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Best air mattress for guests – 2018 update

Top 3 air mattress for guests

The “Best air mattress for guests” category is the “genesis”. This was their original purpose alongside camping and short-term solutions while moving. They’ve certainly gone a long way from that to being one of the most desired options for our permanent sleeping arrangement.

This update to the TOP 3 airbed choices for guests doesn’t really bring any significant changes, the top 3 picks in the category have not changed for 4 updates now. So., let us get straight to the results/

Best-rated air mattresses for guests

Last updated: 2018

Picture & RatingModel
See Its Amazon Rating
SoundAsleep Dream Series Sound Asleep
Dream Series
see its ratings here
InstaBed Ez QueenInsta-Bed
Ez Bed
see its ratings here
Serta EZ Bed QueenSerta
EZ Bed
see its ratings here
So, what’s new?
As far as the models on our list go, nothing’s changed since the last update. SoundAsleep Dream Series still reigns supreme, followed closely by Insta EZ and Serta EZ .

On the other hand, we’ve done a series of new tests on each and every one of these portable beds and came up with pretty interesting results. We’ve also gathered a lot of user feedback, mostly through personal contact with the recent buyers.

All in all, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping it up-to-date with the current market situation.

Side-by-side comparison of top-rated airbeds for guests

compare icon

comparison sound asleep
Insta Bed Ez Bed
Serta EZ Bed
Sound Asleep
Dream Series
Ez Bed
EZ Bed
Comfort rating95/10085/10084/100
Air retention94/10087/10085/100
Pump rating94/10087/10081/100
Value for money95/10081/10083/100
Overall Rating94/10085/10082/100
ColorBlue / BeigeTanTan
Sizes availableTwin / QueenQueenQueen
Height19 "22 "22 "
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table graysee on amazon comparison table gray

Now that we’ve seen our top 3 in this category bump heads, we can start with their dedicated digest reviews.

The Dream Series – top choice in airbeds for guests

The current ratings

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)


see ratings here one line


I don’t think this guy needs any special introduction if you’ve ever gave a the market of airbeds a look in the last few years. SoundAsleep air mattresses have been dominating our ultimate guides ever since they hit the stage. They’re basically No.1 in every category they were eligible for, the company making these are only making a few models but they stand tall against any industry giant. Six months within this model hitting the market it was already labeled as “best air mattress“.

winner the best for guests airbed

Out of their 3 top-quality inflatable beds, Queen Size is the most impressive and the most sought after.

The specifications of the inflatable bed:

  • ComfortCoil Tech features 40 air coils for additional support and durability
  • Built-in pump inflates/deflates the mattress in about 4 minutes
  • Designed for use in-home; perfect for guests relatives or friends
  • Queens Size – 78 x 58 x 19 inches
  • Raised Double-height
  • Dual chamber construction
  • Sure-Grip bottom
  • Flocked, extra thick top for extra durability and comfort (featuring puncture-resistant, multilayer material)
  • Carry bag for easier transport
  • 1-year guarantee

Still as impressive and detailed as we remember it from the last update. The product specification might be the same, but the user reviews of this air mattress are fresh from the press.

top choice in air matresses guests

Chosen excerpts from our featured testers:

  • Buying this air mattress was one sweet deal! I can’t believe the price tag now that I’ve given it a good run
  • Great mattress! It’s so easy to set up and inflates in just a couple of minutes. Once the company is gone, storing is away is a piece of cake as well
  • I’ve had it for two weeks now, it’s my main bed, and I honestly forgot it was an air mattress. A good set of sheets especially gives it that “regular bed” look
  • I like how tall this mattress is. It comes up to my knees basically, so I don’t feel like I’m spending the night on the floor
  • I use it as my main bed, and it’s been working out great so far even though SoundAsleep doesn’t recommend using it like that. It’s been 3 months since I got it, and it still feels the same as the first day
  • My guests were kinda skeptic when I showed them this mattress but quickly changed their mind after just one night. They were surprised how comfortable it was, but especially at how it hasn’t lost any air during the night
  • The shipping was super fast, and the packaging was good and protective
  • This is my second air bed. I had a Coleman, and I immediately noticed a huge difference in the thickness and the quality of the material used. The overall build of the SoundAsleep is also superior, I would say. The thing that surprised me the most was that it didn’t need any topping off in the start
  • I must admit, the first thing I did after I inflated this mattress was sitting on the edge. I couldn’t believe how supportive the edges were. Usually, I would just slide down after they bowed out with my old mattresses (I’ve had 4 so far). This also means I won’t have to keep it to the center of the bed all throughout the night
  • I’ve read tons of air mattress reviews, and all they’ve said about this model was 100% true! I couldn’t believe it had 8.5k reviews on Amazon. It blew my mind. I highly recommend the SoundAsleep Company and their products
  • It’s the best air mattress I ever got for when I have guests over and of 3 I’ve owned airbeds so far. Pretty cheap and top-quality. I especially like the top. It’s well-cushioned, very comfortable and soft to the touch
  • Those air chambers really aren’t kidding around! I don’t feel a thing while my husband is tossing and turning all night long. The surface feels really firm and supportive, so I guess this inflatable bed is everything I wanted/needed
  • The instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow
  • This portable bed has enough space for the two of us to sleep comfortably. We both like a firm sleeping surface because of our back problems, and this mattress keeps it firm all night long. ZERO air lost!
  • This is the best air mattress for guests ever! I finally know my company won’t end up on the floor in the morning. By the way, that happened twice with our old air mattresses, and that was two times too many. It’s especially a blessing if you have a small apartment
  • It doesn’t have that “squishy” feel to it our previous air mattresses had. If we inflate it to the max, it’ll stay firm for weeks

guest_ airbed sound asleep dream series

Some of the things the users didn’t like:

  • Deflating it was simple, but folding and putting it back inside the carry bag was a bit more of a task. I managed in the end, but I really wish there were some instructions on proper folding or something
  • I used it for camping, and it got pretty cold throughout the night. Luckily, I had an extra thick blanket to put under me, so it wasn’t all that bad. So, if you’re about to camp in a cooler climate, be sure you bring an extra blanket or a sleeping pad
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but this air mattress is a bit smaller than I expected. Definitely not a Queen Size
  • I would like to see an auto shut-off function in this air mattress. It’s an excellent product, so why not pimp it up a little?

Summing up the review of the blow up bed

As we already stated in our ultimate guide on best air mattresses for everyday use, SoundAsleep Queen Size got a bump in the comfort category. It’s “just” one point, but everything having to do with SoundAsleep products is on a much larger scale than with any other brand we introduce here. So, it’s kind of a big deal.

We did some additional tests in the past two months, and you’ll be able to read all about it in our separate “testing-results” article due to be published soon. We think you’ll be surprised at our creativity this time around. We know we were.

There’s not much to say about this model that we haven’t repeated over and over again. We know SoundAsleep a dominant brand pretty much since their Dream Series hit the market. It’s been going on for quite a while now, and it seems they’re not running out of steam as far as sales and customer satisfaction are concerned.

Bottom line, when in doubt, go with SoundAsleep.

Insta-Bed EZ Queen Size Air Mattress

If you want to feel proud in front of your guests as your bed deploys like a spider-machine from the future and want to hear praise in the morning about it not feeling anything like an airbed, an EZ airbed is probably something you seriously might consider.

The ratings of this Insta from the latest update

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable with a flocked top
  • Patented and silent neverFLAT pump
  • Elevated frame
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Quick inflation/deflation


  • Vinyl smell for a short while
  • Indentations are uncomfortable for some
  • Too high for some elderly consumers
  • Loud main pump


see ratings here one line
It’s the more expensive option (about double the SoundAsleep) price but many people find it, as one of our featured reviewers put it, simply cooler.

runner up the insta EZ

Here’s what Insta-bed shared in their specification for this portable bed:

  • Two pumps featured in this inflatable bed
  • The main pump takes under 4 minutes for full inflation/deflation; NeverFLAT secondary pump monitors the level of firmness, keeping your desired setting at all times
  • High comfort level customizability from plush to firm
  • Self-deploying frame for easier setup (take just a few minutes)
  • Flocked and durable top keeps the sheets in place and offers a soft/comfortable sleeping surface
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78 x 60 x 22 inches
  • Dimensions of the frame – 64 x 54 x 11.5 inches
  • Duffle bag for compact storage


insta ez convenient for sleepovers


Let’s follow things up with some of the positive user experiences:

  • I saw this air bed in a Sky Mall advertisement and was pretty surprised that I got a better price when I ordered it on Amazon. It makes for one great guest bed when I need to whip something out for unexpected visitors. I especially like the 3 different levels of firmness
  • The air mattresses have really gone a long way from crappy and cheap pieces of rubber to something as comfortable as my regular bed. Your guests won’t wake up with sore back after sleeping on this Insta for sure
  • I like the frame bit. It gives me that feel like I’m sleeping on an actual bed. The whole thing functions without a hitch, and it just “unfolds” as the mattress inflates
  • This inflatable bed is DA BOMB! It inflates super fast, and I really like to watch while it does its thing. With my old mattress pad, it feels 100% like the overpriced bed in my bedroom
  • I can sit on the edge thanks to the frame like I would on a regular bed. The wheeled carry bag makes it very easy to pack, store away or move around
  • We bought this portable bed for our cabin, and it has exceeded our expectations so far. The thing I personally like the most is how well it sits on the ground. The frame keeps it riveted in place, so there are no sliding shenanigans
  • Great for my aching back. Super firm, holds air and doesn’t cause pressure points
  • We took it twice to our travels already, and it works exactly as advertised. Those air mattress reviews we’ve read were 100% accurate
  • It didn’t lose any air for the first week since we’re using it. I don’t know if it’s because of the auxiliary pump or whatever, but it stayed super firm this whole time. If the second pump did some topping off, we didn’t hear it
  • The setup process took us like under 10 minutes
  • I really like how silent the secondary pump is. There’s no startling me in the middle of the night anymore. I never hear a thing
  • The price tag seems more than fair now that we actually gave this air mattress a proper run
  • We decided to buy it as our guest bed instead of turning my office into a guest room. It’s super easy to setup and store away, which makes it a perfect solution if you have a small house, big family and a lot of frequent guests
  • The bed is much warmer than your regular on-the-floor air mattresses
  • Our house guest are raving about the comfort of this EZ bed. It’s like having a great regular bed that you can throw into a closet
  • Excellent customer service! The one I got failed to inflate the first time I tried. Long story short, I got a replacement in record time, and I didn’t even have to return the faulty mattress


frame of the ez fully deployed


Some CONs we’ve chosen:

  • The primary pump is pretty loud. It doesn’t really mattress, though, as long as NeverFLAT NeverMAKES a sound
  • My mother had a tough time getting in and out of this bed due to its height. Besides that, it was a smooth ride
  • All the indentations on the surface aren’t nearly as comfortable as they appeared. I threw a cheap topper over it, and that solved the problem
  • It’s pretty heavy when packed into the wheeled bag that came with it

Our 2 cents about the runner up in the category of best air mattress for guests

OK, so let’s get the two main complaint out of the way – the pump and the bulk.




Yes, this air mattress is heavy when packed. That’s why the carry bag has wheels. The manufacturers knew it was heavy. Honestly, with a massive steel frame like that, it was pretty much to be expected. As we already said, we’ll have to trade some weight for extra height and comfort.

The main pump is loud, but we need it to do its thing once and let the NeverFLAT carry the baton.

Some customers reported the uncomfortable indentations, which were “solved” with a cheap topper.

On the other hand, positive sides of this portable bed are just too many to number. You’ve had a small glimpse in our PRO section, but you can always head out to Amazon and read some more.

So, this is one solid piece of inflatable furniture, period. It’s no wonder it holds the 2nd position this whole time. If we’re honest, and we always try to be, it’s probably never gonna catch up to the SoundAsleep representative, but the perpetual 2nd place is nothing to sneeze at either.

Serta EZ Queen Size Air Bed – placed third as “top guest choice”

This is a very similar model to the one we’ve just talked about, so you can expect a slight feeling of deja-vu from our last mattress in this update.

So, let’s get straight to work and see how this Serta is currently rated:

Serta EZ - Queen






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable, sturdy construction
  • Durable and well-made
  • No air leaks; good air pumps
  • Prevents motion-transfer
  • Good for back pain


  • Heavy when fully inflated
  • Expensive
  • Short-term plastic smell
  • Too firm for some buyers


see ratings here one line


“DNA” of the Serta:

  • One mattress with two pumps
  • 4 minutes inflation/deflation time for the primary pump. The secondary pump maintains the chosen firmness setting
  • Wide range of comfort levels (plush to firm)
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Wheeled duffle bag included
  • Flocked top
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78 x 60 x22 inches
  • Frame measurements – 64 x 54 x 11.5 inches

Product specifications between the two also look alike a lot. So, let’s see if the customers have equally positive experiences.

queen size of the serta ezy

Chosen parts from the positive feedback we received on the Serta EZ:

  • Very easy to set up. We’ve had my cousin stay for a couple of days, and he said the mattress was very comfortable. We’ve spread some extra large sheets, and he honestly thought it was just a regular bed
  • The height is perfect for easy getting in and out. Also, the sides are pretty firm, and the frame adds extra firmness, so I can sit down, take my slippers off, have a glass of water and then hit the sack
  • Best temporary bed I got  for sleepovers I owned so far. We’ve had 3 different air beds, and they’ve all left our guest room quicker than they entered. They all bit the dust after just a couple of uses, but this one is different. We bought it 3 months ago, and it’s been slept on for 10+ times. No leaks, no sagging… Perfect!
  • We just bought another one for our son’s dorm. We already have one at home, and we know what an amazing contraption this mattress is
  • This was our temporary air mattress during the move. It was more than comfortable, and it held the two of us no problem. Great value for the money. Now it’s sitting in the closet until some visitors drop by
  • It’s our spare mattress for about a year now. It’s been slept on countless of times, and it’s still going strong. There are no signs of wear, the connections are still holding, and it’s still very comfortable. Great value for the price!
  • Unlike all the other air mattresses I’ve owned, this one holds the air IN! I’ve never heard the secondary pump working, so I can’t really tell if it ever activated or not
  • My brother stayed with us for a month, and he’s a pretty big guy. We bought this air bed especially for that occasion, and he said it was more than comfortable. He also said he didn’t feel the all too familiar pressure on the shoulders and hips. He woke up perfectly rested every morning and something tells me he’s about to buy one
  • The material feels thicker and higher quality than my previous air mattress
  • The mattress is very supportive. It keeps my back perfectly aligned, and it has almost eliminated the pain I used to feel every single morning. Not to mention sore muscles and stiff shoulders. All of that almost completely gone!


self deployment this best inflatable for guests


Some CONs worth mentioning:

  • I didn’t expect it to be this heavy when deflated and packed into the bag
  • I wish the surface were completely flat without all the extra grooves
  • I didn’t realize I had to manually push the legs of the frame once I deflate it. The advertisement said “self-deploying frame”
  • It said it was intended for camping among other things. However, it requires a household voltage in order to work

Summing up of the review

Serta and Insta EZ beds are very similar products, as we already mentioned. Thus, the PROs and CONs are similar as well.

Everything we heard about Insta applies here too. The CONs are almost identical.

So, the main deciding factor between these two was the amount of copies sold. People just seem to dig Insta more for some reason. They had similar test results as well.

What we’re trying to say is, whether you opt for Insta or Serta EZ, you’ll end up with the same product basically. They even look almost the same.

So, this air mattress is tried and true as far as we and diligent customers are concerned.

Conclusion of the guide on best air mattress for guest

We hope you enjoyed the read as much as we enjoyed putting it together for the past two months. We’ll complete the story with extra test results soon, both in-house and coming from our featured testers.

There were no “fireworks” this time in terms of placement changes, but we sure hope something dramatic happens in time for the next guide. Highly unlikely, judging by the past few updates, but one can hope, right?

Sleep tight and see ya in 2 months.

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