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It’s been over a year now since we got 5 Serta air mattresses that we suspected could be the “suspects” to be the best airbeds by the brand. The Serta EZ turned out to be the best airbed by Serta in 6 out of 7 updates we did for this guide. It’s currently rated at  82 / 100.

Here, we present our most recent findings – the quality ratings, the reviews that our testers and users shared with us and our conclusions.

Overall ratings of the TOP 3 Serta airbeds

Picture & RatingModel
See its Amazon Ratings
serta ez top rated
Serta EZ
see its ratings here
serta raised never flat pump
Serta Never
Flat Pump
see its ratings here
serta raised insta III pump
Serta with Insta
III Pump
see its ratings here

As we can see, there are a number of changes in, well, numbers, and we’ll go over them as we start with specific digest reviews. Nothing different in the overall positioning, we’re afraid, but if you think this update will be boring, you have another thing coming.

Let’s first take a moment to see all of our today’s winners “duking it out”.

Best-rated Sertas compared side-by-side

best serta airbed
comparison serta never flat pump
comparison serta insta pump
Serta EZSerta Never
Flat Pump
Serta Insta
III Pump
Comfort84/10080 / 10078 / 100
Durability81/10077 / 10076 / 100
Air Retention85/10078 / 10076 / 100
Pump81/10077 / 10075 / 100
Value for money83/10079 / 10076 / 100
Overall Rating82 / 10079 / 10076 / 100
ColorTanTan / BlueTan
SizesQueenTwin / QueenTwin / Queen
Height22 "18 "15 "
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table graysee on amazon comparison table gray

Serta reviews icon

Individual reviews of the Serta Airbeds

Serta EZ Bed

This is a premium Serta NeverFlat air mattress. The NeverFlat refers to the pump which is designed to add air during the night and keep the mattress inflated.

In other words – no more air leaks and waking up on a deflated bed.


The NeverFlat pump keeps the Serta EZ inflated

We just need to take a look at it to see there’s something different going on here. A self-deploying frame, two pumps… Hope that’s enough to get your curiosity going…

Updated ratings of Serta EZ airbed:

Serta EZ - Queen






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable, sturdy construction
  • Durable and well-made
  • No air leaks; good air pumps
  • Prevents motion-transfer
  • Good for back pain


  • Heavy when fully inflated
  • Expensive
  • Short-term plastic smell
  • Too firm for some buyers

see ratings here one line

Essential info of the model:

  • Features 2 pumps; Primary inflates the mattress in around 4 minutes, the secondary NeverFlat pump keeps the firmness setting at all times
  • Plush – medium – firm comfort settings
  • Self-deploying bed frame
  • The flocked top is durable and ensures a soft/comfortable surface that also keeps the sheets in place
  • Duffle bag with wheels included
  • Dimensions when inflated – 78” x 60” x 22”
  • Frame measurements – 64” x 54” x 11.5”
  • User support is always available via telephone number or E-mail

We’re used to these kinds of specifications from Serta. They have a good product, and they know it, so a little boasting is perfectly fine. After all, the stylish design and the solid craftsmanship qualified this Serta to be one of the TOP 3 best airbeds for guests.


The EZ fully inflates in under 4 minutes

Positive user reviews of the Serta EZ airbed:

  • This is the closest an air mattress got to regular bed! I just love the bed frame! I don’t have to move a muscle, just flip the switch and watch as a pile of rubber and metal turns into a real bed right before my eyes. It’s fully inflated in just a couple of minutes
  • I always liked inflatable beds, but I could never shake off that feeling of camping in my own bedroom. It didn’t matter if they were low or high-rise. Having a proper bed frame is a different matter entirely. It feels like a proper bed, and the frame really adds to the overall stability of the thing
  • The bed is crazy comfortable, and the surface feels extremely soft and plush. I don’t own fitted sheets, but that’s not a problem with this portable mattress. It keeps my regular Queen-Size sheets like they’re glued onto the surface
  • Surprisingly enough, the construction feels very sturdy and durable. If we’re honest, I thought we’ll get a wobbly pile of wires and PVC, but I know to admit when I’m wrong. We’ve been using it for 5 months now as our main bed, and it felt like just that. A REAL bed!
  • I’ve developed a phobia of waking up on the ground with all the inflatable beds I’ve burnt through over the years. The NeverFlat built-in pump is truly a breath of fresh air. It’s completely silent, so I don’t even know when it activates (if it activates), but my Serta EZ bed in Queen Size is super firm all the time, and that’s the only thing that actually interests me
  • The height of this portable bed is really something else! I can get into and out of the bed much easier now, and the whole construction feels much more stable than the two raised air mattresses I previously owned. The height was also ok there, but I just now realized how much they actually lacked stability
  • Who would’ve said you can pack this humongous thingamabob into a compact duffle bag. The addition of wheels is really a nice touch, so I can take my little personal cloud everywhere with me
  • It’s the best air mattress out there for unexpected guests! We just whip it out of storage, and in less than 4 minutes our visitors have got themselves a proper bed. They’re never short on praises for how comfortable it is and how they haven’t even realized it’s an air bed
  • Doesn’t take up much room when it’s time to store it away, and since we bought it, every space available can suddenly become an impromptu guest room. I got my man cave back the moment this little guy arrived, so I can’t recommend it enough

see on amazon comparison table orange long


The EZ deploy automatically – just Plug and Play

Some of the reported issues:

  • We’ve bought this Serta EZ bed in Queen Size, and the thing is heavy! No wonder they put wheels on the duffle bag. I don’t know how else could I tug it around if it weren’t for those
  • The metal frame opens up completely automatically, but it needs a little help when it’s closing out. I just need to give the leg stands a little push, that’s it
  • The main pump is pretty loud. Not my canister vacuum cleaner loud, but still… Fortunately, the secondary built-in pump is simply a whisper. Can’t even notice if it’s working or not
  • The dents on the surface don’t really agree with my sensitive back. The mattress is perfect otherwise, but I would much rather prefer a completely flat sleeping surface. It’s not that big of a problem, though, if you have Wallmart a couple of blocks away. I’ve just picked up a cheap memory foam topper, and it made the overall experience that much better
the casing of the serta ez

The airbed comes with a hard casing (wheeled)

Our final thoughts

As a prevailing number of buyers already stated, this air mattress features a bed frame! It does look a bit flimsy on the pictures online, but it is anything but.

Comfort and durability got a score of 84 and 81/100 respectively, which means it provides the feeling and stability of an actual old-school bed.

That also means it performed like a champ during our pressure and tensile tests, which solidified it at the 1st place of our list of winners. This EZ bed is very similar to the Insta EZ, both in style and in ratings.

Two separate built-in pumps are also a welcome addition since they ensure your inflatable bed stays “NeverFlat”. The primary pump is somewhat loud, but that’s to be expected. The important thing is that the NeverFlat one doesn’t even make a sound when it activates, so it won’t wake you up if your mattress needs a bit topping off in the middle of the night.

The construction is very solid, as proved by our tensile test. We’ve also tested the thickness of the vinyl and were pleasantly surprised. You’ll see the results in our follow-up article, but let’s just say it’ll take one hell of a persistent cat to pierce this bad boy.

Air retention is the main zinger here, however. The NeverFlat pump is a true revelation, and it will keep your favorite firmness setting at all times, even if you’re a fan of “crazy-firm” mode like me. It got 85/100 in our testing, which is a result that speaks for itself.

So, when it comes to whether or not you should make this portable bed a permanent part of your household, 3Beds team has no other choice but to tell you to go for it. It won’t disappoint if our numerous tests and buyers all around the world have something to say about it. For more info, you can see the full review of the Serta EZ here.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

The basic specs of the Serta Raised:

  • Two separate air pumps
  • The main pump inflates the bed in 4 minutes or less; NeverFlat pump refills it if a pressure drop is detected
  • The primary pump features an auto shut-off tech
  • 35 circular coils
  • Flocked, waterproof and puncture-resistant top ensures a comfortable and soft sleeping surface that keeps the sheets tightly in place
  • 18” high
  • Carry bag included
  • Dimensions – 80” x 60” x 18”
Two pumps of the serta raised

Two pumps of the Serta raised

Now that we have a basic understanding of this model, we can hear what the customers had to say after using the Serta Raised Never Flat in real-life situations.

Ratings of the Serta Raised:

Serta Raised with Never Flat Pump






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to set up/store away
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Doesn’t leak air
  • Good for back pain/spine problems


  • Indentations too deep for some people
  • Plastic smell
  • Loud primary pump
  • Heavy

see ratings here one line

Positive user experiences with Serta NeverFlat air mattress:

  • The size is just as stated on the chart that was offered, and it sleeps great! The NeverFlat pump is such a breakthrough! I’ve been sleeping on air mattresses for the better part of my life, and this is officially the first one that loses air absolutely NEVER!
  • I’ve read a lot of Serta air mattress review, and picked this one to replace my old regular bed. I had to move and didn’t have enough room in the new apartment. Caught a lucky break there since it made my back hurt like hell. This inflatable bed is so comfortable and supportive, it makes me almost forget about my numerous cycling accidents and the back pain that followed
  • The price tag looks like a joke compared to the comfort this little guy gave us. My wife and I used it for two weeks while our bedroom was remodeled, and we honestly didn’t feel the difference between our (obviously) overpaid main bed and this inflatable one. Now we use it as a guest bed since it’s so easy to set up and store away. Plus, we don’t even need to have a dedicated guest room anymore. Guess who got his old office back!
  • It feels much more sturdy and durable than my previous portable beds. I’ve had 4 of them so far, all from different manufacturers, and the material on my new Serta Queen air mattress feels much thicker, ergo, much more resistant to accidental punctures and mishaps
  • The flocked top is really something else! I don’t even need to use the extra topper since the surface is already super soft, comfortable and keeps the sheets from sliding anywhere
  • I don’t even hear the NeverFlat pump, so I can’t really tell if it ever activated or not. All I know is that the mattress remains firm ever since the moment I inflated it for the first time. I’ll just add that I like my sleeping surface uber firm, and this Serta didn’t get all flimsy on me yet. So far, so good!
  • There’s something different about this mattress in terms of support. It’s probably that “35 coils” line since I never felt anything quite like it in my camping mattress. I’ve been using it extensively for 3 months now in all sorts of conditions, and it remains firm all over without any holes developing in the middle or inner chambers bursting and causing all kinds of silly malfunctions
  • The height creates the appearance of a regular bed and it makes it much easier to climb in and out of the bed
  • I really like the auto shut-off feature. I had such a problem determining when to stop inflating my previous air mattresses, always ending up with a soft and flimsy bed for the fear of overdoing it. Here, I just flip the switch, and the pump does all the work for me. It’s an improvement like you wouldn’t believe
unpacking the second best serta

Second best Serta unpacked


  • It’s a cool inflatable bed, but heavy as hell. I don’t know why I thought they’re supposed to be super light or something. Bottom line, there’s no way I can carry this thing on my back when I decide to hit the grand outdoors. It’s going by car or bust!
  • The main pump is quite loud. It’s basically like my vacuum cleaner, which is a considerable volume. Luckily, the secondary NeverFlat pump is completely silent, so it doesn’t wake me up at night if it needs to activate
  • I’ve read some Serta air mattress reviews AFTER I got it, and I do have to agree with one downside people pointed out. The pockets/indentations, or whatever they call them, on the very top are pretty uncomfortable. I solved the issue by adding a foam topper, and it did the trick. So, that’s what you should do if you found the surface as uncomfortable as I did
  • The LED lights on the side of this bed were such a torture for a couple of nights, preventing me from falling asleep. I’m giving away my tech newbieness here since it took me good 4 nights to figure out I CAN actually turn them off whenever I want to

What’s the bottom line?

This line of Serta air mattresses features much more innovations and impressive technologies than the price tag let’s on.

The main selling point is the fact that you’ll never wake up on the floor due to NeverFlat secondary pump. It’s completely silent, as our tests proved, and keeps your desired firmness setting at all times.

The main pump has a convenient auto shut-off feature, which lets you avoid the hassle of aiming the right time to turn the pump off.

Not to give anything away since our test results article is yet to be published, but this model got a significant bump in the comfort category. It got up to 80/100, and that’s all you’ll get before the said article is live.

People are starting to buy this model more and more, hence the comfort score upgrade. Our test results complement the user reviews rather nicely, so the 3Beds team has to recommend this model as one of the top-rated quality air mattresses currently on the market.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Insta III Pump

The preface of the specification for this model says that Serta is the home of the best air mattresses in the world.

Let’s see if that bold statement holds water when it comes to this specific Serta NeverFlat air mattress.

Product description:

  • 35 separate circular coils in the Queen-Size and 21 in the Twin-Size for extra comfort and support
  • Raised air mattress is much easier to get in and out of
  • Comes with built-in powerful Insta III AC pump to ensure effortless inflation/deflation
  • The flocked top is also durable and soft for ultimate sleeping experience
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Queen-Size inflated – 78” x 60” x 15”
  • Twin-Size inflated – 74” x 39” x 15”

The Ratings of the Serta with Insta III pump:

Serta Raised - Insta 3 Pump






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

What the users liked about this Serta NeverFlat air mattress in their reviews:

  • The built-in pump is really a beast! It inflates the mattress super quickly, and I especially like that it can also deflate it! Manual deflation is just a pain in the neck, and I’m sure glad that’s over with for good
  • It was straight as an arrow from the moment we first inflated it. We’ve had all sorts of troubles with some cheap Intex air mattresses we had in the past, one of them being the uneven bottom. We constantly had this feeling we were sleeping on a small boat, constantly rocking back and forth as we moved. None of that here! As I said, straight as an arrow!
  • I’ve had this portable bed for 2 months now, and it already paid off so many times! I don’t know how many gallons of juice and water I’ve spiller all over it during that time, but I’m sure my old regular mattress would develop all kinds of nasty critters because of it. Here, I just wipe it away with a rag or a piece of cloth, and I’m good
  • I can’t really describe the feeling when I’m on this air mattress. First of all, it’s nothing like I expected it to be. Granted, I didn’t expect much, but the best way of putting it is that it feels like a regular spring coil mattress. I can feel the separate air chambers underneath the surface, and they really do their job at providing adequate support and comfort
  • The little carry bag is so practical, and the whole thing doesn’t take up my entire closet. It packs very compactly and it takes just a couple of minutes to set up once the guests arrive
  • The side-rails on this inflatable bed are much firmer than on my previous air mattress. They’re still barely firm enough to sit on, but it’s definitely an improvement
Serta raised with insta III pump

Fast and easy inflation, deflation and storage – few of the main fortes of the model


  • This air mattress smelled more like raw plastic than our Serta EZ bed in Queen Size! The smell went away quickly enough, though, after we took it outside to air out for a couple of hours
  • The main pump is pretty loud
  • This mattress is cold if the room temperature is cold! So, if you’re sleeping in a non-heated room during the night, an extra blanket or a topper of some sort is definitely a good idea to bear in mind
top view of the third best serta

Sturdy edges equals no sinking to the middle

Our 2 cents about this Serta

The overall comfort and the extra powerful built-in pump are the two most prominent features of this Serta air mattress. It got 78/100 in the comfort category and 76/100 as far as the pump quality and power are concerned.

Still, it’s ways away from beating the top 2 Serta models.

Other than this, it features the same goodies as the top 2 models, but considering the price, some corners had to be cut and it seems that the quality of the internal structure suffered, we have no other explanation for the reported air leaks and (again, compared to the EZ and Serta Raised) and what you might call poor weight distribution.

If we compare the price tags of Serta EZ Bed and this model, we’re getting a pretty good picture of what I’m talking about.

Regardless, Serta Raised with Insta III pump solid deal for the money required, and that’s what leaves us feeling good about our purchase at the end of the day.

Conclusion from our pursuit for the best Serta air mattress

There were no fireworks this time when it comes to placement changes, but we definitely introduced a bunch of new data into the mix. This amount will only increase as the test results article goes live. We believe there’s enough food for thought to last us until the next update.

The Serta EZ seems to be here to stay, however…and by here, we mean being the top Serta air mattress.

Serta is an old mattress-producing company. They’ve opened their doors back in the 30s and started making air mattresses quite recently. They’ve learned quickly, and the fast success they’ve achieved has to be taken into consideration when writing Serta air mattress reviews.

Enjoy reading the latest update, stay on a lookout for the follow-up guide and we’ll catch you back here in exactly two months time.