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What is the best air mattress for long term / everyday use?

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TOP 3 air mattress picks for everyday use

Because of its health benefits (mostly back pain relief) an air mattress has become an option many people choose for long terms use. This guide lists the TOP 3 best air mattresses for everyday use if you are one of the people thinking about going down this road.

Not all airbeds are created equal and that’s especially important if you are getting an airbed that you’ll be using everyday and not a guest bed that you’ll use for a few nights and store away for the next few months. It all comes down to materials, comfort durability and the air retention.

Before we start branching out this story, let’s take a quick look at our winners for this update.

The TOP 3 best air mattresses for everyday use

Picture & RatingModel
Link to Amazon Ratings
SoundAsleep Dream Series top ratedSoundAsleep
Dream Series
see its ratings here
simply sleeper second bestSimplySleeper
see its ratings here
Insta Bed Ez no3 everyday useInsta-Bed
Ez Queen
see its ratings here
Last updated – March 2019

This months update brings no significant changes. There was a lot of pulling involved in getting on our TOP 3 list, but the final results is similar to that of the previous update.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen and SimplySleeper SS-58RF are still riveted on the first two places, and we honestly don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Head-to-head comparison of the top 3 bed for long term use

comparison sound asleep
comparison simply sleeper
Insta Bed Ez Bed comparison
Sound Asleep
Dream Series
Ez Queen
Air Retention94/10087/10087/100
Value for money95/10087/10081/100
Overall Rating94 / 10089 / 10085 / 100
ColorBlue - TanTanTan
SizesTwin - QueenFullQueen
Height19 "18 "22 "
See User Reviews
on Amazon
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table graysee on amazon comparison table gray

Let’s waste no time and start reviewing these bad boys to see what makes them tick.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress – top-rated for long-term use in the last 6 updates

Its current category ratings

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)

This line of products has been ubiquitous in whatever ultimate guides it could possibly rank for.

Compared to our previous update, Queen Size got an extra point in comfort, which continues bringing it ever so closer to an almost perfect score. It’s the winner in a number of categories including top choice overall and best-high rise air mattresses.

The basic information:

  • Leading design in the industry – Comfort Coil Technology provides increased durability/support via 40 air coils
  • Built-in pump is patented and offers quick inflation/deflation (3 minutes)
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78 x 58 x 19 inches
  • Raised double-high air mattress
  • Dual chamber construction
  • The bottom features a “Sure-grip” technology to prevent the unwelcome sliding
  • The material features increased thickness and multiple layers for added puncture resistance and durability
  • Carry bag included
  • Guarantee – 1 year

We’ve seen this product specification so many times on our site, I think we all probably know it by heart by now.

best air mattress for long term everyday use

Here’s why users chose this airbed as the best everyday solution:

  • The number 1 thing I want in an air mattress is for it to hold air! This might sound like a basic thing to expect, but I’ve had so many problems with my old air beds it really became a “make it or break it” kind of a thing. Luckily, my new main bed doesn’t suffer from “air-leaking” malady, so I can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep without the fear of waking up on the ground in the morning
  • This air bed was the best investment ever! It was just over a hundred bucks for permanent mattress that looks and feels like it’s gonna last me a lifetime
  • I don’t really know how to put it, but I really like the overall feel of this mattress. Not in terms of comfort but quality. I could see it was different from my previous 3 models as soon as I unpacked it. The material feels much thicker, the construction is solid, and the overall finish looks very precise and, well, clean
  • It’s also great for camping. The free bag really does the job
  • The main reason behind me getting this bed is that I saw people with back pain problems praising it. I can attest that it really does help, at least it helped me.
  • I really needed a good main bed after the move, and I wasn’t looking to spend a fortune either. A friend of mine recommended SoundAsleep, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s both cheap and high-quality sleeping solution I would never even think off if it weren’t for my friend
  • The height of this air mattress is just perfect! It looks like a real bed, and I don’t have that “bedroom camping” feeling as with the low-rise I previously slept on
  • This portable bed is such a sweet deal! I didn’t fully believe the online reviews I’ve read, but they were true to the letter. I’ve paid more than 400 dollars for my previous air mattress, and I swear SoundAsleep is even better in some aspects. Great buy, highly recommend it!
  • I especially like the flocked top. The material is very soft and pleasant to the touch while keeping my favorite sheets firmly in place
  • We started out using it as our guest bed, only to buy another one as our main bed. We figured we can’t get a top-quality regular mattress at this price. This portable bed feels more comfortable than our previous spring mattress and costs a couple of times less
  • It’s fully inflated in just a couple of minutes, and it’s just as easy to take down once our guest go
  • We’ve been using it as our permanent mattress for more than 6 months now, and it still looks like the day we unpacked it!
  • The sides are firm as well, so we can sit on our bed before slipping in, and the said |”slipping” is much easier when you don’t have to navigate around flimsy sides of the mattress
  • The center is still super firm and straight. No sagging or sinking in whatsoever

top choice for frequent home use of an airbed

Let’s see what the users didn’t like:

  • The pump is definitely a beast, but just a bit too loud for me. Luckily, the mattress itself holds air like there’s no tomorrow, so we use the pump every couple of weeks or so
  • This air mattress reaches Queen Size only if you inflate it to the max. If you want a bit of a softer feel, you’ll end up with a shorter and narrower bed
  • The bed is almost perfect, but I wish it were just a little higher. Making a raised air mattress is definitely a step in the right direction, now just to make it somewhat “taller”
  • The only thing I didn’t like about this mattress is the fact that it was too “deep” for my favorite Queen Size sheets

Our final thoughts on the airbed rated as the top choice for day-to-day regular use

The first thing we need to get out of the way is the fact that SoundAsleep doesn’t recommend this model as an airbed for long-term use.


But nothing… People use it as their main bed for a long time now, and we’re witnessing more and more positive reviews.


top rated airbed for prolonged use


We believe SoundAsleep wanted to have it covered as far as the warranty goes. Namely, if you admit you’ve been using this model as your main mattress, they won’t give you a replacement.

However, customers shared a ton of their reports with us, and they keep on doing so every month. They found no major issues or structural flaws throughout their runs with this model, and it is our strong opinion this is the best air mattress for everyday use.

What do we base that on?

Our in-house and outsourced tests paired with experiences the users shared with us after buying and using this bed.

Every mattress we get our hands on, which is every single one we ever mentioned here goes through a series of rigorous tests.

We have:

  • Pressure (air retention) test
  • Puncture test (outsourced)

That’s how WE get to the overall rating in those 5 categories we always mention, and this model performed like a champ throughout every possible thing we threw at it.

We can’t fail to mention it also has over a dozen thousands of user reviews on Amazon, and a pretty generous rating considering that fact.

As far as the final rating go, the overall comfort got a 1-point increase compared to the situation two months ago.

So, let’s state the obvious once more. SoundAsleep Dream Series is a vastly superior line of products compared to everything else even way above its price range. The end results are topped solely by Innomax Medallion, which is a luxury 2500+ dollar air mattress. It excels in pretty much everything, but we have to single out the overall comfort and durability.

If your budget is tight, but you still need an excellent permanent mattress, look no further. Our testing bombardment and 8.5k user reviews on Amazon alone all point out the same thing…

This is one top-of-the-line air mattress unmatched by any other model on the market currently.

Enough said.

SimplySleeper SS-58RF Raised Air Mattress

One of the few air mattresses for everyday use that can surpass our winner, at least, in one category.

Let’s go over the basic specs shared by the manufacturer:

  • Durmothane Polyester patented and breathable Laminate Technology
  • The built-in pump is also patented and very easy to use (under 4 minutes, one of the best in the industry – you can see our guide that include the best standalone electric pumps and inflatable chairs here)
  • Inflated size – 74 x 55 x 18 inches
  • Oval coil construction
  • Maximum weight – 600 lbs
  • Folded size – 14.75 x 9 x 17 inches
  • The 3-layered material is soft to the touch, puncture-resistant and air-tight
  • 3-min inflation/deflation

Current ratings (take a special note of the durability rating)

SimplySleeper SS-58RF






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable
  • Extremely durable
  • Doesn’t leak air
  • Solid construction
  • Good for back pain


  • Squeaking sounds while new

The SS-58RF is also listed in the TOP 3 most durable and reliable airbeds (currently at the very top of that list) and it’s one of the few beds that we like to call “beasts” around the office because of one crucial difference to most models – the extra thick PVC.

It eliminates it as an option for a camping trip but makes it a great choice if you are looking for a bed that will last for years.

simply sleeper extra durable runner up category airbeds permanent

Positive consumer feedback on why the SS-58RF might be a good permanent bed:

  • I especially like the height of this air mattress. I can get in and out of the bed without turning my spine into mush. I used to sleep on a low-rise air mattress before, but this is my main and permanent bed from now on!
  • The first night was enough for us to fall in love with this air bed. It’s just so comfortable we couldn’t believe we used to sleep on our old spring mattress for so long
  • We’re using it as our main bed for about 6 months, and it doesn’t show any signs of deterioration whatsoever
  • Unlike our previous air mattress, this one actually hold air whole night long. We did some topping off until the material stretched to its full size, but it was a smooth sailing from there. Haven’t refilled it for a week and a half or so
  • Very easy to set everything up, and deflating and storing it away is just as fast
  • I really like sleeping on an air mattress, but my previous model left a bitter taste with its flimsy seams and connections. So, naturally, it was the first thing I checked and the one I pay the closest attention to. The connections looked promising when I first got it, and I haven’t seen any delamination in 3 moths that I owned it.
  • The price was pretty great to begin with, but add a hefty discount into the mix and I got myself a winner. It started out as a secondary bed for unexpected guests, only to become my permanent mattress after a while. Worth every penny!
  • The delivery was super quick, and the price seemed pretty low once I checked out the competition
    • This is the first air mattress comfortable enough not to use an additional pad or foam topper. It kept air for a couple of months now, I lost count, to be honest
  • I bought it for my son as a temporary solution for his new apartment, and he’s still using it as his main bed. He moved out 3 months ago, and I offered to buy him a regular bed, but he wants none of it
  • The pump is really easy to operate, and it inflates the bed extra fast

Some of the CONs new users shared with us:

  • I’m a really tall guy, so if you’re stretching beyond 6’, this little guy will be somewhat short for you
  • It’s pretty comfortable, but I’m a cushion freak! So, I’d definitely appreciate just a little more of a cushiony feel on the top
  • The only thing we’d consider a downside with this air mattress is the sound when it touches hardwood floor. It makes them when we turn or try to move. We’re definitely considering putting some kind of a rug underneath it. That should pretty much solve the problem
  • I don’t like the raised lip encircling the mattress. I don’t see the point, and it interferes with the overall comfort


ss 58rf bedrrom set up


Our conclusion about the airbeds durability if used day-to-day

Right off the bat, durability is where this air mattress truly shines. That’s the rating category in which it beat SoundAsleep model, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

This portable bed is a tank, and it’s made to be used, not coddled and looked after.

The comfort is also one of the highly praised features of this model. Buyers say this is one of the rare examples where an extra topper might not even be a necessity for ultimate comfort. The material of choice is high-quality and very pleasant to the touch. It’s also highly puncture-resistant, which just adds to the overall durability.

SimplySleeper models always boast a lot patented technologies, which only adds to the overall feeling of buying a premium product.

Finally, the price is highly proportionate to the quality offered. Many new users even said they felt like they got more than they paid for.

Insta-Bed EZ Queen Size Air Mattress

We finally reached the point where we can talk a bit about our recent newcomer.

It replaced the Fox model in the nick of time solely based on the recent increase in sales. More copies sold means more reviews, means more ratings. It’s a double-edged sword, though. More bad ratings could bury the mattress never to see the light of day again since they also increase the divider. That didn’t happen here, though, and Insta Ez won the 3rd place fair and square.

Insta EZ’s rating at the moment:

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable with a flocked top
  • Patented and silent neverFLAT pump
  • Elevated frame
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Quick inflation/deflation


  • Vinyl smell for a short while
  • Indentations are uncomfortable for some
  • Too high for some elderly consumers
  • Loud main pump

Let’s see what’s under the hood of Insta EZ – third best rated bed for long term home use:

  • Contains 2 air pumps
  • The primary pump takes less than 4 min for full inflation/deflation
  • Secondary, NeverFLAT pump constantly monitors the firmness of the mattress and refills it when needed
  • High level of firmness customizability
  • Easy setup
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Flocked top
  • Dimensions while fully inflated – 78 x 60 x 22 inches
  • Dimensions of the frame – 64 x 54 x 11.5 inches
  • Includes a duffel bag with wheels

ez insta top3 inflatables for constant usage

User experiences with using the Insta EZ as a permanent solution:

  • This is the best airbed for long term use since it’s much warmer than our two previous air mattresses. The fact that it doesn’t directly touch the ground makes all the difference. The frame sets itself up, and it keeps the mattress way above the floor
  • The mattress is definitely made very well since it holds me and my husband who’s no small guy. The best thing is, there’s no motion transfer when my hubby decides to throw a turning tantrum
  • Finally, an air mattress that can hold my favorite sheets and not just pull them from under me as soon as I think of turning around
  • I’ve always had this problem where my air mattresses “move” as I sleep. You just need a hardwood floor slippery enough and BINGO!! This one has a metal frame, which keeps it grounded all night long
  • I use one for camping, and the other is our main bed back at the house. I just pop this bad boy in the back of my truck and sleep like a boss throughout the whole camping trip
  • The design reminds of a regular bed basically. The frame elevates the mattress, so it looks like a real bed once I throw some fitted sheets on it
  • The pump is great, and it seems more than capable to inflate this bad boy at a moment’s notice. I’ve never heard the second one. Either it’s too quiet when it works, or it doesn’t need to intervene at all.
  • My back problems escalated last year. I was barely able to move and, alongside other things I had to do, I bought this air mattress. It keeps my back perfectly aligned, and I’m in top shape every morning. No sore muscles, no aching back or stiff neck and shoulders
  • We couldn’t believe the price once we saw this portable bed! This is an air mattress with the closest resemblance to a regular bed, which we’ll probably never use again

insta ez rated third best blow up bed for logstanding use

The negative feedback on the Insta we chose to present:

  • This thing is heavy, even when not inflated and packed inside the duffel bag. It’s not a viable camping option unless you’re going by car
  • The primary pump is quite loud. Lucky for us, the mattress doesn’t seem to be leaking ANY air so we won’t be hearing the main pump in a long time probably
  • This mattress is just too high for elderly citizens. The frame gives it even more height, which would be a great thing if it weren’t bought for my mother
  • The indentations throughout the surface of the mattress are quite uncomfortable in my opinion. Luckily, I solved the problem with a simple, cheap foam topper
  • The plastic smell was pretty sharp once I unboxed this mattress. It’s not my first rodeo, so I just left it to air out for a while, and the scent was completely gone.

Final thoughts about the top 3 inflatables rated most durable

The main selling point with this mattress are air retention and the pump quality. Probably even the pump quantity in this particular case.

The primary pump is a top-of-the-line product, which inflates the mattress in just a few minutes. NeverFLAT part of the story keeps your desired level of firmness at all times. This is what we call a NeverFLAT combo, which makes sure your main bed is always up to standard when it comes to your comfort preferences.

The overall performance on our other tests was satisfactory as well, which can be seen from its grades inside the table at the beginning of the guide.

This model is still coming, so it’ll be quite interesting seeing what happens next. We don’t think it’ll be able to threaten the SimplySleeper, but weirder things have happened on 3Beds.

Conclusion of the guide on the top 3 inflatables for permanent / main bed usage

We hope you found this update informative and interesting.

It’s one of those categories where SoundAsleep reigns supreme, but 2nd and 3rd place are always up for grabs. We just witnessed Fox losing the 3rd position to Insta Ez out of the blue.

The article on our re-testing of these models is soon to be published, so we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

We’ve already started gathering new data for our next update, and Oscar has a very interesting test in mind, but we’ll talk more in exactly two months.

Sleep tight and catch ya in the next update.

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  • What is the best air mattress for long term / everyday use?

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  1. Tammy

    November 9, 2017 at 3:57 pm


    I agree by far with the Sound Asleep as the best. However, I developed a hole in the top middle by the seem in one of the circles and found using it every day voids the warranty. Just an fyi…



    • Tammy

      November 9, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      This hole was developed after less than 3 months of use.


    • James

      December 13, 2017 at 11:42 am

      Hi Tammy, yes, like with all airbeds that can happen. Our criteria for this guide is the incidence of how often it happens and yes, most inflatables will come with a disclaimer that they are not designed for everyday use.

      I don’t mean to be blunt, but if you need something more durable, you might want to check out our guide on heavy duty (most durable) air mattresses here.


  2. Brenda Hubbard

    September 15, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    I’m looking for a good and long lasting air mattress one that’s gonna last longer than 6mo. I have a Intex now I’ve had it for maybe 6 -7mo. The seams are leaking air like crazy. It’s one of the taller ones its Easy to get out of. I’m tired of wasting money on an air bed every 6 months Can someone give me an idea of which air mattress would be the best for daily use


    • James

      November 16, 2020 at 2:27 pm

      Hi Brenda, this guide is aimed at just that. So, just take a look at the table at the top. Thanks


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