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The criteria for this listing is simple – in this guide we just filter all the mattress we test or have our featured testers review and list the ones that come from the range of $150-250. And we have an interesting situation about the SS-58RF that you must know about and perhaps take advantage if your timing is right…

Our main guide, the TOP 3 overall doesn’t currently feature any of the airbeds from this group. This used top be different.

The Simply Sleeper 58RF was in and out of the list, most of the time battling it out with the Intex Durabeam, but something strange is going with the supply of this otherwise great bed – it’s regular price is around $250 (extra thick PVC, extra durable) but lately, it’s been going out of stock and it’s often only available at prices of $500-850.

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TOP 3 of the price range and their ratings:

Picture & RatingModel
See its Amazon Ratings
simply sleeper raised bedSimplySleeper
see its ratings here
InstaBed Ez QueenInsta-Bed
Ez - Queen
see its ratings here
serta never flat pump bedSerta Raised
see its ratings here

Until the price issue of the 58Rf settles it’s “banned” from the list of best overall, but if you do find it at a regular price you should consider yourself lucky Anyway, back to this price range – here are the TOP 3:

Category winner compared to the best overall:

Best in
this category

Dream Series
ss 58RF extra durable
top rated
Comfort rating90 / 10095 / 100
Durability95 / 10094 / 100
Air retention87 / 10094 / 100
Pump87 / 10094 / 100
Value for money87 / 10095 / 100
OVERALL RATING89 / 10094 / 100
ColorTanBlue / Beige
SizesFullTwin / Queen
Height18 "19 "
see on amazon comparison table gray
see on amazon comparison table orange

What changed since the last update

Insta and Serta held on to their positions here (2nd and 3rd, respectively), unlike their cheaper compatriots in the 50-150$ range which also happen to be the best-rated air mattresses overall. SimplySleeper is still indomitable, which means the bet Oscar and James had against everybody else at 3Beds came back to bite them in the…

They went out of their way to convince us that SimplySleeper didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping the throne. Boy, were they wrong! I’m not gonna dredge up the details of the bet, but let’s just say our offices will sparkle with extra cleanliness for the next two months.

Individual reviews of the air mattresses

SimplySleeper Raised Air Mattress SS-58RF

Our winner for two updates in a row. James and Oscar didn’t put much fate in it, but still… anyway, let’s take a look at the category ratings of the SS 58 RF.

SimplySleeper SS-58RF






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

Basic product info directly from SimplySleeper:

  • Breathable patented Durmothane Polyester Laminate Technology
  • Patented, integrated easy-to-use electric pump. Single piece construction; not battery operated
  • Fully inflated measurements – 74 x 55 x 18 inches
  • Oval coil construction
  • Material – Heavy gauge PVC that’s soft to the touch, air-tight and puncture-resistant
  • Auto-inflation/deflation in 3 min

Short and straight to the point. That’s the specification we like to see.

category top airbed

Let’s see what new buyers had to say about this SimplySleeper raised air mattress

Is it comfortable?

90/100 is the overall rating this air bed got after a series of rigorous tests and customer scrutiny. All we can do is reward it with a huge round applause. 90 is unbelievable, so yeah, we think we have a pretty good idea what users are about to say.

Let’s hear it:

  • This is my main bed for about 5 months now, and it’s been the most comfortable ride ever! It’s also my first air mattress, and I’m glad I hit the jackpot from the start
  • The material is really soft and comfortable, and it grips my sheets like there’s no tomorrow
  • It’s done wonders for my injured shoulder that kept me up for more than a year. I never seemed to be able to hit that “sweet spot” where I wouldn’t feel any pain. With this mattress, I can feel absolutely no pressure on my shoulder, and being a side-sleeper, that’s even more impressive
  • No motion transfer! My husband and I are both very restless sleepers, so the vibrations from the other side kept on waking us up constantly. This mattress makes all the vibration simply disappear so we can do our nocturnal acrobatics (not that, without waking one another. This little guy is such a marriage saver…)
  • The mattress is crazy comfortable, and the sides are quite firm as well. They can’t handle jumping and stuff, but I can sit down without sliding down, take my slippers off, have a glass of water and get into bed

How about durability?

With the overall score of 95/100, we can clearly see the durability is the most prominent factor in this model.

Here are some positive experiences:

  • SimplySleeper raised air mattress feels more sturdy and solid than my old regular mattress! The connections are sealed shut, and the PVC is very thick. It’s gonna last for ages
  • We have several cats, and I was really afraid for this poor mattress in our apartment. The weird thing is, they walk all over it, play with me and all, and the mattress doesn’t feel a thing. I though their claws spelled disaster, but this air bed proved me wrong
  • My grandsons use just love this mattress! They use it as their bouncy castle all the time, and it still stands as the day I got it. Not even a loose thread
  • We’ve been using it as our permanent bed for 2 yeas, and we can’t believe we got so much use out of it. It’s still going strong, by the way; except for some material discoloration, it doesn’t look a day old

Air retention

It’s the primary feature of any air mattress, and this model got a solid 87/100 in this category.

Let’s read some of the new user reviews:

  • We’ve had 2 air mattresses before this one, and they were simply awful at keeping the air on the inside. The needed to be refilled every single day, often leaving us sleeping on the floor in the middle of the night. This SimplySleeper raised air mattress is a complete different story.
  • We inflated it in less than 3 minutes, topped it off until it stretched to full size and that’s it. We haven’t used the pump in two weeks, even though we sleep on it every night
  • My husband is a very big guy, and I’m not as little feather either. We both slept on this air mattress for two months now, and we only had to refill it two or three times with air

Is the electric pump top-quality?

pump of the SS 58 Rf

It also got 87/100, and customers already mentioned it does the job in under 3 minutes, so it looks pretty promising from where we’re standing.

The new buyers had this to share:

  • The pump does its job like lightning! 3 minutes and poof! I’ve got myself a brand new bed!
  • The pump is pretty silent compared to the other ones that came with my 3 previous air mattresses
  • The pump is very powerful, and I also like the little slot for cord-stashing, so it doesn’t get in the way

So, is it worth buying?

We have 89 different reasons to consider making this model either our permanent or guest bed.

We think users agree with us:

The mattress justifies the price without the shred of doubt (if you can find it at it’s regular price, that is) ! It’s pretty comfortable and a real tank among inflatable beds!

  • We’ve been using it as a guest bed for 3 years now, and it definitely did its share of work for the price

Some downsides reported by the users:

  • The pump needs to be plugged into an electric outlet to work. I wish it could work on batteries as well. I can take my mobile power supply with me when I go camping, but that’s just too much (easily avoidable) hassle
  • It has a little too “bouncy” feel to it. It feels that way even when I inflate it to its maximum capacity. I’m definitely not used to it, but other than that it’s a pretty good air bed
  • The vinyl texture kinda feels cheap to me. The construction feels solid, seams and everything, but the material feels cheap
  • A little extra cushioning on top would make this into one perfect air mattress

see on amazon comparison table orange long

Final thoughts

As we mentioned already, durability and solid construction are the hottest selling points for this model. Comfort is not lagging far behind as well.

SimplySleeper isn’t super known for top-quality air mattresses, so Oscar and James were right (just don’t tell them) to consider this a freak accident, in spite of the excellent overall ratings. Users, however, loved this mattress for some reason. Probably the same reasons the rest of us thought there’s more to this model than meets the eye. Apart from that, we really like the way the company making the 58RF conducts business (Simply Globo), reliable customer services and standing behind it’s products with an iron clad warranty.

It got the score of 89/100 during our testing circuit, which is right up there with some models coming from giants like Coleman or Intex. Not a bad company, if you ask us. It handled our tensile test pretty well due to its thick PVC construction. The pressure test was simply a breeze because of the durable composition. You can see the full review of the SS-58Rf here.

best mid price range

The tensile test came easy to it also because of the polyester coating, applied for reducing the overall stretch of the material and better air retention. As you can see, polyester is “responsible” for good pressure test results as well.

So, this is, surprisingly enough, a pretty solid product, well-worth its price tag and the place it currently occupies.

You won’t find a more durable and reliable air mattress out there in this price range. We guarantee it.


Insta-Bed EZ Air Mattress

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

Insta managed to hold on to the 2nd place in this price range, even though Serta raised air mattress put up one hell of a fight this time around.

About this EZ inflatable bed:

  • One bed featuring two separate pumps; NeverFLAT patented system monitors the air pressure and keeps it optimized all night
  • Primary pump takes less than 4 min to auto inflate/deflate the air mattress
  • Comfort level can be customized (plush – medium – firm)
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Easy set up
  • Durable and flocked top will keep your sheets in place and provide a very comfortable and soft surface for sleeping
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78 x 60 x 22”
  • Frame dimensions – 64 x 54 x 11.5”
  • Compact duffle bag with wheels included

ezy insta

Insta loves its detailed product specifications. There was more, but we decided to give you just the gist of it.

Let’s go over the final ratings and see what new users had to share about Insta Ez Air Mattress

Let’s start with the comfort, shall we?

It scored 85/100 for comfort, which explains the runner-up position for the past 4 months. Couldn’t really cut it against SimplySleeper, but more than enough for the 2nd place.

Now let’s add some user experiences into the mix:

  • We’ve used it as our guest bed for about 6 months now, and we’re so glad we bought it! Our guests were unanimous about how comfortable it is, and my husband can use the guest room as secondary office when nobody’s visiting
  • The top is so soft and plush. It holds the sheets tightly in place, which is really a breath of fresh air compared to our two previous air beds
  • It’s not only comfortable, but it also keeps my spine perfectly aligned and has helped me with chronic back pain I’ve been experiencing for years
  • We’ve bought this air mattress to home care my mother. She says it’s the most comfortable bed she ever slept on. She can’t move much, but the surface of the bed Is very soft and doesn’t cause pressure point, so we don’t have to worry about potential sore spots as much
  • The frame gives me the height I need for a complete package. It makes it so much easier to slide in or out of the bed
  • My husband can even play with the kids on the other side of this bed without waking me up. The surface is very comfortable and with ZERO motion transfer

Is it durable?

The same score (85/100) indicates this is one tough “nut to crack”, and it’s not even the biggest selling point for this model.

Here’s some additional insight offered by fresh owners:

  • We have two of these. One as our permanent bed, one for the guest room. We bought them more than 6 months ago, and the one we’re using doesn’t look/feel a day old. It’s also a great way of keeping our guest room clutter-free when we don’t have any guests
  • Not even my cats can do any damage to this mattress! The material feels pretty thick, and the connections are solid. We bought it 3 months ago, use it every night and I think it’ll be around for quite a while

Does it leak air?

The answer is a resounding NO! It might’ve lost to SimplySleeper in comfort and durability, but air retention is where they begin to even things out. They both scored 87/100, which is an insane result.

So, our winner and runner up are evenly matched (give or take) when it comes to air retention.

Let’s spice things up with some user experiences:

  • It took literally minutes to inflate, some topping off the next day and the, nothing. We use it as our main bed, and it didn’t need any refills in more than two weeks
  • I’m a big guy, and I’ve started sleeping on air mattresses because of my bad back. The only problem I had was the loss of air during the night. I swear to god, my previous (Intex) air bed left me on the ground one night. This is a different beast entirely. I dig the frame, it pumps up super fast and, most importantly, it loses zero air during the night

pump of the insta ez

Are the pumps any good?

That’s right: PUMPS. There are two of them. We’ve been testing them extensively, compared our ratings with user experiences and the end score says 87/100. Yup, same as our winner for this update. Now you can see how tight things can be more often than not.

Here are some user opinions on the matter:

  • The secondary pump is very silent. It didn’t wake me up once!
  • I like how the pump inflates the mattress, but can also deflate it. My previous air bed had only one deflation mode, MANUAL!
  • All I know is this mattress NEVER loses air. I don’t really know if the NeverFLAT pump has something to do with it since I can’t hear the damn thing 
  • It inflates in just minutes, so it’s very easy to set up even if we have some unannounced guests. It deflates just as fast and packs pretty compact, so it doesn’t take up too much storage space
  • With two pumps, one of which is constantly working, this bad boy will never run out of steam

Value for money – is it worth it?

This is where our two premium mattresses for this update start to differ again. 87 to 81, in favor of the SimplySleeper.

We would say that the original price of 400 dollars IS a bit too much, but if you can find it discounted it is one sweet deal.

Let’s hear it from some new customers:

  • I was eyeballing this EZ inflatable bed for some time now, but it was just too expensive for my limited budget. Imagine my excitement when I saw a hefty discount one day. They’ve cut the price for more than 150 bucks, and I just had to have it! It’s everything I imagined it would be and more
  • It’s a reasonable price tag for this kind of quality air mattress. Reasonable if we calculate in the discount, that is
  • The price-quality ratio is… Well, let’s just say you get exactly what you paid for with pretty much any Insta air mattress

Let’s balance things out – some complaints users reported in their reviews:

  • The surface of the mattress is covered with, I don’t know how to call them, pockets, indentations… Whatever they are, I suppose they’re there to make the mattress more comfortable or whatever. The problem is, they’re the thing making me uncomfortable. Nice, flat surface would do the job just fine
  • The primary pump can get pretty loud. The NeverFLAT, however, I have to put right against my to know if it’s working or not
  • The material smelled of plastic when we unpacked it. We’re long-time air mattress users, so we knew this won’t last. We aired it out for a couple of hours and problem solved
  • It’s a bit too high for my mother to climb in. That’s basically the only “negative” thing I can think of
  • A wheel broke off during shipping, and this mattress just became a huge pain to carry around. The mattress itself is top notch, though

Final thoughts

Insta EZ mattress is one handful of premium features as most of Insta air mattresses are, but this one is in a category of its own. You can see the full review of the Insta EZ here.

The most prominent things, where it caught up with the winner of today’s update are air retention and pump quality.

A secondary pump that monitors the level of air inside the mattress is always a great addition to an air mattress (yeah, air), and Insta-Bed Company has made it into an art form. Their patented NeverFLAT built-in pump is as silent and effective as it is durable.

Good air monitoring and solid build are responsible for excellent air retention. This inflatable bed will NOT lose air at night, and even if it did you wouldn’t know because the secondary pump is just so quiet.

half inflated insta ez

Besides two main advantages, users also liked the self-deploying frame, the handy duffel bag with wheels, the overall comfort and the design of this bed.

We already know how it did on our tests as far as ratings are concerned. I’ll just add that it really surprised us with its performance during the tensile test. We all knew air retention or pressure test weren’t going to be an issue, but it also nailed “the stretch” test. So, we realized the strength of the fabrics used is substantial as well.

Once we added our testing scores, user ratings and our expert grade sheet, we got the final rating of 85. This is still ways away from SimplySleeper’s 89.2, but it should make things a bit more interesting as new updates come.

All in all, it’s a top-quality air mattress that won’t leave you on the ground EVER. Use the current 163 dollars discount on Amazon and get it before they change their mind.

Serta Raised Air Mattress

Serta Raised Queen Airbed was also the part of the winning trio for the last two updates. It’s like these three refuse to part.

Current ratings of the Serta Raised:

Serta Raised with Never Flat Pump






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to set up/store away
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Doesn’t leak air
  • Good for back pain/spine problems


  • Indentations too deep for some people
  • Plastic smell
  • Loud primary pump
  • Heavy

see ratings here one line

Let’s go over the basic specs:

• The main built-in pump auto inflates/deflates the mattress in under 4 minutes. NeverFLAT secondary pump keeps track of the air pressure and silently maintains the chosen comfort level as you sleep
• Primary pump features an auto shut-off mechanism
• The pillow top cover is washable
• 35 circular coils make for a very supportive sleep surface
• Longevity ensured by top-quality, water and puncture-resistant materials
• Height – 18 inches
• Carry bag included
• Dimensions – 78 x 60 x 18 inches

serta ez airbed

Time to compare our expert and test ratings with user reviews of this Serta never flat air mattress

Let’s start with the comfort

After we had cross-referenced the test results, user reports and our expert opinions, it got the overall score of 80/100. It’s a far cry from what the first two had, but still very impressive.

Here’s what the new owners had to say after giving it a proper run:

• The mattress is very comfortable, and I really like the quilted top that came with it. I sleep like a baby whole night long and don’t miss my old “regular” bed one bit
• We bought this inflatable bed to sleep on while our new home was being done. We weren’t looking to spend more than 200 bucks since we knew we’ll end up using it as a guest bed afterward. This Serta was just what we were looking for. It’s comfortable for both of us to sleep, easy to set up and looks pretty well-made. Totally happy with this buy!
• It gives me much better support than my old spring coil mattress. I don’t wake with stiff back, shoulders and neck, and my muscles don’t feel sore in the morning anymore. Great buy and my sincere recommendation
• The bottom doesn’t slip, so we don’t wake up at the opposite end of our bedroom every morning anymore
• My husband is much heavier than me, so he used to just “pull” me towards him all the time since we used to sleep on crappy mattresses. This airbed keeps me on my side all night long, and I can’t even feel any vibration as my hubby turns around
• The height is perfect! I’m an elderly citizen, and even I can get in and out no problem

What’s the score on durability?

The final rating for durability is 77/100, which is significantly lower than our previous two models. Serta advertises this model (among other things) as a new breakthrough in the field of air mattress longevity. Our testers and fellow customers seem to take a bit of an issue with that.

Let’s see where the owners stand on this one:

• It lasted for about a year of heavy use. I did expect more, I suppose, but I’m pretty satisfied for the price
• The material feels ok as far as quality is concerned, but if you don’t keep the protective cover or something on top it’ll start to deteriorate pretty fast
• I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve had it for about 4 months now, and I haven’t seen any changes for the worse so far
• The PVC feels thick enough for this mattress to last me, at least, a year or so

Air retention

Is a bit better with the overall rating of 78/100. It’s easier for air mattresses with built-in neverFLAT pump to “hide” that they’re losing air. So, we had to be extra careful when testing this one. Bottom line, the construction is pretty solid, and the little air that it lost during the tests was quickly pumped right back in via the neverFLAT.

serta ez - the pump

Here are some of the newly shared user experiences:

• The never flat pump is so quiet I can’t even hear it if it works at all. The only thing that interests me is that my mattress is firm all the time, which it is
• Even if it loses some air during the night, I didn’t notice it
• I like my bed as firm as it can get. It’s the best setting for my busted back, but I also find it the most comfortable

Do the pumps live up to the hype?

77/100 says yes, pretty much. The only downside we noticed during our testing process is that the main pump is much louder than it needs to be. We’ll deal with that in the CONs section and, later on in our conclusion.

Positive customer feedback regarding the built-in pump:

• The main pump inflates the mattress super fast! It takes it about 3 minutes or so
• NeverFLAT pump is very silent, which is a totally refreshing experience. You don’t want a loud secondary pump, trust me
• The primary built-in pump feels pretty powerful and inflates the mattress completely in a blink of an eye

All in all, is it worth the money?

With the price tag of 200 dollars, we would say absolutely. It got 79/100 in our combined rating.

Let’s see if the new buyers thought their investment paid off:

• It’s comfortable, stays firm and sturdy enough for the two of us to use it as our primary bed… Totally worth the money spent
• 200 bucks went a bit over what I was willing to spend, but I’m sure glad I did. It’s a great mattress, and I recommend it even as your main bed
• I got a great discount on Amazon! Saved around 30 dollars and got a great airbed in the process
• I’ve read a bunch of Serta never flat reviews, and the sheer number of positive ones ultimately convinced me to buy it. They were all true, by the way

Some negative comments users left in their reviews:

• The primary pump is too loud. Luckily, I don’t need to activate it very often
• It’s a very heavy mattress, so you better start the pump AFTER you get it where you want it
• The cover that comes with the mattress feels somewhat cheap
• The material started showing signs of wear after a year or so

Our 2 cents on Serta Raised Queen Airbed

Comfort is the main advantage of this Serta model, followed by air retention.

It performed pretty well during our pressure tests but was on the bubble for the tensile part of the story.

So, it’s an elegant-looking air mattress with good-quality built-in air pumps, high air retention and great comfort for the price.

The main points of concern are its durability and loud primary pump. Durability is not half that bad actually, but pails in comparison to SimplySleeper. Without comparing it to superior models, you should be pretty happy with the time you’ll get out of it.

People who bought it are overwhelmingly satisfied and feel like their investment largely paid off. You can check it out for yourself among 1000+ user reviews on Amazon.

Conclusion for this update of this prince range

It’s been one hell of a ride through this category.

We’ve seen what the users had to say about their newly purchased air mattresses; we saw the combined scores between our expert, testers and users we’ve contacted; we’ll also get to take a peek at the raw testing results in an article soon due for publishing.

I believe we made good on our promise to always keep you up-to-date when it comes to air mattress market situation at any given moment. When our testing article comes out, it’ll be enough info to keep you occupied until the next update comes a knockin’.

Enjoy the read and see ya in two months.