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When talking about Zaltana air mattresses, we also have to mention Intex. These two seem to always go together, and people are comparing them more often than not.

It’s because they both run the same business model; providing the best air mattresses possible at reasonable prices. Compared to other brands, these two have defined budget-friendliness over the years.

So, let’s take a look at the final table of our top-3 Zaltana air beds for this update.

Overall rating

78 / 100
76 / 100
75 / 100

As we can see, nothing much changed since the last update we had two months ago.

AMT-N is still riveted in the leading position, followed by AMT-S and AMQ. When you check out the prices of these models, you’ll see exactly what we meant with all that budget-friendliness talk earlier.

Even though it’s not really a fair comparison, we’ll still honor our long-standing tradition and have our today’s winner tackle “the big man”, SoundAsleep itself.

Image of zaltana air mattresses queen twin single


Comfort78 / 10076 / 10075 / 100
Durability77 / 10075 / 10074 / 100
Air retention78 / 10076 / 10075 / 100
Value for money79 / 10077 / 10076 / 100
OVERALL RATING78 / 10076 / 10075 / 100

These are two different worlds, and their purposes and designs are way different, but we’ve said long ago that every mattress we review has to go through our “SA Treatment”, so you can see how it faired against the best of the best.

Zaltana air beds “dissected”

Now that we have a better picture of our new/old rankings, we can spice up this guide by dishing out a digest review of all three ranked models for this update.

We’ll go over some of the good reports new users shared with us, some of the negative ones as well, followed by our own thoughts and impressions.

How do we come up with those exactly?

Our opinions are formed by months of testing the mattresses in our own facilities, and we give them a pretty hard time, have no doubts about that.

Just to illustrate things better, one of the tests includes weights on the surface of the mattress and left there overnight. We sometimes even go overboard and put larger weights than recommended, just for fun. It’s our infamous “pressure test”.

Our circuit for these specific models was comprised of 5 different tests, each more daunting than the last, and you’ll see how these models performed in their dedicated digest reviews.

Zaltana Twin Size AMT-N Air Mattress

This is our winner for the brand in the last 3 updates, which translates to six months in total.

If you take a look at it, you’ll see even an uncanny resemblance to Intex models design wise.

Official specification for our top Zaltana air bed:

  • Soft material
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Stores small

I take back everything I said about Fox product specifications. Zaltana takes it to a whole new level.

I don’t think they could’ve given us any less info on this bed even if they tried. Luckily for us, we have our test results and buyers all around the world ready to share their pleasant and negative experiences.

Good sides of Zaltana AMT-N:

  • We bought a couple of these as a cheap sleeping solution for our last camping trip. They were pretty comfortable, and neither one of the crew woke up with any aches. It also doubles as a great guest bed, and the price tag is next to nothing. Very happy with out choice, and we recommend to everyone who need a good (but cheap) camping or guest mattress
  • This is a pretty good-quality air bed for the price. It didn’t leak any air during our two-night nature getaway, and it took some heavy use without even flinching. All in all, I’m pretty surprised with what I got for 16 bucks. It’s worth way more than the price tag says
  • I bought it as a little bouncy guest bed for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it, and can’t get enough of jumping all over it. I didn’t really know if she’ll like it or not, but it was a complete hit! Now, she can’t wait to come over and sleep on her “bouncy bed”
  • The top is really soft and doesn’t let my sheets move around throughout the night. My previous air mattress didn’t have any material on top (just rubber), and it was a complete nightmare! I always use to wake up with my sheet on the floor and me glued to the rubber. This Zaltana is a completely different story, and I’m looking forward to using it a veeery long time
  • I freakin’ managed to blow it up using my hairdryer set on “cold”!
  • We bought two of these last month when we needed a couple of extra beds for some guest coming over. They never lost air throughout the whole week, and we’re told they were super comfortable. We just packed them afterward and dumped them in storage. They pack pretty small and don’t take up a ton of room
  • You can inflate it with your vacuum if you have the option to blow the air out. That way we didn’t have to buy any additional pumps in order to use it. It inflates pretty fast, just throw the sheets over it and you have a great and reliable bed
  • I use it in my truck since I’m on the road more often than not. I really needed something to add a bit of cushion at night, and this little mattress was just what the doctor ordered. My back really started feeling all the uncomfortable nights in the back of my 98 Tacoma, so Zaltana came to the rescue. It fits perfectly between the wheels on the back, and it’s a real gamechanger when it comes to my quality of sleep

Some negative points:

  • The one I got was completely purple. I didn’t mind since I happened to like the shade, but just so you know if you don’t like purple
  • It would be a better deal if it came with a decent pump, so I don’t have to get one separately. I know that would probably raise the price, but the worth of this bed is way above its price range already anyway
  • The dimensions seemed a bit off, but the mattress overall was a huge success. Very happy with my choice on this one

Our thoughts one the AMT-N

We’ll start by dissecting the “product specification” for this model and try to “translate” what the writer had in mind using professional terminology.

“Soft napping material” means that the bed has a flocked top.

It’s a term used to describe a special, soft material located on the top-side of the mattress. This adds that nice feel to the touch, but also has a practical purpose of holding sheets tightly in place.

On the other hand, flocking WILL collect dust particles and other stuff like crazy, and you’ll have to clean it regularly. Cleaning it won’t be a walk in the park also. You’ll need some patience since these really are “magnets for dirt”.

“Fast inflation/deflation” wants to say that this model features a good-quality stop-valve, which allows for good airflow, but doesn’t let the air out before you get to plug it.

Buyers really got creative with the whole “inflation” thing, so they even got to inflating it with their hairdryers.

Compact storage is pretty self-explanatory, so we don’t need to waste any time trying to explain that one.

Now you can see what I was talking about.

There is not nearly useful enough (better say “essential”) data in the specification.

As far as our pressure test goes, the weight limit for this one says 400 lbs, but we went a step further and added an extra 100 lbs. So, it sat there with 500 lbs of weights on it for an entire night, and we didn’t notice any loss of air or any surface deformations.

Our tensile test proved that the material used was pretty tough and resistant to stretching. We put some real force into stretching the fabric, and it just refused to give in.

The thickness of the material is 0.4 mm, which is a widely accepted standard for air mattresses. Some of the brands go up to 0.8, but those are mattresses designed for pretty heavy-duty treatment.

A lot of users reported that they prefer Zaltana “dimple design” to Intex “ribbed one”. We’re talking about the sleeping surface, of course. This is one of the things that differentiates Intex from Zaltana, and it’s a matter of personal preferences, I suppose.

Dimensions are definitely a bit “off” on this model.

This is a common thing for air mattresses since we can’t really get the exactly as we can with regular ones. People also like different levels of firmness, so they’ll put less air into it, which will also affect the overall measurements.

Specifically, it’s an inch shy of regular twin in both length and width.

This is one of rare air mattresses that isn’t heavy at all. Most of the time, inflatable furniture tends to be much heavier than the buyer initially expected. The overall weight is 4.5 pounds.

Zaltana Single AMT-S air mattress

This model has definitely seen its share of first places since we started a thread on Zaltana mattresses.

Hasn’t seen one in 6 months, though, but it’s still a very solid product for the price tag it carries.

Lazy product specification

Product descriptions are absolutely the same for all three of our winners for this update.

They’re all about “soft materials for napping, fast inflation/deflation and compact storing”.

That’s the kind of thing that really gets us going, so we’d definitely like to see some changes in that regard.

Excerpts from positive user reviews:

  • I can literally pack this air bed in my suitcase and carry it wherever I want. I have three other air mattresses, and this one is by far the most mobile one. The other ones are more heavy-duty, but I would just say heavy. I can’t take any of those camping unless I’m going by car, so this is quite the refreshing situation for me. I can even take it backpacking without adding too much weight to my gear
  • My wife and I prefer to have separate air mattresses when we’re camping since they make for one hell of a night with one restless sleeper in the mix (me). This way, we can both enjoy our outdoors adventure without her waking up in the middle of the night. Great camping bed with an even better price!
  • I use it with my old cot, and it made camping into what it once was for me. I struggled with camping sleeping solution for a long time, until I found this little guy. It’s very comfortable, sturdy and doesn’t leak air one bit. Cot adds a bit more distance from the ground, which would be my only complaint otherwise
  • It’s very easy to inflate even without a dedicated pump. I didn’t want to order the pump separately, so I put my thinking cap on and started brainstorming. Honestly, I just took a look online and realized I can inflate it using my vacuum. It was done in just a couple of minutes, so I guess I ended up saving even more money on this little guy. As if the price alone wasn’t saving me enough
  • It can fit pretty much anywhere I need it to, so it gets extra points simply for being so nimble. This air bed plus my sleeping bag is the winning combo for camping! The top is really soft and it keep my sleeping bag well in place all night long. I haven’t woken up on the ground once since I got it
  • This is my hotel bed of choice. Everybody who travels a lot knows hotel beds are the worst, especially if money is tight, so you can’t really afford a fancy, state-of-the-art hotel. This is where Zaltana jumps in! It’s very comfortable, and it packs really small so it doesn’t make my luggage a pain to carry around
  • I wanted a bed that was narrower than your traditional twin, and this one fits the bill perfectly. It saves me so much space, which is a blessing when your apartment is small as mine. At 29 inches, it sits pretty comfortable wherever I put it. It’s also holding up amazingly well, in spite of daily use. The price would indicate it’ll fall apart after the first night, but it’s still going strong
  • We bought a used camper, and the mattresses that were on the bunkbeds were quite disappointing. We found this one online, and it looked like it just might fit. The size is just perfect, and they really transformed our camper into a place of good sleep and comfort. They also don’t leak air, even when we get stuck in some cooler climates

Some of the negative reports:

  • Although the width of this bed is just perfect, the length is a couple of inches short of being optimal for me. I’m 5’11”, and it had my feet dangling of the edge. I improvised and used my backpack as my footrest
  • My old complaint with Zaltana air beds. I wish they came with their own integrated pump. Pumps break down, so I had to order one when I ordered a new mattress. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about these besides the pump, though
  • They’re just too small for an average adult. They worked great for the kids, though, and they love them

Final thoughts on Zaltana AMT-S

Size is the main thing that sells this bed. If we put good quality aside, that is.

People like it because it can fit in tight spaces where bigger beds can only dream of getting. So AMT-S creates every little corner into a comfortable resting/sleeping area.

Having said that, taller people have complained about the length of the mattress, indicating it’s made for kids only. The size is clearly indicated whether you’re buying it in your mattress shop or online, so I don’t understand where’s that room for any sort of confusion.

One other thing. You sheets might not exactly fit since this is a very narrow bed. The flocking on the top surface will keep them in place, however.

Compact even when deflated

This bed is “nimble” whether it’s inflated or packed for storage.

People predominantly liked the fact that you can squeeze it in pretty much anywhere and save a ton of space bigger beds would take up. When deflated, you can carry it around in your backpack, even your briefcase.

Bulk and weight are the number one problem with air mattresses when it comes to camping. Most of the famous brands don’t make light and compact models such as this, so that’s where Zaltana can take its slice of the market pie.


The official description states that the overall weight of the bed is 4 lbs.

We measured it on three different scales, and it roamed between 3 and 3.2 lbs. So, it’s definitely under 4 lbs, which is very good news for all the backpackers out there. You remember the old golden rule about the objective feel your feet have when you put an extra pound on your back, right?

Pump and air retention

Let’s get this out in the clear right from the start…

It doesn’t come with a pump, so you’ll have to buy it separately. We don’t understand why people like to create confusion among people asking questions online.

Some of them are right when they say there is NO integrated pump or any, for that matter coming with the bed. Others, however, try to convince people to the contrary. We don’t get it.

So, we’ll put all those doubts to bed (pun intended) once and for all. This mattress DOESN’T have its own pump, nor does one come with it.

However, if you ever had an air mattress pump, it should fit just fine. We inflated all of our Zaltana beds with a Coleman pump without any problems.

You can even inflate them using your vacuum cleaner or even hairdryers in a pinch. Just be sure to set your dryer to cold.


Zaltana beds are made of thick PVC, which means they’re pretty puncture-resistant.

People usually have this beach mattress idea when it comes to inflatable furniture, but those people never same into contact with the real thing.

If we push our luck, it’ll get punctured, of course, but air mattresses have come a long way in terms of pierce-resistance, which is especially observable during outdoors adventures people report.

Pressure test

We always take the time to talk about our favorite test of them all.

The weight limit for this bed is 300 lbs. It’s a pretty small model, so smaller weight limit is completely understandable. It’s not big enough for two anyways.

We went 100 lbs overboard and waited a whole night to see what happens.

It handled the weight like a boss, and we didn’t see any damaged or sagging areas after being exposed to 100 lbs of excess weight.


As we said already, it’s really easy to inflate it, even if you don’t have the pump.

Deflation is just as simple. Just unscrew the valve and it’ll deflate in no time. It takes around 20 seconds max.

During our testing phase, we inflated and deflated it a hundred times to see if everything goes smoothly, and absolutely everything did.


It’s the same train of thought as with our winner.

It’s a very cheap and decent quality air mattress. It’s sturdy enough to be taken camping and compact enough to put pretty much anywhere.

Easy to use and store away, and it’ll serve you well for years if you exercise caution every air mattress needs.

Zaltana AMQ Queen Air Mattress

So, we came to our last model for this update.

It’s the roomiest one of them all since we’re talking Queen-Size. There’s a right size out there for everyone when it comes to Zaltana.

Product specification sounds familiar

Because is the same three things said about the previous two models.

We’ve already explained what “soft material, fast inflation/deflation and small storage” mean, so we can address you to our previously expressed discontent and continue with reviews recent buyers sent us via E-mail in the last couple of months.

We’ll start with the positive ones:

  • We’ve bought this little guy for our grandchildren, and they absolutely loved it! The most important thing is that it’s comfortable for them, and it’s so easy to set up, which really makes our job so much easier. The years have finally caught up with us, and cutting corners and making every task as easier as possible is definitely a plus in our book
  • We’ve spent the entire summer out camping with this bad boy, and it performed like a boss all the way. It didn’t lose air at all and kept us comfortable for 3 plus months. It also survived all that time of outside abuse, which nobody expected happening in a million years considering the price
  • It’s an excellent solution when I’m having some friends coming over. It’s easy to inflate using my old air mattress pump, and just as simple to deflate. It takes up almost no storage space, which is a big plus since the space in my apartment is kinda limited with all the junk I’ve massed up over the years
  • The top surface is really nice, and it keeps the sheets in place like I’ve glued them to the mattress. We took it camping with us, and it’s the only mattress light and compact enough to backpack with. All of our other monstrosities needed our car to be transported to the campsite. We can just throw this Zaltana into our backpacks and be on our way without even noticing the couple of pounds it weighs
  • We’ve bought three of these for our Texas Hill Country camp trip, and they’ve fitted perfectly inside my Coleman tent. We slept on them for three days straight, and only one bed needed a bit of air added after that time. Amazing value for the money. I mean, when it comes to other, better-known brands you can’t even start looking at their models for 20 bucks, and here’s Zaltana doing the work like a boss for that money. Definitely recommend it
  • The shipment came right on time, and I must say I’m pretty amazed at this air bed. The money-to-quality ration is just through the roof! The overall finish looks surgically precise without any glue sticking out or missed seams anywhere. I had my reservations about it when I saw the price, but it just blew all of my doubts out of the water
  • I like this inflatable bed way more than my Intex I used to use until a couple of weeks ago. It had this ribbed design on top, which wasn’t among the most comfortable I’ve ever tried, so I had to use an extra topper in order to get it where I needed it to be. This bed, on the other side, has small separated indentations, which are a far better solution in terms of comfort

Here’s what our correspondents didn’t like about it:

  • It doesn’t have its pump, so you have to buy one separately. That’s pretty much it when it comes to the things I didn’t like about this mattress. Everything else is top botch for the price
  • I wish they made these in raised version. The mattress itself is pretty great, but I’d really like having the raised option for camping. Extra height would give better insulation when sleeping in colder weather, so I wouldn’t have to carry my foam topper with me anymore
  • It did smell like plastic when I unpacked it, but I knew exactly what to do since this was not my first rodeo with air mattresses. I just left it outside for two days, and the unpleasant odor disappeared like it was never there

Our results and opinions

We were able to see one essential advantage of Zaltana over Intex in this digest review.

Surface design

Intex features a so-called “ribbed” sleeping surface, which wasn’t really well-received by some of the customers. They complained about it being too uncomfortable for sleeping, and that they had to use extra toppers in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Zaltana, on the other hand, has separate indentations on the surface, which are found to be much more comfortable by the buyers. We’ll have to take their word for it since we don’t really test the comfort of the mattresses we have in our storage.

We test the “mechanical” aspects of them rather than dealing with things like comfort and softness of the flocked top. That’s why we need the customer reviews to fill in the gaps our tests can’t cover.

So, we’re sharing what the customers said, and it’s probably a good idea to heed their opinions on the overall comfort of these beds.


As we saw, all of these models come without an integrated pump.

We need to put some things into perspective here, though.

We need to look at Zaltana as we perceive Intex. In other words, these are uber-cheap air mattresses that still offer an amazing amount of usability and perform way above their price range.

The most expensive one of them goes for around 20 dollars, which is pocket change compared to some of the other brands. Having said that, it’s no wonder they don’t have a dedicated pump.

We already said you can inflate them via your vacuum cleaner, hairdryer or pretty much any old air mattress pump you have lying around.

People even used bicycle pumps to great success. They duck taped the gap between the rims of the valve and the nozzle of the pump, and it worked apparently. We didn’t try this, so we can only take their word for it.


We won’t repeat the whole story we already told with the previous models. Their stats and overall test performance were very close, so which one of these you choose basically comes down to which one you like the most.

They’re all solid products, and will give you tons of use whether you’re dead-set on camping or keeping it indoors.

Let’s wrap up this update on best Zaltana air mattress guide

All in all, this brand is just what we like to see. Cheap in price, solid in performance.

All of the given models are very comfortable, sturdy, easy to use and reliable. We have our test results and user testimonials to corroborate this point of view, followed by Zaltana’s ever-rising positions on the market.

We like affordable things that can provide good performance and usability, and Zaltana falls right into that category.

We’ll update this guide in exactly two months, so you can be on a lookout for new info, test results and user experiences. We have some crazy new tests in mind, but we’ll talk about those in-depth in a couple of months.

See you then and sleep tight.