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This category of best Queen Size air mattress dishes out some of the top-selling models on the market, simply because most people interested in an airbed are looking at two size - Twin and Queen. So, the companies adapt and as a result, their top models are the ones that come in these sizes. We have seen in happen over and over again.

What this means for you?

It means that if you are looking for an airbed in queen size, you're in luck - because chances are that the models listed below are the also the ones that provide the best value for money out there. So, let's get right into it - these are the 3 beds that have been rated as best in 5 consecutive updates (810 months), and that speaks volumes.

Best Queen Size Air Mattress Overall - the Dream Series

Picture & RatingModel
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Top rated queen airbedSoundAsleep
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second best ratedFox
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Intex queen 3rd top ratedIntex
see its ratings here

Last updated: November 2023

As we said, this category has been taken over by the “dominant trifecta” (as we call in around the office), meaning we have SoundAsleep, Fox and Intex Fiber-tech battling it out. Here is how their ratings compare to each other in our 5 main quality categories. Each of these has their own main fortes, but our evidence indicates that the former is the most well-rounded products. Fox might be right for you if you are looking something more durable and Intex is the budget-friendly option.

Ratings comparison and basic specs

Dream Series
SoundAsleep QueenFox Blow Up Bed PlushIntex Dura-Beam
Comfort95 / 10088 / 10087 / 100
Durability94 / 10095 / 10087 / 100
Air Retention94 / 10089 / 10086 / 100
Pump94 / 10087 / 10084 / 100
Value for money95 / 10087 / 10094 / 100
Overall Rating94 / 10089 / 10087 / 100
ColorBeige/BlueDark Gray/GrayGray
SizesQueen/TwinCalifornia King/King/Queen/Full/Twin XLQueen
see on amazon comparison table orange

It's been 10 months since we last saw any other mattress in this guide (it was the Coleman Queen air bed with cot and side tables that was rated 3rd best in queen size). Ever since, the Intex has been firmly rooted at place no. 3 - it's one of the blow up beds that provides best value for money. That's its main strength.

Individual reviews of the TOP 3 Queen airbeds

Here's what you'll see in the individual reviews:

  • Fact sheets of each model
  • Their main PROs and CONs as shared by our featured testers
  • Our conclusions based on what we've seen in our in-house testing

The Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress

by SoundAsleep

The Sound Asleep Dream Series in Queen size been dominating our rating categories ever since it hit the market, and it’s just building up steam. This model has also been the best airbed in twin size for a long time now.

Let's "dissect" it and see what makes it tick.

Current Quality Rating

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)

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Product DNA (the specs):

quick inflation and deflation

  • ComfortCoil Technology adds support and durability
  • 40 internal air coils
  • Inflated measurements – 78” x 58” x 19”
  • Double-high
  • Dual-chamber construction
  • Anti-slip sure-grip bottom
  • Thick, flocked and waterproof top
  • Puncture-resistant - 0.4 mm thick PVC
  • 1-year warranty
  • Customer support is always available via email or phone

thickeness of the pvc fox queen

That’s what we like to see in a product specification; as much relevant information as possible, without going into competition-trashing maneuvers.

best rated queen air mattress deflated and inflated

What our featured testers shared in their reviews:

  • The height is just perfect! I’ve been struggling with low mattresses long enough, and it really started to tax my back when I tried to get in or out. This feels just like a regular bed would, and I can get into bed without bending my back in all sort of ways
  • We like to camp a lot, and I mean A LOT. So, you realize how chronic back pain might (and did) get in the way of the thing I like to do most. We have a pretty comfortable bed back home, but our camping sleeping arrangements over the years have been an absolute nightmare. This is by far the best air mattress for camping we ever had, and my spine thanks me every day. The support is perfect for long term use
  • This pump is the real deal! It’s a powerhouse, and it inflates the thing in a matter of minutes. All I ever do is turn the switch, and wait until I get a proper bed. Deflation takes just as much, and I’m really glad I don’t have to squeeze the air out manually anymore. The pump does all the work there as well
  • I never had a portable bed with the sides as firm as these. You can actually sit on the edge of the mattress without plummeting to the floor or sliding off. This also means I don’t have to worry about keeping myself in the center part all the time since the edges can support their share of weight as well. The middle section is somewhat firmer, of course, but the sides aren’t lagging much behind
  • I’ve been extremely susceptible to pressure points problems for most of my life, and who would’ve thought the answer lied in a piece of rubber filled with air. The surface follows the curves of my body perfectly, providing enough support without causing pressure points. It’s a lifesaver!
  • The indentations n the top are spot on! They’re usually not this comfortable, but these are just the right size to contour to my body shape without causing discomfort
  • The bottom feels as if it were glued to the ground. It stays where I put it and doesn’t move an inch. When we add the utter absence of any squeaking sounds and alike, we have all my air mattress problems ever solved in one quick swoop
  • Having a waterproof bed took some time to get used to. When I get into bed, my clumsiness is multiplied by a million, so I’ve spilled all sorts of things, leaving stains and potential for bacteria growth. Now, I can just wipe it all away with a dry cloth, and it’s as if nothing ever happened
  • This became our trusty, go-to brand after our first purchase! We just bought the second one, and it’s every bit as good as the first. The quality remains unchanged, so it’s good to know they haven’t let popularity affect their work

unpacking and inflating the blow up mattress in queen size

Digest of negative reviews - CONs:

  • More height is always better, so I wish it were just a tad higher. Other than that, I definitely got my money’s worth
  • The pump is powerful but also pretty loud. It sounds as if I just turned a vacuum cleaner on. Fortunately, it does the job rather quickly and doesn’t need to be turned on often since the mattress doesn’t lose at all
  • I was under the impression air mattresses supposed to be super light or something. Well, that’s definitely not the case. It’s heavy beyond my wildest expectations, so I guess it’s great if you’re car-camping
  • I would expect the carry bag to follow the quality of the mattress. It doesn’t, however

fitting the queen sheets

Our thoughts on the Dream Series Queen airbed

It’s not like our position here is not already well-known to everybody who even glimpsed at what we do here.

So, we’ll skip the tension build-up and head straight to the part where we tell you that this is one of the top products currently on the market, in our opinion.

They did wonders for a line of products that’s been with us since 2013. You can just take a quick look at our ultimate guides (regularly updated, mind you), and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

The thing they always push to the front is their ComfortCoil Technology, which is just a fancy way of denoting separate air chambers within the mattress itself.

air coil technnology illustration

They’re called “coils” because they act like regular old-school spring coils, adding extra support and stability to the construction. The opposite build would be the beams that go from one end of the bed to the other, like with our 3rd placed Intex model.

As far as patented goodies go, we don’t stop at the chamber design here. We also have to mention the patented pump that eliminates leaks, which received high praises both from us and the customers.

People we contacted also liked the overall elegant appearance of the model, and we have to agree on this point as well. Slick design and elegant lines are quite common amongst this series.

When we take all that and add standard positive features like comfort and durability or air retention, we have ourselves a true winner and a very cheap queen air mattress for the quality it provides.

Fox Plush Queen Size Blow Up Mattress

It’s tank time!

If you’re in the market for a really heavy-duty air mattress that’ll be with you for years to come, this is the airbed to look at. It's the only one out there truly optimized for durability (extra thick PVC) and has been one of the most durable and reliable airbeds as far back as we can remember.

sturdy edges fox plush blow up mattress

The durability comes at a price and that's bulk and weight - an important fact to bear in mind.

Current ratings for this Fox Queen airbed:

Fox Plush High Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • durable & resistant to punctures
  • true to size
  • comfortable top - extra layer of air flow chambers
  • highest - easier to get on and off


  • heavier than other airbeds
  • bulkier - packs bigger
  • reported structural flaws (details in the full review below)

see ratings here one line

Let us introduce a true beast among inflatable Queen air mattresses:

  • Chambers with Air-Flow Technology
  • Thicker vinyl
  • Built-in pump
  • Can also be inflated with external pumps
  • 90-days guarantee

Keeping it minimal, as always. It’s one of our frequent reproaches to Fox, especially . They don’t give us enough info to get the ball rolling.

pump battery operated

Keeping it terse is one thing, but they could really learn a thing or two from SoundAsleep as far as specifications go.

Main PROs shared in user reviews of the Fox Plush Queen blow up bed

  • I never paid much attention to my air mattresses, nor can I really differentiate one from the other all that well, but the material of this Fox is really something else. It feels way thicker than everything I saw so far, and the whole thing feels sturdier and more heavy-duty
  • I bought it cause my last one popped a seam in the middle of the night in the middle of the forest. I decided I was done with cheap air mattresses and went the other way. My new Fox is a completely different story. It’s very comfortable and sleeps extremely well. Plus, it feels like it’s indestructible
  • Incredibly easy to set up, and the pump is a monster. It does the work in a few minutes and deflates it just as quickly. So, bottom line, it’s ready for sleeping in a couple of minutes, and it’s back in the storage before I know it. Practical little fellow
  • I  like the extra valve for other pumps. It’s not like I’m a paranoid freak or anything, but nature is the nature, so there’s no fooling around with it. If you’re stuck without a power source, you’re pretty much gonna sleep on the ground and freeze you a** off. So, having the possibility of inflating it with a regular manual pump is such an advantage
  • It’s our first air mattress ever, and we’re just blown away with the range of option we have in terms of firmness. We can set it just the way we both like it, which is, of course, impossible to do with a regular one
  • It doesn’t lose air one bit! At least, not that we saw. We spent 4 days straight visiting our son, and we slept on it the whole time. We inflated it the first night and it kept us comfortable during the entire stay. Never needed to re-inflate it or add even a little bit of air. Mind that we like our sleeping surface very firm because of our bad backs
  • The packaging was well-done, so potential damage-during-shipment risks are minimized if not non-existent. It also got here was sooner than it was supposed to. We ordered it on Amazon, so we’d like to complement a great seller and a terrific product
  • My arthritis-ridden back celebrated the day I got this inflatable bed. I’ve hurt them way too many times attempting to get in or out of low-rise versions. So, the extra height does wonders for me, and the amazing support without pressure points is just an added bonus

fox queen deflated

Some of the shortcomings:

  • Heavy, heavy, heavy!! It’s basically impenetrable, but it’s also a huge pain to tug around. I bought it specifically for camping, but unless we’re going by car, it ain’t gonna happen
  • The bag that came with it should definitely be stronger and built better. I’m not all that happy with the material either
  • I bough the first one some 3 years ago and, if I remember correctly, it was somewhat cheaper back then
  • The material is quite stiff due to its thickness, so rolling it back up is a bit of a challenge more often than not

queen inflatable dimensions

Our position on this Fox Queen Size raised air mattress with pump

People don’t usually tend to buy Queen Size specifically for camping. It’s too big in most of the cases, but it definitely happens.

So, if you’re getting primarily for that, we are proud to present THE most puncture resistant airbed out there (within "normal" price ranges).

What makes it the best are its durability and sheer resistance to outside influences of the prickly nature.

In other words, it’s our best shot at still having a bed when we wake up in the morning.

Our measuring showed it’s made of vinyl that’s 0.6mm thick, whether most of the other manufacturers use 0.4mm vinyl for their products. This gives it that extra layer of pierce protection.
Yes, that will also make it heavier than the rest of the bunch, but some sort of a trade-off was to be expected. We can’t have that kind of rugged construction without it drawing some setbacks with it. It’s up to you to weigh the PROs and CONs, but we’ll just put it out there.


side shot of plush queen airbed

The thing is, even the lightest air mattress out there is still too heavy for backpacking or any sort of endeavor that doesn’t involve a car. So, one of the biggest CONs is not that huge of a deal after all. We just have to face the fact that ANY inflatable out there is by definition HEAVIER than we thought it would be.
So, this is a combo of solid construction enhanced with crazy durability and 22 inches of height. A match made in Heaven for anybody looking for an “indestructible” air mattress with a “regular bed feel” to it.

It's a one of a kind in the industry and we don't know of any other similar model. There are those that use "reinforced" vinyl, but most of the time it means that it's layered or encased in some type of nylon. In this case it's straight up thicker.

We had some user complaints regarding the size of the Full model, causing the sheets not to fit, but Queen doesn’t suffer from those problems.

Last things we need to go over are the “super flat” surface and “Air-Flow design”.
Super flat means exactly that. The top portion of the mattress will remain flat everywhere even after prolonged use. The known trouble with inflatable products is the fact that they’ll develop bulges or holes somewhere on the surface, making for one uncomfortable night. Fox promises that won’t happen with their products and our tests back their story up.

Air-Flow represents a series of diamond-shaped inner chambers, which allow for uninterrupted movement of air inside the mattress. This provides better overall support and gives it a more stable, non-wobbly feel.

Bottom line, this model is primarily designed for home use, but it’ll perform like a boss in any camping situation as well. SoundAsleep will always beat it when it comes to comfort, appearance and all the finer features, but if we’re talking durability and structural ruggedness, this is our BTB (Bead to Beat).

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam High-Rise Queen Size Air Mattress

Intex is a widely underestimated brand. Their products (even the top notch ones) are always pretty cheap, so people automatically think there’s no value to be had there.


It’ll never be a proper competition to the likes of Dream Series or Fox, but it’s ranked number 3 both among queen-sized beds and overall for a reason. Well, multiple reasons, actually. You can see the full review of the Intex Durabeam here.

third top rated queen
Updated ratings:

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable
  • Firm and supportive sleeping surface
  • Easy to set up
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent price-to-quality ratio


  • Challenging to fully deflate
  • Low-quality carry bag
  • Heavy
  • Temporary plastic odor

Click here to read more and compare price on amazon

The basic info:

  • Fiber-Tech Construction
  • Designed for use indoors
  • Built-in pump
  • 4-5 minutes for full inflation
  • Customizable firmness
  • Flocked top
  • Waterproof
  • 22” high
  • Indented on the sides for easier sheet-fitting
  • 60” x 22” x 80”
  • Able to withstand up to 600 lbs of weight

fiber tech queen intex

Fox could also learn a lesson here. The specification is quite informative and provides all we want to know before we start breaking it apart.

Positive experiences:

  • This kind of quality at this price is simply unbeatable! It feels almost like our permanent bed, only much, much cheaper!
  • I could never get an air mattress to inflate this firm. Everything simply works here. The construction and the seams are sturdy enough for that little extra air, and the pump is quite powerful, and I think it would blow it up if I didn’t shut it off in time
  • Takes almost no time to inflate. Just a flip of the switch, and I can sit with my hands crossed while the pump does its work. It’s just as easy to deflate and throw into storage
  • The top doesn’t let my sheets move an inch. The flocking just grabs them, and I even tried pulling them to see what will happen. I’ve met quite the resistance, so I know I won’t be waking up with my sheets on the floor
  • I lived the day to hear our visitors say what a lovely and resting night they’ve spent on our guest bed. Usually, it used to be a disaster, but this mattress changed everything for the better. They say it’s crazy comfortable and that they wouldn’t tell the difference between it and a regular bed
  • It stayed perfectly inflated for over a week without any additional air. We inflated it for the first time when my husband’s parents were visiting, topped it off a bit and that was it. It went strong all up until deflation time came
  • It’s a pretty big bed, so, naturally, I didn’t think it could actually hold a firm surface for long. I was wrong, I admit it. The top is equally firm all throughout, and the support is also much better than I ever thought it could be
  • The electric pump makes everything a million time easier! All my previous air mattresses just had a two-way valve, and I had to inflate them manually. It’s a pain, trust me. The pump also seems pretty powerful since it can inflate a Queen Size bed in just a couple of minutes
  • Amazing comfort and construction quality for a pretty cheap Queen air mattress!


  • It definitely needs a higher-quality carry bag
  • Pretty heavy, but I guess that’s was to be expected. It’s a Queen Size raised air mattress with a pump, after all
  • I’ve been buying Intex products forever, and they’re notorious for their plastic smell right off the bat. There’s an easy fix to this, however. Just leave it out for a day or two and the smell will be gone like it was never there in the first place

front view of the durabeam queen

Final thoughts from our team

As we pointed out a million times before, the main zinger behind this model is its good quality for the money needed.

There are a lot of things that separate Intex from other budget-friendly brands. One of them would be their Dura-Beam Technology.

Remember when we talked about air chambers and beam construction?

Well, Intex doesn’t have the luxury to charge 40-60 dollars per mattress and still incorporate outstanding chambered design, but Dura-Beam is a giant leap from anything else sold for that kind of money. It provides decent support, and the sleeping surface remains uniformly firm throughout the night.

Fiber-Tech is another thing. It indicates a large amount of thin vinyl fibers connecting the top and the bottom of the bed, further increasing the stability and durability of the construction.

It’s also very comfortable and, most importantly, doesn’t lose air overnight. That's the weakest link in the chain of every cheap Queen air mattress, and Intex has got it covered.

On a tight budget, you’ll hardly find a more suitable option for both your camping and in-house needs. We know Intex says it’s not designed for outdoor use, but be a rebel.

Conclusion of the update

Two months have just flown by, and the up-to-date version of the best of the best in Queen Size lies before you.We hope it’ll help you out with your choice and guide you toward the best possible decision.

Choose wisely, respect your hard-earned cash and, as always, sleep tight.

Last updated: November 2023