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Hi, and welcome to our guide on choosing the best cheap air mattress with a built-in pump.

Now, what’s a cheap air mattress?

In my experience, you shouldn’t go below 50 bucks in this day and age.


Because there’s cheap and there’s just plainly bad.

For this guide – we defined cheap as being in the $50-150.

You might not think upwards of 100 bucks is cheap, but the focus here is value. The focus is choosing a bed that won’t leak on the first night and still save money.

Out of the 3 airbeds that are in this price range, 2 are currently also in the best rated overall, meaning that (apart from the luxury models that cost a few K) are the best airbeds out there.

Table of contents

Best Cheap Air mattress with Built-in Pump – Top 3

The SoundAsleep Dream Series has been dominating not only this category but most categories it’s featured in including, as we mentioned, the top rated overall.

TOP 3 picks – brief summary of the latest update

By “dominating” we mean that it’s been the top choice in the last 8 updates. Here’s what you’ll see next: the current ratings of the top 3 inflatables in this price range, their side by side comparison (including all their category ratings) and main specs followed by their individual reviews. Let’s get to it…

Its current ratings:

Picture & RatingModel
See its Amazon Ratings
best in the price range
Dream Series
see its ratings here
2nd rated airbed
Fox Plush
see its ratings here
Coleman cot airbed
Coleman Cot
(+side tables)
see its ratings here

Take a moment to analyze the following table, it’s pretty much all you need to know if you don’t have the time to read the reviews. It is digest view of the the results these airbeds received based on: our in-house testing, how our features testers rated them and the updated user reviews. Only one other model is rated at 95/10 and that’s the Comfort A8, by Personal Comfort, but A8 belongs to the group of luxury air mattresses.

Side by side comparison:

comparison3 coleman cot
Dream Series
Fox Plush HighColeman Cot
(with side tables)
Comfort rating95 / 10088 / 10089 / 100
Durability94 / 10095 / 10088 / 100
Air retention94 / 10089 / 10091 / 100
Pump94 / 10087 / 10087 / 100
Value for money95 / 10087 / 10087 / 100
OVERALL RATING94 / 10089 / 10088 / 100
ColorBlue / BeigeGray / Dark grayBeige
SizesTwin / QueenTwin XL / Full
Queen / King
California King
Height19 "24 "22 "
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table graysee on amazon comparison table gray

Our rating process for the air mattresses

Every single air bed in this category undergoes a serious set of tests and user reviews until we get a single number, THE OVERALL RATING, we present to you, our readers. The point is making the whole thing as easy for you as possible.

Moving on…let’s get to the individual reviews of the best inflatables in this price range…

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress

Category and Overall ratings:

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)

see ratings here one line

The specs as provided by SoundAsleep:

  • ComfortCoil Technology is the leading design in the industry, featuring 40 internal coils for extra support and durability. It will keep your bed firm and flat while you’re SoundAsleep
  • Internal 1-click patented pump for fast and easy inflation/deflation. It inflates the Dream Series air mattress in less than 4 minutes
  • Designed for indoor use, excellent for overnight guests, relatives or friends
  • Fully inflated dimensions – 78 x 58 x 19 inches
  • Double-height raised air bed with construction featuring dual chambers
  • Sure-Grip material on the bottom to prevent sliding
  • Waterproof, extra thick flocked top for extra durability and comfort. It features puncture-resistant, multilayer material
  • Carry bag included
  • Guarantee – 1 year
  • Support calls and E-mails accepted any time

DreamSeries - top rated in the price range

Time to go over some top user reviews of this air mattress:

Is it comfortable?

According to its whopping grades (94 – experts, 92 – testing, 94 – buyers), we would say it’s riveted to the 1st place for good reason.

Let’s check out some of the user reviews:

  • I’ve been using this air mattress as my main bed for 4 months now, and it completely exceeded my comfort expectations. I’ll just say it’s much more comfortable than the regular overpriced mattress I’ve been using before
  • The top of the mattress just feels amazing. The sheets stay firmly in place, and it’s very soft to the touch. It makes this air bed much more comfortable for sleeping
  • I like how there’s no motion transfer while my husband turns around all night long. I can finally get some good night’s sleep without him waking me up every half an hour

What about durability?

A 94/100 rating speaks volume about the longevity of this air bed.

Here’s what the users had to say:

  • This is a tank among air mattresses! They don’t recommend it for regular use, but I use it as my main bed anyway. I bought it a year ago, and been using it every single night, and it just works! I didn’t see any changes so far, and I’m no small guy, to put it mildly
  • This is the second Dream Series air mattress I’ve bought after the first lasted for about 3 years of constant use. It’s an amazing record as far as air mattresses go, and I’ll continue buying them as long as they make them as good as this

Air retention

Another solid score here – 94/100.

Here are some user comments:

  • I inflated the mattress initially, did the first topping off until it reached full size, and that was about it. It didn’t leak air ever since, and I didn’t have to reinflate it for 3 months now
  • The main problem I had with all my previous air mattresses was the loss of air. Combine that with a loud auto pump, and you have a recipe for never sleeping again. Luckily Dream Series DOESN’T lose air, and the pump is surprisingly silent. I inflated it 2 months ago, and it’s still going strong
  • The only thing ever that really concerns me about inflatable furniture is how well it holds air. I’ve had SoundAsleep models before, and I basically knew I could expect top-quality air mattress. It’s exactly what I got, and this baby didn’t need extra air for almost a month now

The air pump

94/100 means fast inflation/deflation without the unnecessary noise.

Some positive experiences users shared with us:

  • The pump inflates the mattress before I know it! Deflation is just as fast when my guests go, and I don’t need it anymore
  • The thing that I liked the most was the power of the pump itself. This is a pretty huge mattress, and the pump fills it with air in a couple of minutes. My previous air mattresses (I’ve had 2 so far) took forever to blow up, and they both lost a lot of air during the night
  • Best air mattress pump I’ve ever seen! I’m a long time user of inflatable furniture, and it’s all about speed, mobility and convenience for me. The high-powered pump found in this model sure takes care of the speed part

Value for money

Is a very striking feature when it comes to Dream Series, based on everything we’ve seen so far.

Direct feedback from customer reviews of this inflatable bed:

  • For a top-quality mattress like this, the price tag is more than affordable
  • I needed a good air mattress as a permanent bed. I have a very bad back with chronic pain in the lower part, so I needed something decent that wouldn’t nuke my monthly budget. SoundAsleep air mattress is excellent for back pain, and it aligns my spine perfectly. Not to mention the generous price

Are there any downsides to this model?

Customers did sound overjoyed with it, and it passed our tests with flying colors, but there are always some CONs we can point out for you.

Here we go:

  • The only thing I sort of don’t like about this mattress is the height. It’s too low for me even when I inflate it to full capacity
  • The one I got lost air completely in less than 5 hours. I contacted the company, and they got back to me really quickly. They’ve sent the replacement right away, and it should arrive any day now. Although I had a pretty shaky experience with the mattress itself, the customer service was top notch
  • It doesn’t have an auto-off function for inflation/deflation, so I have to “aim” it based on my subjective feeling alone
  • It stinks of plastic for a while, so I suggest airing it out before sleeping on it

Final thoughts

SoundAsleep Dream Series exists on two planes, as far as we’re concerned.

In terms of sheer quality and performance, it’s right UP there with the biggest names in the industry. When it comes to price tags, however, it’s down there with pretty inexpensive models.

That’s the most recognizable trait of the Dream Series – excellent quality at low prices. It’s every customer’s dream come true. It stands tall and has better ratings inmost categories compared to even the airbeds from the price range above it that cost two or three times as much.

The thing that caught our eye the most, however, was the fact that people predominantly use these air mattresses as their permanent beds. That sounded a bit off since SoundAsleep specifically says they’re made for periodical use only. The conclusion was that Dream Series CAN withstand constant use, the company just wanted to be safe in case they under perform in any way due to daily use.

So, we can even use them as our permanent sleeping solution and they’ll perform excellently.

As we already said, when we combine our expert ratings, user ratings and those of our featured tester, it’s no wonder this air mattress is riveted in the first place.

Fox Air Beds – Plush High-Rise

Fox High rise managed to earn its place among the best cheap air mattresses simply by SELLING and getting a bunch of positive reviews in the nick of time.

Ratings of the Fox Plush

Fox Plush High Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • durable & resistant to punctures
  • true to size
  • comfortable top - extra layer of air flow chambers
  • highest - easier to get on and off


  • heavier than other airbeds
  • bulkier - packs bigger
  • reported structural flaws (details in the full review below)

see ratings here one line

Here’s a short list of specs directly from Fox Air Beds:

  • Air-flow pillow top chambers
  • 43 percent thicker puncture-resistant vinyl
  • Built-in pump (2-way)
  • It can be inflated either with external or built-in pump
  • Deluxe valve for air release


Let’s see what the users had to say about this air prodigy from Fox Beds

How’s the comfort?

Fox can’t really compete with SoundAsleep with 88/100 in comfort. It does a pretty bang-up job of competing with everybody else, though.

Let’s hear it from the buyers:

  • I really like the top part of this air bed. It’s very soft and made of comfortable little pillows, designed to give me the best night’s sleep ever
  • This is one comfortable air mattress! It keeps firm all night long, which is such a treat for my aching back. I can’t feel any pressure point while sleeping, and I wake up without sore muscles and stiff back and neck. It’s a lifesaver!

Let’s talk durability

The relevant grade here is 95, which means longevity is the main selling point for this fox air bed.

Here are some opinions shared by the customers:

  • I have three cats in my apartment, and they walk all over this mattress all the time. I wasn’t really one of my best moments buying it with so many cats around, but it looks as if their claws can’t really pierce it all that easily. At least, so far
  • This is the best cheap air mattress I’ve ever had! I bought it to sleep while we move, and thought it’ll last about a week or two. We slept on it for month and a half, and we made it into our guest bed
  • The construction is very solid. I can see all the seams are connected properly, and the valve is well-glued to the vinyl. All in all, it’s a very sturdy build for a cheap camping mattress

Air retention

89 again, which tells us this Fox air bed can surely hold its air.

Let’s see some user opinions on the matter:

  • It holds air pretty good. I have to give it a minor topping off every now and then, but nothing major
  • The only thing I wanted from my new air mattress was to hold air throughout the night. My 3 previous models were a complete bust in that regard, so my criteria were all-time low. It doesn’t just hold the air all night long, it barely requires any refilling ever! Great choice and one hell of an air bed
  • I like my mattress as firm as possible, and this is the right model to do it. It just needed a bit of extra air until it stretched to its full capacity, and it was smooth sails from there

What’s the quality of the pump?

87/100 is a great success, but it lags a bit behind. Only a bit, though. Officially, it’s the number 2 air pump in this category, but it does some room for improvement.

Built-in pump customer reviews:

  • I bought this air bed on sale with a sweet discount. The pump is super fast, and it inflates it completely in a couple of minutes. It’s also less noisy
  • The pump inflates the mattress really fast, but it can also deflate it all the way. This makes a much easier job of taking it down and storing it away than trying to do it manually

Value for money – Is it worth it?

The question is a bit moot in our opinion. We ARE talking about number 2 product on one of our most popular categories. To say the competition is harsh is putting it mildly.

Positive opinions shared by the customers:

  • I caught this air bed on a discount and got it for well under a hundred bucks! The quality offered for that kind of money is amazing! Very comfortable, well-made and easy to set up/take down
  • The price was more than friendly to my tight budget. I bought this air mattress for my permanent bed, and it was a spot-on purchase! The construction is top-quality, and all the little cushions did wonders for my back

Conclusion on the category runner-up

This Fox air bed has two main things going for it above all else.

We mentioned them already:

  • Durability
  • The price-to-quality ratio.

People have reported using this model as their main or permanent bed, and it’s performing without a hitch. It’s not intended for permanent use, but buyers do it anyway. So, imagine just how strong and well-built it is if it can be used outside the intended scope.

As far as the other factor is concerned, people report getting great discounts or often finding this air bed on sale. It’s a great opportunity to get one of the best cheap air mattresses even cheaper.

The current price is a bit over 100 dollars.

Durability part of the story is also backed-up by numerous tests we did over time. We were abusing this model relentlessly for 6 months, and it still held air afterward. Enough said.

Coleman Queen-Size Airbed with Cot

Second of our “last minute entries” to the list, Coleman’s Queen Airbed with cot sold like candy in the past two months.

Let’s find out why.

Category and overall rating

Coleman Queen Air Bed and Cot






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

The official product spec sheet:

  • Versatile design for outdoors/indoors sleeping
  • Air Mattress and cot provide elevated support for sleeping
  • They separate, offering double sleeping space
  • 600lbs of maximum support
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Tables on both sides feature cup holders
  • Double-closing
  • 4D battery-operated pump for quick inflation and deflation

coleman raised with cot

Let’s test the specification 3beds style

What’s the comfort level of this mattress?

The comfort is the biggest forte of this model. Once we started testing it, we figured it’s no wonder people buy it with such intensity.

Let’s hear it from them in person:

  • The most comfortable air mattress I ever had! I prefer inflatable beds since they’re better for my bad back, but I never had enough money to get a semi decent one. The price of this Coleman is pretty much along those lines, but the mattress is a whole different story. Great quality at a price that’s affordable even for me
  • It stays very comfortable even on the firmest setting. The material is very soft and nice to the touch
  • The top is not flocked, but my sheets still stay perfectly in place. Very comfortable and without pressure points my regular bed caused every single night

Let’s talk durability

With a very respectable grade of 88/100, this model is among the most durable cheap camping beds out there.

Let’s see what buyers had to say:

  • I’ve used it both outside and indoors, and it performed like a boss. The material is extremely puncture-resistant, which came in handy more than once
  • This is my second Coleman with cot, and I bought it right after the first was done for. I had the first bed for more than 5 years!!! I used it as my primary bed, and it kept it together this whole time. Great air mattress at a great price!

Is air retention good?

This particular model holds the highest grade in this department. 91/100 is definitely nothing to sneeze at, so let’s just say it’s safe to assume it’ll hold air like it should.

Opinions of customers on this matter:

  • I’ve tested it for air leaks, and it’s been a week without any topping off. The mattress is still perfectly firm, and I think I got it right this time
  • I’m a pretty big guy and have to use air mattress since it proved to be the best choice for my bad back and sore muscles. Needless to say, I had A LOT of problems with my mattresses losing air in the past, but this bad boy changed all that. It doesn’t leak at all, no matter how much I turn throughout the night. It’s made to last and bring people with tight budgets (like me) a bit of good night’s sleep

The pump

87/100 is the final grade this mattress got for its built-in pump.

The rating says it’s top-quality, but let’s see some of the user reviews as well:

  • The pump does its work in just a couple of minutes, which is way faster than my previous mattresses got inflated
  • It’s a pretty silent pump, considering the sheer power it’s able to muster up

So, what do we get for the money invested?

All of our ratings combined came down to a single number for the price-quality ratio. It’s 87/100. We know that doesn’t seem like much compared to SoundAsleep Dream Series mattresses, for example, but it holds spot No.3 for a reason, trust us.

Here’s what the users reported:

  • We paid under 150 dollars for this air bed, and we’ve been using it for almost a year now. We used it both outdoors and indoors, so it did more than its share of work for that price tag
  • This is our second Coleman air mattress, and we bought it after the first bit the dust after 3 full years! It’s an amazing little budget-friendly bundle of comfort, durability and top notch quality overall

Negative experiences:

  • My main complaint about this air bed is the weight. It’s pretty heavy once fully inflated, and it’s a pain to move around if I don’t deflate it
  • It had a mild plastic smell when I first unpacked it. I left it outside to air out for a couple of hours and the smell was completely gone
  • The height is just not right for me

Our thoughts on this Coleman

We know you’ll feel inclined to compare these 3 mattresses forwards and backwards, but you really shouldn’t.

They’re all different products with different strengths and weaknesses. OK, we all know SoundAsleep Dream Series doesn’t have any weaknesses.

This Coleman air bed is well-known for its amazing air retention, and, naturally, that’s the category it got the highest grades in. People have reported it went for months without a refill. It had lasted for about two weeks in our testing setup before we had to add some air.

It’s also very durable, and convenient due to its elevated construction. Some buyers prefer steel frames rather than just the mattress being raised. It comes down to personal affinities basically.

We don’t have a category where we grade appearance, but if we did, this air mattress would be king of sleek and elegant design.

the review process

Let’s take a look at the review process real quick (for those of you new to our website):

  • Everything is set into motion by buying the said blow up mattress, we get them as retail like you would and don’t accept “testing samples” to make sure the whole process is completely objective and untainted
  • Once we have it, we begin a series of TESTS. We’re talking comfort and durability testing, tensile experiments (3rd party lab) for the strength of the material and the quality of the connections quality…
  • We send the model out to our featured testers (listed on the featured testers page, top menu) and ask them to rate the mattresses in the same categories
  • Simultaneously, we’re combing through all the latest user REVIEWS of all the mattresses qualified, often contacting a lot of them ourselves
  • Lastly, we sift through final RESULTS and give appropriate ratings in 5 different categories
  • All that’s left at this point is calculating the average rating of every model and listing them accordingly for your convenience

Sounds simple enough when you don’t see what’s happening behind the curtain, but we love it! So, crunching boring DATA in order to boil it down to a single number for you is what 3Beds is all about.

Since we did our little explaining bit, we can start introducing the top-rated air mattresses for this update.

What happened in this update?

It was a grind right until the very end.

It’s only fitting that our 10th update brings along some NEW and INTERESTING development, which is exactly what happened. Well, at least, in the 2nd and 3rd place.

Let me fill you in real quick.

The last update featured SoundAsleep Dream Series air bed as the winner. What a shocker (not!). Same thing two months later, king of the hill, moving on.

The really interesting bit starts at place number 2. Last time we had Insta raised air mattress, which is completely gone this time around and replaced by Fox High Rise.

The same goes for Serta raised air mattress with never flat pump. It was 3rd last time around, only to be replaced by Coleman Queen airbed with cot.

OK, what happened here?

There’s a simple explanation for this type of events. The mattresses are “battling” it out almost evenly on all fronts, and the number of last-minute sold copies and reviews decides the winner.

Notably, models have to be pretty evenly matched for the sheer number of photo-finish reviews to make a DIFFERENCE, but it happens more often than you might imagine.

Anyway, that’s one slippery slope right there. More reviews mean more user grades in different fields, but also a bigger divider for CALCULATING the average grade. That’s a natural fail-safe mechanism in our user-oriented part of the story. If the grades were bad and the divider kept on increasing, this model would plummet off the face of the Earth. That obviously didn’t happen here, which is the first INDICATOR of some top-quality air mattresses.

Brief history trivia of the price range

Back in the day, the original idea was to call this category “Cheap Air Mattresses”, or “Air Mattresses on a Budget”. The initial idea was voted out since we agreed 150 bucks is not all that cheap. It kind of looks that way compared to 800 dollars price tag, but still…

So, we got back to the drawing board and decided NUMBERS never lie. So, we kept it neutral, as 50-150 dollars.

We’re not sure why we just shared that, we though it might put the prices into perspective.

Summing it all up

SoundAsleep Dream Series sir mattresses rid a lot of categories of EXCITEMENT.

Their Queen Size has been dominating this guide for over a year now, and this trend will surely continue based on the ratings in front of me.

The REAL battle is fought for places 2 and 3. Fox High rise and Coleman Queen took those positions by storm. Their sales increased dramatically, and that was enough to beat Insta and Serta models.

The follow-up article and video about our testing sessions with these mattresses are due for publishing, and you should expect them shortly.

Enjoy all the new reviews and technical data until the new update.

See ya in exactly two months.