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Saving space while still maintaining a desirable spot to unwind at the end of the night – With these organization methods, you will be sure to love your small bedroom and the comfort that it brings. Functionality is an essential part of having a small room. From practical storage space to multi-functional decor pieces, there are many ways to ensure that you will have a comfortable space without the burden of dealing with clutter.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your space is to utilize the room that you have under your bed. Most people do this anyway, haphazardly pushing items underneath and then not being able to locate them in the future. No more important papers collecting dust under there or shoes that have lost their other match! You can keep this area tidy by utilizing storage bins for designated items. If you would really like to maintain a level of organization, you can even label your bins so you know how to find exactly what you are looking for. A lot of bed frames come already equipped with under bed storage, and if that is an option to you, it’s a great idea! 

Storage Bins

storage bins

Storage bins come in many different shapes and sizes, so make sure to measure the height beneath your bed before you make a purchase. The best part is that there are some great looking designs available and if you don’t want them on show you can always hide them with a valance sheet. 

Built In Storage


If you have a bigger budget in mind and want under bed storage designed to fit perfectly, then consider opting for a bed with built in storage drawers. The benefit of these is that no measuring is required and they fit nice and snug, providing a neater appearance than the typical one-size fits all storage boxes.

2. Less is More

If you have ever considered a minimalist approach to decorating your bedroom, this would be a highly beneficial choice in a small space. With this design, there is no clutter on the walls, floors, or surface areas. Not only will your room appear more spacious, but you will also find joy in not having to struggle to clean up every day! To keep things attractive and interesting, pick a color and focus the room around it. At any hardware store, you will be able to get paint swatches with corresponding complementary colors to give you an idea of a color scheme that will work well together. You can use variations of shades and even pick up some decor pieces to accent your color scheme. Minimalist does not have to equal boring!

Cool Ocean Blues

This pastel blue color scheme is a perfect example of one that works in a small bedroom, helping to maximize the limited space and create the illusion of depth. You can easily transfer this idea with other colors too, although try and keep it light and neutral to enhance the lighting.

If you are using the room as more than just a bedroom, you might think about going a step further and replacing your regular mattress with a solid and durable air mattress that you can pack away and store. 

Warm and Simple

simple bedroom

If you’re not a fan of bright color schemes, then opt for a light and modern design and bright wood flooring. The vertical nature of the flooring panels help create the illusion of more space. By avoiding patterns and other busy decor ideas you can make a small room look big in an instant.

If the room is extra small and the mattress “bites” most of the space away, it’s worth thinking about using an airbed. Many people use air mattresses as a long term, every-day solution.

3. Color Coded

When it comes to your closet, it is very important to keep the space as organized as you can. But who likes to do that for fun? A simple way that you can make your closet manageable is to organize things by color. This sounds like tedious work, but the end result will ensure that you are never unsure of what to wear. Just pick a color, and you are all set! In addition to the color coding, you can also organize items by season, sleeve length, and clothing type. For example, start with your dresses and then move onto skirts and then pants. This is a double organization technique that will help you in the long run and make getting dressed in the morning a lot more fun.

Every Color In Place


Utilizing a simple rail will help you keep things easy, all you have to remember is to keep everything in color order and your routine will be simpler. 

4. Out of Sight Storage

Multi-functional pieces are essential in keeping your small bedroom organized. By utilizing these hidden storage options, you will be able to keep your things out of sight but still easily accessible. There are many pieces that provide this function such as benches, headboards, and ottomans. Plenty of furniture stores carry such pieces, but if you are feeling crafty, make your own DIY version! Many tutorials can be found online if you feel like taking on the challenge of making yourself some custom storage. If your closet is too small to house all of your clothing, try keeping your seasonal items tucked away in one of these hidden storage options. Switch out your wardrobe as you need to!

Hidden Bench Storage


It may require a little more time, money and effort than other storage ideas, but a built in bench is a great way to maximize the space in a small bedroom. The best part is that if you have a window in your room, it can double up as a sun lounger, ideal for those gorgeous summer days. 

Secret Headboard Storage


Now, this may seem like a novelty idea, but many people swear by it, especially those interior designers who have to design interior spaces for properties in Japan, who know a thing or two about small spaces. 

5. Additional Tips and Tricks

If you want some more simple ways to keep your small space organized, check out the following:

  • Floating shelving – keep the floor space open!
  • Natural lighting, try to make sure your room stays night and bright
  • Try adding a large mirror to your space, it gives the illusion of more room
  • Multi-functional nightstands (use your nightstand as a desk and bedside table)
  • Use hooks in your closet to hang up jewelry, scarves, belts, etc…
  • Go vertical! Putting your bed on risers can add more space to the room
  • Add dividers to your dresser drawers
  • Choose artwork and decor that creates a focal point

Floating Shelves



This is a must for the small room, whether that is a bedroom or living room. The floating shelf is easy to install and can act as a great centrepiece when styled appropriately. Just make sure you utilise cute looking storage boxes and trinkets if you plan on storing your less attractive accessories and belongings.

Large Mirror



Making use of a large mirror has been a go-to technique for creating the illusion of more space for years. The great thing is that mirrors are cheap, functional and look great in almost any room, especially the bedroom.

Wall Hooks



At the end of the day, you will enjoy coming home to your well organized small bedroom. Utilize a few of (or all of) these ideas to transform your room. These solutions can work with any budget and can be customized to your needs. Have fun with them, and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box!