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Best Aerobed – reviews of TOP 3

It’s time to give our guide on the Best Aerobeds (and their reviews) a proper overhaul. It’s been two months since we updated this guide, and the alarm is going off, no matter how many times we hit snooze.

Aerobed is well known around the office for its stingy product specifications, but also cheap and high-quality air mattresses. We’re in for a doozy.

Top-rated Aerobed inflatable mattresses

Picture & RatingModel
See the Amazon ratings
aerobed premier air built in pump
AeroBed Premier
see its ratings here
aerobed classic double high queenAeroBed Classic
see its ratings here
aerobed classic inflatable queen
AeroBed Classic
see its ratings here

So, what’s new?

Very little, at least, in terms of the products on our list of winners.

It’s as if this order was set in stone or something:

  • Aerobed Premier
  • Double-High Aerobed Classic in Queen Size
  • Low-Rise Aerobed Classic in Queen Size

It’s a spitting image of two months ago.

Luckily, we have a ton of new info to share, and we’re not selfish with our air mattress findings. We did a couple of new tests with some interesting results, contacted a lot of recent customers for their exclusive opinions and experiences and had a fruitful cooperation with a couple of our featured testers.

Bottom line, there’s a lot of new things to read, even though it didn’t appear that way on the first glance.


Side-by-side comparison of our top 3 Aerobeds

AeroBed PremierAeroBed Classic
AeroBed Classic
Air Retention79/10077/10080/100
Value for money82/10079/10079/100
Overall Rating81/10079/10079/100
ColorRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal Blue
SizesTwin / QueenTwin / QueenTwin / Queen
Height20 "18 "9 "
see on amazon comparison table orange
see on amazon comparison table gray
see on amazon comparison table gray


Digest reviews of the top rated Aerobeds

Now we can scratch beneath the surface and see what makes these specific models tick.

For our first-time readers, digest reviews are just shortened versions of our regular product reviews.

We take a look at the:

  • Manufacturer’s specification
  • Recent PROs and CONs
  • Our own opinion on the model

Now that the ropes have been shown, we can start dissecting these portable beds one by one.

AeroBed Premier Air Mattress

Our once-and-future winner among its peers, AeroBed Premier has been the inflatable bed to beat for the past, well, countless updates. Let’s take a thorough look under the hood.

Best Aerobed Aerobed Premier

Basic info on AeroBed Premier:

  • Adjustment wand for customizable firmness
  • Heavy duty construction
  • AC built-in pump
  • Carry bag
  • Available in different sizes

As we said, stingy and terse. If you ever see an S&T abbreviation anywhere on 3 Beds, this is where it originated.

How it’s currently rated – by quality categories and overall?


Aerobed Premier






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable, sturdy edges
  • Fast and quiet pump
  • Solid value for money
  • Good air retention


  • No color choice
  • Pretty small bag - hard to get the mattress back in
  • Plastic smell for a few days

see ratings here one line


Some positive user reviews of the Aerobed Premier:

  • My wife slept on this inflatable bed while I was in the hospital for my heart surgery. She said it was perfectly comfortable and didn’t even feel that much of a difference. Now I just keep on wondering why did we pay that much money for our main bed
  • I bought it so my daughter could have a decent spare bed for guests (mostly me). Needless to say, I use it most often, and it feels just like a regular bed. It also looks the part with the extra height and a nice set of sheets over it
  • It’s extremely easy to set up, which makes it a perfect for unexpected guests (that’s the most widely spread kind in my house). The built-in pump inflates it super fast, and it’s just as effortless to store it away once I no longer need it
  • It passed the most important test with flying colors. It doesn’t leak air at all! I inflated it, topped it off a bit after it stretched and that was it. That was more than two weeks ago by the way
  • The height makes it much easier to get in and out than with my previous air mattress. It also gives it a closer resemblance to a regular bed
  • It’s the best air mattress in its price range and beyond. The quality feels like our previous (highly overpaid) inflatable bed, and we got this one for just a hundred bucks or so. Definitely worth the price
  • The sides are just as firm as the rest of the mattress. I guess there’s a first time for everything. My wife and I can sit down and relax before calling it a day without the sides bowing out under our weight. Just don’t tell her I mentioned her and weight in the same sentence
  • Quick release valve really makes a short work of deflating the mattress
  • My wife turned my home office in a guest room long ago, and this mattress made the institution of the guest room kinda obsolete. I got my old office back, and all we need to do to turn it into a full-blown guest room is whipping out this bad boy out of storage and inflating it. It’s a 5-minute job

Top rated Aerobed review

What users didn’t like about this Aerobed?

  • I expected to be higher than it is. A bit more distance from the floor definitely wouldn’t hurt
  • It’s a good inflatable bed, but it gets quite cold if the room temperature is cooler
  • This bed is amazing if you’re flying solo. If you’re sleeping with a restless sleeper like my husband, you’ll definitely feel his movement and wake up grumpy the next day
  • It’s pretty heavy, even when deflated. Pretty comfortable and cheap, but not made for moving around a lot

Is the Premier worth the money?

AeroBed Premier has its flaws, but they’re heavily outmatched by all the good stuff it has to offer.

The two most notable disadvantages are motion transfer and the overall weight of the mattress.

Motion transfer is a real problem if your partner tends to twist and turn a lot throughout the night, no issues there. On the other hand, air mattresses are pretty heavy in general. The weight increases with the size, so AeroBed in Queen Size will make you feel it.

Having said that, our tests have shown pretty amazing results. The bed had to struggle its way through our new and improved pressure test, followed by intensified versions of tensile and puncture tests. You’ll be able to read all about those results in our separate “test results” article.

As far as the recent buyers are concerned, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, comfort, durability, solid construction, air retention, design being just a few points to receive high praises.

Only one conclusion can be reached after we’ve heard all this. AeroBed Premier is one sweet deal, judging by the customers and a slew of tests we subjected it to. Not to mention the highly budget-friendly price.

This Aerobed has an official 3Beds Seal of Approval, especially in the value for money category!


AeroBed Classic Queen Size Double-High Air Mattress

One of our evenly matched AeroBed Classic representatives, which had the whole crew convinced it could outmatch its low-rise counterpart this time around. Somebody lost that bet (said the author rubbing its wallet with a sad look on its face).

Aerobed classic second best

Here’s the 101 on this air mattress directly from Aerobed:

  • Plug-in pump included for quick inflation/deflation
  • Flocked, soft fleece surface
  • Puncture-resistant, heavy-gauge PVC
  • Measurements – 78” x 60”

Again, AeroBeds are the kings of short and not-too-informative specifications.

Current ratings of the second best Aerobed:

Aerobed Double High






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable
  • Flocked top keeps sheets in place
  • No slipping
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up/take down


  • The pump is separate, not built-in
  • Not the most durable bed
  • Imprecise seaming

see ratings here one line


Again, we have our ways of getting to the bottom of things (especially our wallets when making ill advised bets).

What are the consumers saying in their reports – the PROs?

  • I bought this inflatable bed so I didn’t have to sleep on the couch every time I visit my mom. It’s pretty comfortable for a cheap air mattress. The top is really nice and soft and it keeps the sheets from slipping like they were glued in place
  • We’ve had it for 5 months now, it’s constantly being used and it’s still going strong. I can’t believe it’s still in one piece after everything it’s been through, but there it is, refusing to give up
  • I bought 10 of these for my construction workers in whatever temporary accommodation they’re sleeping at any given moment. We’ve been tugging the along for more than three months now, and all of them still do the job perfectly. Best investment ever!
  • Sitting on the side of this mattress feels like sitting on a regular bed. There’s no bowing out whatsoever, and I don’t have to jump into bed every night aiming for the middle
  • The height of the mattress is just perfect. I don’t like being so close to the ground while I sleep. It gives me the feeling like I’m camping in my own bedroom. AeroBed Classic feels like a real bed in both comfort and appearance
  • My aching back celebrate the day I decided to get this inflatable bed. I had a chronic back pain, and I never thought a banal thing like and air mattress could do anything about it. I’ve spent a fortune on latex, memory foam combos, only to realize I could almost get rid of the pain for little over a hundred bucks
  • Since I’m sleeping on this mattress, I never once woke up with any pain or stiffness in my shoulders. I also needed, at least, half an hour of stretching to get semi functional. Sore muscles are a thing of the past too
  • The flocked top is really nice. It’s very firm, even on the edges and the surface is so soft to the touch
  • The shipment bolted to my address even before the set date. Everything was neatly packaged and protected from any possible damage
  • This is my first air mattress (owned 4 so far) that hold air without any leaks. I always sleep on air because of my bad back, and I got a leak-phobia of sort. There nothing worse than an inflated-ish air mattress. I used to wake up with my back on the floor and arms and legs in the air. Needless to say, that didn’t do wonders for my back. With the AeroBed Classic, the pain had notably diminished, and I have a firm mattress all night long
  • The construction seems good quality. There are no bad connections or weak spots to be found


Review of the runner-up Aerobed - the Classic

Some shortcomings of the Aerobed Classic shared by our testers:

  • It’s a comfortable and sturdy air mattress so far. It’s quite heavy, though. That’s pretty much the only “bad” thing about it I can remember from the top of my head
  • The design makes it look much cheaper than it really is. I don’t mean in terms of money, don’t get me wrong, but the appearance of this mattress doesn’t do its quality justice. Here’s hoping they improve their original design
  • The only thing I don’t really like about this portable bed is the pump. It works OK, but it’s not built-in. Why would you do that in the 21st Century??? It also can’t deflate the mattress, so I have to do it manually every time
  • The seam on this mattress are beyond sturdy, but they are just so imprecise and all over the place. I don’t know if my OCD is getting the better of me, but the seams definitely merit a do-over
  • It smelled of plastic for a day maybe. We left it outside to do its thing and the smell was almost completely gone by the morning

Close up of the aerobed pump

The bottom line of the review?

This model add one more CON to the mix. You might find it weird that people are complaining about the “cheap-looking” design, but we as a team understand their woes. If we’re spending the money, no matter the amount, we want to get something, at least, professionally made/looking if not pretty. That point is lost on this model and it really doesn’t look like much. Last but not least, its coming from a reliable company.

So, if you’re looking for a “pretty” and surgically made air mattress, definitely skip on this model.

Other than that, everything else is just where it needs to be. Recent buyers number a great deal of things done right about it that the unfortunate end design doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore. But we’ve seen it already in our section dedicated to user reviews.

What we haven’t seen so far are the test results for this model, and you’ll be able to read all about that in the separate upcoming article. Little hint, the looks are counter proportionate to its performance.

Bottom line, this is not the best Aerobed, but it’ll definitely get the job done, which is more than a good deal for such a (ridiculously) low price.


AeroBed Classic Low-Rise Air Mattress – rated as 3rd best

Last item of the day is basically the low-rise version of the previous model.

They have the same scores in all of our categories and tests, but the tie-breakers were in favor of the double-high once again.

Aerobed low rise

Basic info:

We can skip the part with the product specification since it’s the same as the previous one.

The only thing that’s different is the height, obviously. This model is 9 inches high, which makes it a low-rise model. Depending on the purpose, people usually prefer higher models, which indicates air mattresses are being bought more and more for home use. It used to be all about camping with these bad boys, and see how the times have changed.

We already sort of know what we’re dealing with, so let’s head straight over to user feedback.

The ratings of this low-rise Aerobed:

Aerobed Classic Low Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Thick material/puncture-resistance
  • Low air loss
  • Packs compactly
  • Durable


  • Gets cold in low temperatures
  • No built-in pump
  • Short-term plastic smell


see ratings here one line


Positive experiences users shared with us:

  • The material is the thickest I’ve seen in an inflatable bed ever! I’ve burned through my fair share of air mattresses, so I know the cheap stuff when I see it. Odd thing is this is the cheap stuff! At least, when it comes to money. It costs well under a hundred bucks, and with material as high-quality as this it feels like they’re losing money
  • I even got a good discount on Amazon. Ended up saving more than 20 dollars, which made this into an even sweeter deal than it initially was
  • I wrote my first review three years ago when I bought my first AeroBed in Twin Size. I’ve written a bunch of good stuff this portable bed had to offer, but I couldn’t speak for the durability. Well, that definitely changed considering it lasted for three whole years! This is my second model. All the good things I wrote about the previous model I owned still stand, I hope the durability will as well
  • I can’t believe how quickly it inflated to its full size! My old air mattress took ages to get there… The pump is also surprisingly quiet for the power it obviously has
  • We bought two of these, and since they were our first air mattresses ever, we didn’t know what to expect in terms of storage space needed. Turns out, I can stuff both of them into a single carry bag out of the two that we got when we bought them. Storage conundrum solved!
  • I never expected an inflatable bed to be this comfortable! I can’t feel any pressure on my shoulders and hips plus, the top of the bed is very soft and keeps my sheets in place like there’s no tomorrow
  • I don’t know much about air mattresses, but I had two before this AeroBed Classic, so I’ve picked up a thing or two. I immediately felt the difference the moment I slept on it for the first time. I feel better supported somehow. My friend who’s into this stuff told me it has to do with separate air chambers and how it’s always better to have a lot of them separately than the whole mattress being one huge air chamber
  • The shipping was incredibly fast, and it got here way before schedule
  • My lower back were killing me day after day before I got this air mattress! I don’t know what happened, but I can finally sleep and wake up in peace and without the throbbing excruciating pain. If we’re honest, the pain isn’t completely gone, but this mattress made it manageable, at least
  • My friend recommended this mattress for my mother. She told me her old regular bed made her every joint hurt, and I didn’t know what to do since we paid a hefty price for that model. This portable bed did the trick and my friend was completely right! The thing she likes the most is the height. She can slip in and out without having to “climb” because her bed is too high. We also bought her an additional memory foam topper, which made the whole thing even more comfortable for her

The classic low rise Aerobed

The less favorable reviews:

  • I don’t like the whole idea of a plug-in pump! It’s just two things I have to worry about instead of one. I really wish they’d made this model with a plug-in version
  • The design is not quite according to my liking but the quality more than makes up for it
  • This thing is heavy when not inflated! I somehow thought air mattresses should be lighter…
  • Smelled of plastic for a while, but I know that’s to be expected with air mattresses

Is this Aerobed worth the money?

There’s not much to say about this air mattress that we haven’t said already in the previous digest review. They’re the same model, just different heights, so everything stated there is also applicable here.

It’s still the same design vs. performance type of deal, so I guess we’ll have to weigh one against the other.

There is one difference, however since we can apply one test to low-rise mattresses that we can’t to high-rise, but we’ll delve deeper in our separate article about test results.

Until then, all that’s left to say is that this is one excellent air mattress when we put the price into the mix. Very few airbeds out there can beat this quality at the current price. So, if you’re on the market for the cheap yet decent quality air mattress, this might be your last stop.

summary of the reviews

Takeaway of the guide on best AeroBed air mattresses

Another Aerobed deserves an honorable mention here because it’s just as good (if not better) as any of these, but we didn’t include it in this guide because of the price tag – we’re talking about the Aerobed Double High in King Size.

So, we brought in a bunch of new info, fresh user reviews and test results hot off the press. We think there will be enough material to go through before that alarm start going off again.

Have fun searching for your best AeroBed inflatable mattress and see ya in time for the next update.

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  • Best Aerobed – reviews of TOP 3

    It’s time to give our guide on the Best Aerobeds (and their reviews) a proper overhaul. It’s been two months since ...
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