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Insta air mattress – reviews of the TOP 3 November 2016

Insta air mattresses are an industry classic and very probably that, across it’s models, offers the best value for money on the market. While other brands “joined in” as we worked on the project of this website, Insta was there to see the baby steps.

For you, this means that the results and reviews of the Insta models are among the few most reliable simply because of the time factor. Without ado, let’s see the TOP 3 Insta airbeds as per our testing.

TOP 3 Insta air mattresses:

Picture & Rating
Its Amazon Rating
best insta air mattress the raised never flat
Insta Raised
Never Flat
see its ratings here
best insta air mattress the raised never flat
Insta raised
with Insta III pump
see its ratings here
Insta EzBed ranked 3rd
Insta EZ
see its ratings here

Let us compare the 3 best Instas side-by-side.

comparison banner for Insta air mattresses

best insta
runner up
3rd place icon
airbed 1
airbed 2
airbed 3
The NeverFlat
Insta III
Insta EZ
Comfort89 / 10086 / 10085 / 100
Durability87 / 10088 / 10085 / 100
Air retention88 / 10086 / 10087 / 100
Pump89 / 10086 / 10087 / 100
Value for money88 / 10085 / 10081 / 100
OVERALL RATING88 / 10086 / 10085 / 100
ColorTanChoices available:
light brown and white
SizesTwin / Queen / FullTwin / QueenQueen
Height in inches181522
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table graysee on amazon comparison table gray

Let’s hit the ground running and do what we do best; start dishing out some useful guidelines for all those of you considering one of Insta products as you next camping buddy/guest bed/permanent sleeping solution.

Insta-Bed Raised with Never Flat Pump

Category ratings:

Insta Raised NeverFlat






Air retention




Value for money



  • Two separate pumps
  • Heavy-duty, pierce-resistant PVC
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support (coiled design)
  • True to size


  • Heavy
  • Some users didn’t like the overall height


see ratings here one line


This is Insta’s top-seller.

It has over thousands of user reviews all around the web (including Amazon), and that number just keeps on skyrocketing update after update…and in response to the market demand, they came up with a few new versions of the model (both in terms of color and type – image below):

regular and white versions of the insta never flat

Regular and white versions of the Insta NeverFlat



Let’s peek under the hood and see what’s this “neverflat mania” all about.

What Insta is saying – the specs:

  • Features 2 separate pumps
  • The primary one takes 4 min to inflate/deflate the mattress
  • Secondary pump monitors the air pressure and refills the bed with air when needed
  • Auto shut-off on the primary pump
  • 35 inner circular coils for the Queen Size, 21 for the Twin
  • Height – 18 inches
  • Carry bag
  • Queen dimensions – 80” x 60” x 18”
  • Twin dimensions – 74” x 39” x 18”

This is a very satisfactory specification in our opinion. There’s no such thing as “to much info” when it comes to products we’re reviewing. The more the manufacturer gives us, the better. What the don’t mention in the specs is the introduction of the versions with a pillow-top and one that features a headboard.

pillowtop and headboard versions of the air mattress

New from Insta – pillowtop and headboard versions of the airbed



Let’s head right over to positive user experiences with the Insta NeverFlat pump:

  • This is one awesome inflatable bed! I bought it with an extra cooling pad (also Insta), and they’re just a match made in Heaven! Super comfortable, although you don’t really need the extra pad but I went for the overkill
  • My wife and I had to sleep on this bed for 6 weeks straight while our house was remodeled. That’s almost 50 nights in a row without any problems whatsoever. I’m 6’1’’, at about 260 lbs, plus my wife, and the mattress held us like a boss! Now, we’ll continue to use it as our guest bed
  • This secondary pump is 100% soundless. The mattress doesn’t lose one bit of air, at least, as far as my perception goes. Whether it’s just the sheer quality of the bed or the secondary pump doing its job perfectly, I don’t really care, to be honest
  • Not even the main pump is overly loud! Our last air mattress sounded like 3 vacuums being on at the same time! You can hear this one, for sure, but it’s nothing major
  • This bed has been through hell with our two toddlers! Their main form of entertainment with it is jumping on it from our pool table. I don’t think I need to tell you more, but the mattress is holding up incredibly. I thought they’ll end it in a matter of days, but it’s still going strong after some two months of relentless abuse. I only hope they’ll grow tired of it eventually
  • I enjoy the height of my newly bought blow-up bed. It makes it so much easier to get in and out plus, I can actually sit on the edge of it without ending up on the floor bottom first. The sides are softer than the middle part, of course, but still firm enough to sit on
  • The price is really affordable, and it’s still one of the best beds I ever slept on! I count the regular beds there as well. I thought we’ll nuke our monthly budget when we started looking for a temporary sleeping arrangement, but this was quite manageable and painless
  • This is the first time I bought an inflatable ANYTHING with such a weak (almost none) rubbery smell. Usually, there was a sharp odor that took days to disappear (sometimes weeks), so imagine my surprise…
  • The carry bag comes in really handy since I travel a lot for work. I got fed up with hotel beds a long time ago, so I just pop my inflatable one in its bag and I’m on my way

workings of the never flat pump

Reported negatives to complete the story:

  • My previous air mattress was 22” tall, so I can really feel the difference when I’m getting in or out of the bed. It’s a perfect replacement, I only wish it were the same height
  • I don’t really like the “wavy” design on the surface of the bed. I like my beds perfectly flat, so I had to get a foam topper to negate this. The topper did the trick, and left me with nothing to complain over when it comes to my new permanent bed
  • The thing is heavy beyond my imagination. If we’re honest, I did think it’ll be a breeze to carry around. It was just my internal logic (wrong, as it appears) without any basis in reality. Speaking of reality, it’s much heavier than I thought it would be, so I can use it for camping only if we’re going by car

Our thoughts on this Insta-bed raised with never flat pump

If something sells like there’s no tomorrow, you bet we’ll want to know the reasons behind that phenomena.

It’s not a one-time deal also. This model has been killing it from 2012! So, it merits a deeper look and a closer examination.

What WE liked about it?

The first thing we checked and liked what we saw was the size.

Air mattresses have this trend of always missing the stated sizes by a couple of inches, which is not without its consequences. Your sheets or toppers won’t fit; you’ll end up with your feet sticking out if you’re too tall…

This model is right on the money! 80 x 60 inches for Queen, 74 x 39 inches for Twin. We measured it fully inflated during our testing process, and the reality mirrors the product specification. You can watch the video here.

Sturdy edges

The sheer sturdiness-to-price ratio also caught our eye. This is one heavy-duty air mattress (and the carry bag is not one of those flimsy use-twice bags we often see with airbeds).

carry bag

The carry bag built to last



We tested the overall construction by putting more weight on it than it’s supposed to be able to handle, and left it there overnight. It’s stated that it supports up to 500 lbs, and we put 600 lbs of weights on it. Next day, we found it completely undamaged and with the same firmness level as we left it off. Nothing short of impressing.

Having said that, 500 lbs is not exactly the sweet spot we like to see. Imagine a scenario where the husband is a big guy, and the wife still needs to sleep next to him on this bed. According to official data, it won’t be able to hold them both comfortably and without any damage over time.


We know we put 600 lbs on it and it, but that was only one night. Over encumbering it for months will eventually result in some sort of damage.

These are all reasons why Insta didn’t have a problem backing it’s product up with a full 1-year warranty.

Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Technology 1 Year Warranty

Warranties for airbeds are not common practice – this Insta is backed with a full 1-year warranty



The circular coils for inner construction

The circular coils are yet another thing we liked. They mimic the old-school coil design, providing extra support and stability to the bed.

With this kind of inner construction, you can be sure this model won’t suffer from any “deformities” as you use it. We mean developing holes and bulges over time.

The fabric is also pretty tough, as shown by our tensile tests. They advertise it as “puncture-resistant”, which is just insane. NO material IN THE WORLD is puncture-resistant. Not even steel, let alone rubber.

As far as air mattresses go, however, it’s been able to hold its own against the most common threats found both in-home and outside.

We tested the pressure required for it to get punctured, we put it on sharp rocks with its maximum weight on the surface, and we STILL had to destroy it manually for the purposes of tensile testing.

It withstood all of our efforts to break the surface, so we got to hand it to Insta this time. We’ve also received numerous reports of people allowing their cats to walk all over it without any damage so, another point for Insta.

Sure grip bottom

The sure-grip really works and prevents the bed from becoming a nightly transportation device from one end of the room to another.

We’ve talked about the Never Flat pump so many times, we don’t really need to go into it again. The customers were overjoyed enough with how the system works already.

Our dislikes

Well, we can basically only mention the overall weight of the bed. At 25.1 lbs, it stands above its competition on the market, so buyers will definitely feel the increase in weight.

Besides that, all of the CONs mentioned by the users are the standard shortcoming of ALL air mattresses in the world.

Sure, there are some with flat surfaces out there, but most of them feature some sort of pattern when it comes to indentations and “wavy design”, as one of the buyers put it. Nothing to be done about it except get a cheap foam topper as a quick fix.

The overall height is also a thing of personal preference, so there’s no point discussing different tastes there. So, other than the weight, there’s nothing really for us to mention here. It’s a good, well-rounded product with a very affordable price tag.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress Featuring Insta III Pump

Insta-Bed III Pump ratings:

Insta with Insta III Pump






Air retention




Value for money



  • Quick & easy setup
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Good support
  • Packs small


  • Temporary rubber smell
  • It can’t run on batteries


see ratings here one line


The main zing behind the special name of the pump is the fact that it’s advertised as quieter than other models on the market.

Let’s put that and everything else this model has to offer to the test.

twin and queen versions of insta with insta III pump

Insta III comes in two sizes – Twin and Queen – packing is neat and the shipping was fast


Official specs of the Insta with Insta III pump:

  • Internal Insta III pump is 20% quieter than most of the other internal pumps
  • Flocked top
  • Durable material
  • Raised height for comfortable getting in and out of the bed
  • Carry bag
  • Water/puncture resistant material
  • Multiple sizes available

A bit skimpier specification for this model, but we still have more than enough data to give it a proper run for its money.

insta 3 technology queen

Positive reviews of this Insta bed:

  • It takes around 4 minutes for full inflation, which is pretty short comparing to our previous inflatable beds. We had 4 so far, and we used them mostly for camping. This one has yet to prove itself in the great outdoors, so we’ll update our review when we test it out
  • The carry bag is big enough to fit the mattress comfortably, so we can travel with it comfortably or just put it in the back of our car when we go camping. It’s also very easy to set up and deflate, so it also saves us time and effort during the whole setup process
  • You just can’t beat this price! The money we had to pay for it was nothing compared to the quality of the mattress. It’s pretty comfortable and with sheets over it you can’t even tell if it’s a regular bed or not. The extra height really helps with getting in or out, which is a great advantage for people with bad back like me
  • It’s pretty sturdy, and I’m writing this after three camping trips with the mattress. It held my wife and me pretty comfortable and it had no problems withstanding the harsh conditions we had. Last time, we set camp on some semi-jagged rocks (entirely my fault), and the bed didn’t “feel” a thing
  • It takes up very little storage space and it sets up in a matter of minutes. Flipping the switch is all I ever have to do now in order to get a perfect guest bed
  • The top feels really nice and the flocking keeps my sheets riveted in place. The fact that I have a waterproof bed also came in handy more than once. I’ve had so many spilling accidents over the years, and once you do that with a regular mattress there’s pretty much nothing you can do to prevent fungi from developing. Being a germ-freak, waterproof, anti-microbial sleeping surface is all I ever wanted
fully inflated ac pump

To the untrained eye this insta and the Insta never flat might look the same product and while the design is similar, you’ll notice the one pump while the NeverFlat has two – the main one and the one that keeps it inflated when air pressure lowers inside


Cons of this bed from the user reviews:

  • We love this bed now, but it smelled like bad rubber when it got here. We unpacked it and were immediately struck with sharp plastic odor. It went away on its own after a couple of days, though
  • It’s our designated camping mattress, and we wish we had the option of simply plugging it into our car or something. State, being as it is, has us carrying a mobile power supply in order to inflate it

Our final opinion on Insta-Bed raised air mattress with the special Insta III pump

We have all of the same technologies as with our previous model.

So, we have internal structure with circular coils, strong PVC, sure grip bottom, powerful pump with rapid inflation/deflation…

More interesting thing (in our opinion) would be taking a look at some key differences.

So, how are these two models different?

Insta III ac pump close upRight off the bat, we have to notice the absence of the Never Flat pump. This means we have only the main pump here, albeit, it’s the special quieter model.

Practically, this means there will be no auto-inflation to refill the missing air and it will have to be done via main pump. The bed doesn’t lose air at all, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but it’s a notable difference.

The thing we don’t particularly like here is the weight limit.

It’s set at 350 lbs, which is enough for one person, but not for two. We can always push our luck, as we did during our testing of the previous model, but factory limit is always a good guideline to follow.

The other pet peeve of ours is the dimensions.

Twin measures exactly as it should after the inflation, but Queen is some 2 inches shy of 80, which is the length for Queen Size. We don’t like seeing this for reasons stated in our previous conclusion.

The overall height is also different. This model is 3 inches lower, which puts it at 15 inches. As we said already, the height is a matter of personal preference, so we won’t linger on it.


Anything else we need to know about it?

Insta recommends residential use only, which means they didn’t make it with camping in mind. That never stopped us from taking it outside before, and it won’t now.

However, we need to keep in mind that there’s no option to fuel it with batteries or external pumps. The integrated pump is the only way to inflate it, and it needs an electrical outlet.

So, if you’re carrying it outside, you better have your power source handy.


The first model reviewed today is a superior one in our opinion, as is reflected in the price.

This one manages to get a hold of the 1st place now and then because of its affordability. You know that sales and user ratings are a huge factor for us, so it happens a cheaper product takes all the glory on the wings of overwhelmingly high sales numbers and positive user feedback.

On its own, this is one solid product. Sure, it doesn’t have the flashy Never Flat pump, it’s a bit lower and shorter (Queen), but it’s a great bang for the buck.

People use it for camping also, and they’ve reported a durable, sturdy product, which means it’ll last even longer when used in-home.

Insta EZ Bed Queen Size Air Mattress

Ratings of the Insta EZ airbed

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable with a flocked top
  • Patented and silent neverFLAT pump
  • Elevated frame
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Quick inflation/deflation


  • Vinyl smell for a short while
  • Indentations are uncomfortable for some
  • Too high for some elderly consumers
  • Loud main pump


see ratings here one line

This is one of the few air mattresses with a frame on the market.

It’s heavily compared with its counterpart coming from Serta, and certainly represents a novelty in the world of inflatable furniture.

Insta ez in blue

Here’s what Insta had to say about their EZ bed:

  • Never Flat pump
  • Main pump inflated the mattress in 4 minutes or less
  • Customizable level of firmness
  • Steel frame with self-deploying design
  • Flocked durable sleeping surface
  • Inflated measurements: 78” x 60” x 22”
  • Frame dimensions: 64” x 54” x 11.5”
  • Duffle bag; compact with wheels

We already see some familiar terms in this specification, don’t we?

Let’s see what the users liked about the Insta EZ:

  • We really like the frame here! It makes it feel completely like we’re sleeping on a regular bed. The frame is connected to the mattress part and it “unpacks” on its own, as the pump is inflating the bed
  • This aerobed will never lose air, no matter how cold the room or the climate is. The Never Flat pump makes sure of that! I never hear it activate, so there’s no possibility of it waking me up as it starts refilling the mattress with air
  • Now this feels like a real bed. The height is perfect, the edges are quite firm so I can sit on them, the frame is sturdy and I can set the whole thing up in a matter of minutes. I first thought this’ll tale a lot of effort to set up, but all I have to do is turn the pump on
  • I like how I can get this bed to be ultra firm. I need a hard sleeping surface because of my injured back, and Insta delivers big time. I feel my back, and whole body, for that matter, being supported perfectly, so there’s no morning back pain whatsoever
  • The top is feels really great to the touch and it prevents my sheets from sliding left and right. It also keeps my sleeping bag in place when I go camping. It’s simply a proper bed. That’s the best way to describe it and do it justice
  • The main pump is quick at what it does, and the Never Flat is just a neat little bonus! The mattress is completely inflated in less than 4 minutes, and it deflates equally as fast. When our guests go home, we just throw it in storage until we need it again. It doesn’t need all that much space also, considering the size
ezy Insta inflatable mattress unfolding

It’s fun just watching the Insta EZ inflate and set up automatically – plug and play


The CONs of the EZ by Insta we choose from user reviews:

  • It’s just so heavy! I had troubles with the airport check-in because of the overall weight of the mattress. Other than that, it’s definitely worth the money
  • The price was something our budget definitely felt. The bed itself is great, but we took quite a financial hit to buy it
  • It can only be inflated/deflated if you have a power source handy. I would really like to see some battery slots on it, or, at least, a valve for external pumps

What do we think of Insta EZ?

The first thing that pops up here is the frame, as we already mentioned.

side view insta bed 1We did our standard range of tests, and the frame kept it very stable and sturdy. So, if your first thought is that it’s going to be a wobbly mess, we assure you, it won’t.It’s made of steel, after all, and pretty well put together.

The size is still problematic since it falls 2 inches short of classic Queen Size (again). This all pales in comparison with the weight, however. The overall weight is 56 lbs, which is just insane. So, you might have a problem with the airport check-up. It’s quite understandable it weighs so much. It’s because of the steel frame.

So, we have to make a trade-off of sort. If we want the commodity of a regular bed, we’ll have to deal with the extra weight and vice versa.

The max weight supported is 600 lbs, which is a really pleasant thing to see. It means it can accommodate two people without any problems.

A really nice addition here is the preset controls. The switch literally has a “comfort adjust” option, which lets you choose between plush, medium and firm setting.

This can also pose a minor issue since the firm defined by the settings might not be “firm enough” for you, and there’s pretty much nothing we can do about it. That’s the trap of preset controls, but we didn’t receive many complaints on this accord. Insta calls the “Automatic controls” btw.

It also features a Never Flat secondary pump, internal circular coil construction and it has a 1-year warranty.

Is it worth the money?

We would have to say yes but it’s on the bubble, so to speak.

It goes for around 240 dollars, which is a price tag you need to justify as a manufacturer. Sure, we have a steel frame, a secondary “smart” pump and all of those goodies, but that’s still a lot of money.

So, basically it depends on your intended use.

If you need a good camping bed, this is probably overkill. You can do much cheaper.

If you want a proper guest bed, it depends how much of a “regular bed” feel you want for them. Granted, your visitors will never have any comfort issues whatsoever, but you still need to weigh all that against the price.

Finally, if you want an air mattress as your main bed, this is definitely a way to go! It will get as close as possible to a “real” bed as any inflatable could. If you’re going to use it on a regular basis, it will definitely pay itself off in spades.

About the review updates on the best Insta-beds

Did we bring any new data to the table?

You know us well enough by now to presume the answer is 100% affirmative.

We really went overboard this time around with our testing circuit, let us tell you. When you have models this “stubborn” and locked in their positions update after update, you need to get creative in order to dish out fresh data every time.

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to really test the product in-depth, leaving nothing to chance if you’re thinking about buying one.

What about user feedback and reviews?

We’ve contacted several hundreds of new users, and we got their positive and negative experiences written down.

Plus, we compared them with our testing results and drawn our own conclusions based on all that incredible amount of data.

Quick power hack for Insta Air Beds

Since we saw a bunch of you having problems with power supply for your air mattress while camping, here’s a quick tip on how to fix it.

You can simply buy a converter and hook it up to your car. Just be careful to get the right one for your model, you don’t want to burn the pump and end up sleeping on the ground.

So, you don’t really need a mobile power supply of any kind to get this bad boy up and running.

Conclusion of this update on best Insta air mattresses

We hope you found something useful reading this update, and that you’ll be able to put this info to some good use.

We always aim to be as helpful as possible, whether to inspire you to buy a certain product or to make you realize it’s not the model for you.

If this update did some of that, then it definitely served its purpose.

Sleep tight and see ya back here in exactly two months.

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  1. Ruth Ellen Joseph

    September 29, 2019 at 4:58 am

    I have a beautiful Serta twin air mattress. I bought it at Walmart 3 yrs ago. The night light and cell phone charger port no longer work. I would like to get it repaired. Please let me know if Serta will replace and repair any non functional items on my Serta air mattress. I am willing to pay. I highly recommend this self inflating air mattress to everyone. Please let me know how i can get my panel fixed on my Serta air mattress.
    Thank you


    • James

      November 16, 2020 at 2:01 pm

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for getting in touch but I’m afraid we can’t help. You’d have to talk to Serta about the warranty terms or potential repair/replacement policies.


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