that’s what our tests tell us and that’s what is about – objectivity. Even when it’s not pretty.

The current ratings of the SimplySleeper SS-47T

Simply Sleeper 47T






Air retention




Value for money



  • Thick and tough PVC - durable
  • Puncture resistant
  • Above average height for a low-rise
  • Fast pump


  • Leaks air
  • Internal coil quality issues
  • Tends to change shape
  • No flocked top, slippery

comparison badge

Side by side with the currently top-rated

This bedCurrently best
Durability Rating8494
Air Retention7894
Value for money8295
Overall Rating79 / 10094 / 100
ColorTanBlue / Tan
SizesTwinTwin / Queen
Height8.5 " 19 "


Here’s what you’ll see in this review:

  1. We’ll dive right in with the final ratings, just so that you don’t have to read on if you don’t like what you see here
  2. We’ll list its basic specs and technical details
  3. We’ll discuss our tests, and it’s scores
  4. We’ll take a look at what the users had to say, just to get a better perspective and make sure you are not deterred by our ratings if this model seems right for you



The info sheet of the inflatable mattress (as listed by the company)

  • Built in electric pump (inflates in 2 minutes), single piece
  • Materials – 3 layered 150 D Polyester
  • Stretch resistant


Technical details

MaterialsDurmothane Polyester 0.48 mm
Dimensions75.5*40*8.5 " (single)
Weight 9.25 lbs
Shipping weight11 lbs
Color choicesTaupe (beige)


pros icon for the ss47t


What consumers are saying in their reports on this blow-up mattress:

  • Very rugged and feels well-made and it leaks very little, I only top it off once every few days
  • I love how you can tuck the cord away into the side pocket. It’s that kind of attention to details make a good product. I guess you can say it kind of comfortable. I owned a few airbeds in my time and this is not as comfortable, but it’s only fair to mention that my previous beds here high-rise and all of them in queen size. It would be too much to expect that level of comfort from a low-rise twin…
  • This SimplySleeper is very good for the price. I do have to add air every day or two, but I guess it’s only natural. The pump is super fast, and the fact that I have to add air often isn’t a big deal for me
  • When paired with a form a topper, this is one of the better air mattresses I had delivered here in Afghanistan. It’s crucial for me that it’s not so sensitive and doesn’t puncture with every single sharp edge it comes in contact with. My old Coleman would start to leak every few weeks and I went through 2 patch kits before I gave up on it…
  • I needed a low-rise mattress for camping but not low enough that I put pressure on my knees when getting in and out. It fits the bill…
  • The price is more than fair for this kind of quality. Six months and still going strong. I have back problems and already went through a few air mattresses and I don’t feel much difference between and those that I paid 2-3 time more

cons from reviews

Some of the things the users didn’t like:

  • I read everything there was to read about this air mattress, the reviews of users…100s of them and was under the impression that this is thick and well-made. It’s not all it’s cracked-up to be, it leaks air and most nights that I slept on it I had to get up during the nights to top it off…
  • It seems that some of the internal chambers burst and now I have a big bulge at the top right corner. Luckily, the company customer service was polite and agreed to replace the bed as soon as I explained what happened
  • After a few weeks of use, it looks like deformed sack filled with hay. It changed shape, gave in the middle and I have terrible back pains when we have guests over and I have to sleep on this. I guess you get what you pay for…


Our thoughts


We have to be fair and say we never expect too much comfort-wise when we review a low-rise twin blow up bed. We had a few surprises, like the camping Sound Asleep, but this one didn’t offer any pleasant surprises.

It leaked air and has to be re-inflated every night. There is no flocking on you have to use a topper if you want to get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, the top surface is slippery and doesn’t hold the sheets well, so you struggle and basically, can’t wait for the sun to come up.


It tested very well in our tests, both the tensile testing of the seems, connections and the PVC itself.

The ratings in the tensile testing indicate that this one’s built to last. However, we’ve seen too many reports of the internal structure giving in, so we had to adjust and leave it under the weights for longer to see what happens. We did not see any of the issues people reported (bulges, seems bursting). To be fair, we only get one product per testing period and we might’ve just been lucky.

But the bottom line, durability-wise, is that ll the indicators in our in-house tests indicated that this is a durable air mattress and it’s ratings in the category reflect it.

Air retention

Not good – we already mentioned the issues when we discussed comfort above but it loses air. We gave it two days of test drive before we started measuring anything (most of the time inflatable mattresses take a night or two to settle and form). But, even after the two nights, we started the measuring and the scores only went down with every passing night.

Again, the rating is a reflection of that.


The pump is fast and seemed well made. The fact that it’s not rated as well as most of the other models is due to two factors: the noise (less important) and the fact that we noticed that it’s leaking air around the pump.

Value for money

You can say that this is a cheap air mattress and we are being too harsh. But, over the years, we tested airbeds that cost 30-40% less and performed better, so the price is no excuse.

Once more, we are glad that we changed one of the rating categories for “price” to “value for money”. It’s much more useful and relevant.

Bottom line

The SS-47T is not a bad air mattress. It’s not great either, it’s one of those airbeds that we regret ever reviewing and spending resources on. We love the company that makes it, SimplyGlobo, but we love the fact that our readers trust our ratings more.

We do our best to limit our spending on getting and reviewing air mattresses that stand a chance of getting into the TOP in any category and we expected the 47T to be a contender in at least three categories of airbed:

  • Best camping
  • Best heavy-duty (most durable)
  • Best twin inflatable

No such luck.

It’s an average product for an average price.

User ratings – 82, ratings of our featured testers – 83 and an Overall rating of 79 / 100.

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