DMCA Notices and intellectual copyright protection

Our company fully respects and protects intellectual property. We respect and protect our property which includes all the images, texts, videos and everything else that is a part of

We give the same respect to other people’s intellectual and creative copyrights. Although we exercise due diligence with any content that’s on our website, if you feel like you are seeing something that you claim your rights to, simply contact us and we will:

  1. Take down the piece of property or work in question
  2. Investigate the issue and decide on further action

The nature of our website is that it brings a community together, and some parts of the website might be a contribution from other people. So, even though it’s very unlikely, please contact us immediately if you notice a piece of content that might be infringing any copyrights (yours of that of another person).

Details to include in your email:

  1. Your statement that you hold the rights to the content in question
  2. Certified and legally binding statement proving that your claims are accurate
  3. Your name, surname and signature
  4. precise instructions on how and where to see the copyrighted material (where it was initially published) and the location on where the content is (URL and location on the page)

We will respond immediately to any DMCA notice, investigate if the claim is legit and if it is, take down the copyrighted content right away.

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