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Best Full Size Air Mattress With Built-in Pump [December 2023 Update]

Hi, and welcome to our new and improved guide on the best full size air mattress with a built-in pump.

It was overdue for overhaul and we took our time.

We did some more testing, introduced new categorizes and looked at some new arrivals.

A note on the lingo

They’re still called “double-size” sometimes, but this nickname is kinda dated since people realized they don’t really have enough space to double anything.

They’re single-sleeper beds but with much more comfort than singles. They CAN sleep two people if they're both Natalie Portman or if there's no second bed.


People usually buy them for their teenagers or even younger children. They’re also a pretty popular sight in college dorms.

Overall rating

Let’s take a quick look at our winners for this update.

89 / 100
89 / 100
87 / 100

It would appear we have a tie between Fox model and SimplySleeper SS-58RF.

We’ll try and get a better picture by viewing their characteristics side by side.

Head-to-head comparison

Comfort88 / 10090 / 10087 / 100
Durability95 / 10095 / 10086 / 100
Air retention89 / 10087 / 10084 / 100
Pump87 / 10087 / 10084 / 100
Value for money87 / 10087 / 10094 / 100
OVERALL RATING89 / 10089 / 10087 / 100

Changes since the last update…

When we left this guide two months ago, Fox had a much bigger lead on SimplySleeper. Intex is still pretty much where it was at that time.

The only logical explanation behind SS-58RF picking up the pace is the fact that it managed to increase its sales over the past two months. We have a bit of a paradox when it comes to this model. It’s more expensive than other mattresses in its class (we’ll explain why), but it still sells like crazy, and the stock is empty quite often. That’s why it skyrockets in our rankings every time it’s back in stock, and people start ripping the supply apart.

It’s still wasn’t enough to beat Fox, though. The “king of durability” managed to win by a hair, but victory is a victory nonetheless.

Intex is still securely positioned as number 3 thanks to its incredible price-to-quality ratio.

New dishes from 3Beds kitchen?

We’ve been working hard all this time to bring you as much of fresh info as possible, and here’s what we got:

  • We did a RE-testing of all our winners to polish out the overall rating even further
  • We contacted hundreds of recent customers to hear their side of the story and have them share their positive and negative experiences with us
  • Intex Comfort also “received” an advanced pressure test, which took it to its limits

So, with a bunch of polished out in-house and outsourced test results, an abundance of new user feedback and a new level of Intex abuse under our belt, we think we have enough of fresh goodies to make this update worth your while.

Now let’s get this show on the road.

Fox High Rise Plush Full Size Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

We never miss an opportunity to stress out just how durable and rugged this model really is. We call it “a beast” or “a tank” among air mattresses and those are all names more than well-deserved.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll save our opinions for the last part of this digest review.

Fox Plush High Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • durable & resistant to punctures
  • true to size
  • comfortable top - extra layer of air flow chambers
  • highest - easier to get on and off


  • heavier than other airbeds
  • bulkier - packs bigger
  • reported structural flaws (details in the full review below)

Let’s see what Fox Air Beds had to say about this product of theirs:

  • Air-Flow Construction of air chambers
  • Thicker vinyl than the competition (43%)
  • Built-in electric pump (two-way)
  • External pumps can also be used
  • Release valve (deluxe)

The first thing I always think to myself after taking a look at one of the Fox’s product specifications is, “My god, this is short and uninformative!” Luckily, your 3Beds team never sleeps on the job. Well, sometimes, but that’s only after a heavy lunch.

The thing we don’t like to see right off the bat are claims of superiority over the competition. We know it’s a good marketing strategy, and it’s even almost true, in this case, but it still leaves a bitter taste when we read something like “43 percent thicker material.”

Positive experiences gathered from recent buyers:

  • It feels more heavy-duty than any air bed I’ve ever had! I didn’t even know they made them this rugged
  • If there’s one thing I always hated in air mattresses, it’s that wobbly feeling I had every time I slept on one! I always felt like I’m about to fall off when I got anywhere near the edges. This one feels very stable, and the edges are quite firm. So, I can allow myself a surprising range of motion or even sit on the edge of the bed without plummeting down instantly
  • The setup process is pretty easy and self-explanatory, but taking it down and storing away is also surprisingly quick and painless. I especially like how
  • We moved from Germany to America about 8 months ago, and we’re STILL waiting for our household goods to come here. My wife is 8 months pregnant and says she’s getting quite a decent sleep on this inflatable. It’s a great temporary sleeping solution since the budget is tighter than it’s ever been
  • It’s simply INDESTRUCTIBLE as far as inflatable furniture goes! We used it as our guest bed, took it camping all over, and had to replace it after 3 YEARS of heavy abuse! We just bought another one, and simply had to write this short review to let everybody know what kind of bang you’ll be getting for your buck. Wholehearted recommendation!
  • I’m a terrible sleeper, and decades of sleeping on junky mattresses have finally taken their toll on my back and shoulders. I didn’t have any grand expectations going in, but I must say this purchase took my sleeping to a whole new level. The constant pain in my back in almost gone, and I can feel my shoulders and hips sinking into the mattress, so there’s no talk of any pressure points. Huge relief and one excellent product!
  • I don’t know why I waited for so long to buy an air mattress with some extra height to it. It makes a much easier job of getting up from, and I have a feeling like I’m actually sleeping in a “real” bed. With some bedding over it, you can’t even tell the difference
  • It’s my first model ever to feature a quick-release valve. It’s a nifty thing to have since it helps me deflate the bed almost instantly. It’s also very easy to roll up afterwards and store until I need it again
  • I don’t know in general, but I had some difficulties finding a good camping mattress that can be inflated via an external pump. When the push comes to shove, I can always whip out my manual pump and start doing it the old fashioned way and not be left to the mercy of our fickle mobile power source
  • I don’t know how (nor do I really care, honestly), but this model knows how to hold its air. It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but due to financial difficulties, it’s our main bed for the time being, and we need to top it off every couple of months on average. Still can’t believe it
  • I wanted my guests to feel like they’re sleeping in an actual bed and the extra height this one has was just perfect for that! We’re a family of avid campers, and we know just how cold inflatable sleeping pads can get, so having some extra height between the sleeper and the ground is always a smart option to go for

Some reported dislikes:

  • The main pump is loud, and it takes around 5 minutes to fully inflate it. My old air bed used to reach full firmness in under 3
  • It’s incredibly heavy even when I roll it up and put it in its dedicated bag. It’s a pain to carry around, as it’s considerably heavier than any blow-up bed we had in the past
  • The quality of the storage bag is lower than that of the bed. Well, if I had to pick one of the two for a lower quality, the bag would definitely be my first choice
  • The pricing is higher than some years ago when I got my first Fox full size

What we think about this full raised airbed?

There are so many things to say about this model, we honestly don’t know the best place to begin.

Well, best we start with the number 1 forte of the product, which is durability/rugged construction. We have an unfortunate practice of destroying air mattresses for the sake of measuring the thickness of the material, so one of twin Foxes also met its untimely end for the greater cause. We found the vinyl thickness to be 0.60mm while 0.40mm is the one generally used.

This fact makes Fox products the most desirable option for camping and harsh terrains since it really is a tank among air mattresses.

The weight, however, is an entirely different matter. Since it features so thick of a material, it’s naturally going to be heavier than most of the models out there. It’s not all that big of a trade-off when you come to think of it, knowing all the air beds are quite heavy to begin with. So, a couple of extra pounds don’t make that much of a difference. We can’t take any of them to our backpacking adventures, so it’s basically car-camping or bust.

According to our measurements, the overall height is 22”, which is more than enough for proper insulation from the ground, but also for that “regular bed feel”. That being said, if you decide to go camping in some extremely cold weather condition, a foam topper, thicker blanket or some kind of a sleeping pad over the surface is still a very good idea.

Speaking of measurements, the length is 80”, which makes it the only full size air mattress with built-in pump to have an extra 5 inches of length. Full-size length is 75” generally, so it can accommodate comfortable a person up to 5ft 5”. Fox went beyond that, which would technically make it a “not really full air bed”, but nobody’s complaining here. It’s been known to cause people problems with picking out appropriate sheets, but that’s a moot point for camping purposes.

The sleeping surface is what the manufacturer calls “super flat”, meaning it’ll stay evened out after prolonged use. It won’t develop bulges or holes, and that’s completely true according to our rigorous sets of tests.

The final thing we need to explain is the so-called “air-flow” design or technology. What exactly is that?

It refers to the shape and functionality of the inner air chambers. They’re diamond-shaped and made to facilitate air flowing from one to another. It provides extra support and stability of the bed.

So, this double size air mattress from Fox held up extremely well during both our testing circuit and user scrutiny. If you’re looking for a great quality product with unparalleled longevity and a reputable brand name behind it, look no further.

SimplySleeper SS-58RF Full Size Airbed with Built-In Pump

There’s a thing we need to address with this particular model.
It’s a known fact that it goes out of stock before we know it, and then we’re left with some sellers offering it at ridiculously high prices.

It’s also an inflatable bed with the largest span of prices ever! It goes from 200 dollars up to 800. We were never quite clear why this happens, but our best guess is sellers trying to make insane profits on the fact that it’s so rarely available for purchase.

So, out initial tip is to wait it out if you’re dead set on this model since it’s bound to show up for 200 bucks sooner or later.

The manufacturer tells us explicitly that the high price tag (meaning the 200-dollars one) is there because of the “special material” used to make it. They state it offers unimaginable durability, so we had to put it to the test (more times than once).

SimplySleeper SS-58RF






Air retention




Value for money


Let’s see what’s under the hood:

  • Material – patented Durmothane
  • Patented integrated pump
  • Measurements – 74” x 55” x 18”
  • Folded size – 14.5” x 9” x 17”
  • Oval internal coils
  • Maximal weight supported – 600 lbs
  • The material chosen for construction is air-tight, pierce-resistant and 3-layered
  • Full inflation in around 3 minutes

The first thing that pops up is the word “patented”, and yes, SimplySleeper are well-known for numerous technologies unique to their products.

Here’s a glimpse of favorable user reviews:

  • This one holds air better than any other model I bought in like ever! I’ve been over my fair share of mattresses I used for camping, and I ended up on the ground a few times too many. I used this one two times so far, and it held air perfectly without the need of topping off in the morning
  • The overall finish feels very professional, unlike cheap pieces of rubber I used to have in the past. The parts where the ends of the fabric meet are perfectly glued together, and everything looks so surgically precise and carefully done
  • I was a bit thrown off by the fact that there’s no flocking on the top part, but the material itself is soft enough all over, it doesn’t really need any additional fabric for extra softness. It also manages to somehow keep my sheets still, instead of the slide-o-rama I used to experience before
  • The overall build is pretty solid, and it has handled our daily abuse pretty well over the past six moths. The thing I like the most about it is how stable it feels. I’m having the feeling like I’m sleeping on a solid wooden frame and regular mattress instead of plastic filled with air. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it
  • Our girls love playing with our pet cats (the grand total of 4), and more often than not, they end up on their “bouncy castle”. There were no incidents so far, which tells me this was a solid buy. The bed can take its share of abuse, and it’s gonna need all the puncture-resistance it can muster up with us
  • This is the first time in my long history of camping and spending time in the great outdoors that I found a mattress sturdy enough for any terrain I throw at it and with the edges firm enough to sit or lay. Most of the time, you better stay in the center part, or the sides will give in if you put too much pressure on them. Not with this one, though! I can freely get to the edge in my sleep without being woken up when introduced to the ground
  • I can set this up in a snap! Takes no time at all when the electric pump is this powerful. It does its thing in a few minutes, and the bed is ready for our guests (expected and unexpected)
  • I inflated it for the first time two weeks ago when it first arrived here. It took some topping off in the beginning, but I didn’t touch the switch since. It still has the same firmness as almost two weeks ago, and I’m just waiting to see when will it need some extra air
  • It’s more than comfortable! I can feel the surface contouring to my body, almost like memory foam would. It’s not the same, of course, but close enough for an excellent night’s sleep

Reported negative experiences:

  • There’s an annoying lip around the edges, and I really don’t know why it’s there! Probably for keeping the sleeper ON the bed if he’s of a restless variety, but I don’t like it (or need it) one bit
  • The possibility of using batteries to power the pump would make this bed perfect!
  • We had to get an area rug to put underneath it since it made quite a bit of noise on bare hardwood floor

Our opinion on the matter

This is the most puzzling and perplexing piece of inflatable furniture out there!

For some reason, it varies in prices like no other, it constantly disappears from stocks in an instant and all that while being openly more expensive than its competition.

What’s going on???

Comfort and durability are its main zingers, with the special emphasize on longevity.

It’s made of patented Durmothane, which is an improvement on polyester. It’s both breathable and resistant to outer influences. That answer the puzzle we’ve been having concerning the material. It’s just a better version of what most other manufacturers use for their products. It’s also very pleasant to the touch and comfortable, with a good friction coefficient, so the mattress doesn’t require any extra flocking.

A great patented pump is also a part of the mix, so we have it all wrapped into a nice and extremely functional package. The inflation is achieved in about 3 minutes, which alone speaks for the sheer power of the pump. There’s no quick-release valve, unfortunately, and the pump can only be operated via electricity. With such price, we would really expect to see both possibilities present.

The known fact also is that it squeaks on smooth surfaces until it “breaks in”. Some sort of a rug or whatever is a quick fix here.

The lip surrounding the edge is there to provide added structural stability and, incidentally, to prevent accidental falling out of the bed. If you’re not exactly a fan, you know what we say at 3Beds… It’s not really a problem if it can be solved with a cheap foam topper.

So, what’s the bottom line here?

It’s the second-rated air mattress in this category, which already says quite enough, but let’s take some things with the grain of salt.

First of all, the lowest price (209.99 dollars) is definitely worth it. Everything above that will leave you feeling you’ve spent too much. So, we’ll go back to our advice from the beginning, “Wait ‘till it’s back in stock, and get it at the lowest possible price.”
The material is very fine and “in there”, but don’t expect any miracles. It’s still polyester, even though it’s upgraded.

Finally, it can’t beat Fox model when it comes to durability and overall heavy-duty-ness, and it couldn’t beat SoundAsleep Dream Series in comfort if it had a representative in full-size category.

So, definitely worth the initial price, but not above that.

Intex Dura-Beam Full Size Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

The name “Intex” have always been a synonym for a decent quality at extremely low prices.

This model costs around 60 dollars on Amazon, and it can often be purchased at a discount for 40-ish.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable
  • Firm and supportive sleeping surface
  • Easy to set up
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio


  • Challenging to fully deflate
  • Low-quality carry bag
  • Heavy
  • Temporary plastic odor

Let’s see what Intex has to say about its Comfort Series:

  • Fiber-Tech
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Flocked top
  • Waterproof
  • Height – 22”
  • Indented sides
  • Measurements – 60” x 22” x 80”
  • Supports up to 600 lbs of weight

Short and sweet, just the way we like it. Let’s put all this under some user scrutiny, shall we?

Favorable user reviews:

  • I bought this one after my Aerobed bit the dust, and I got a better product, in my opinion, for less money. Didn’t hope It’ll be much for that price, but it beat all my expectations
  • It’s pretty comfortable, and it’s the first one to have a flocked top. The extra soft layer really helps keep the sheets where they’re supposed to be, rather than falling off all the time with the slightest movement on my part
  • I thought it’ll lose air like crazy considering the price, but it really surprised me. I topped it off to start out, but it rarely required me to refill it afterwards. It can go several days without leaking any air, which is all I could ask for this kind of money
  • We used to have a dedicated guest room until we decided to go with an air option. My husband got his home office back, and just occasionally has to set sails when we have visitors who stay overnight. Setting this bed is nothings, and take just a few minutes. Deflating it and storing it away takes the same
  • I’m a pretty restless sleeper, and I don’t have to bother with squeaking sounds and noises every time I turn or change position. Great little mattress and pretty silent to match
  • Both top and the bottom of this full raised airbed are made perfectly for what they’re supposed to do. The top is soft, and it holds the bedding in place while the bottom prevents the mattress from slipping and sliding across the room
  • I got a neat discount on Amazon, so it cost me a bit over 40 dollars! It’s a bargain!
  • None of my previous blow up beds could achieve this level of firmness before. I even had those with pumps that shut themselves off when they’re done, and I wasn’t happy with the results even on the firm setting. This one, I can inflate as mu8ch as I want. And I know I’ll have a rock-hard sleeping surface. Great find!

We’ll go over some shortcomings as well:

    • The only thing I can complain about is the bag itself. It’s handy, and the bed fits well, but it’s pretty low-quality it feels like it might tear at any given moment
    • There was this funny plastic smell for a while, but it vanished after a couple of days
    • The pump is loud!
    • This thing weight way more than I initially thought it would. I thought air mattresses are light and can be taken backpacking. Nope! Not in this lifetime!

As we mentioned previously, the most attractive thing about this Intex model is its price and the quality offered in return. Not that the quality is out of this world, but much more than you could ever hope to get for 40-60 dollars.

It’s an excellent option for those of us with a tight budget but in need of a decent sleeping arrangement. People use it as their permanent bed all the time, and to great satisfaction. It can also be used for camping, although, Intex doesn’t recommend that since it’s not made with handling the outdoors in mind. It’s not as near as sturdy as its predecessors in this guide, so be mindful what comes into contact with it if you decide to take it out for a spin.

The loudest technologies at work here are Dura-Beam and Fiber-Tech.

Dura-Beam is a fancy term for denoting the chamber design of the mattress and the overall shape of the air beams supporting the construction.

Fiber-Tech, however, represents a huge number of thin vinyl fibers spread between the bottom and the top of the bed. When we cut one of our mattresses to measure the thickness of the material, we could see just how many tiny fibers are there and just how strong they were. We’ll do a tensile test on those as well, have no worries.

So, it’s a pretty rich mix of features and technologies at a price of a takeout order for a couple of people, which is pretty amazing in it of itself. It’s very comfortable, sturdy up to a point, easy to handle and use and it also feels like a real bed.

In the world of air mattresses, we can sign that you won’t find a better model at a cheaper price. If the budget allows, you can go higher than this and buy one of the previous products, or you can go for SoundAsleep, but if the money is tight, Intex is your guy.

Conclusion of this update

Well, we didn’t get to see any major changes this time, but we got a lot of new interesting data to sift through waiting for something seismic to happen.

We planned to do a tensile test of fibers inside Intex for the next update, so we’ll either have some sort of change on our list, or you’ll see exactly what Fiber-Tech is made of. We have some even juicier things lined up, but that was enough of spoilers for one update.

Enjoy the read, and be sure to meet us back here in two months to read even more on best full-size air mattresses at that moment.