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EZ air mattresses are one of the most popular categories on 3beds.com and the trend has been evident over the last few years.

From what we heard from the people that asked us questions and shared reviews of the EZ airbeds, the main reason is the fact that an EZ bed is the closest you can come to the experience of a real high-end bed while still using an air mattress.

This is the 15th update of this guide

No fireworks like the last time, I’m afraid. The positioning remains unchanged with Insta EZ bed leading the way, followed closely by Serta EZ bed and the EZ model from SimplySleeper. These beds cost more but are still within “normal” prices, the next level are the luxury air mattresses and adjustable beds.

EZ air mattress – ratings of top picks

Picture & RatingModel
See its Amazon Rating
best ez air mattress the insta
Insta EZ
see its ratings here
second top reviewed ezy airbed
Serta EZ
see its ratings here
second top reviewed ezy airbed
SimplySleeper EZT

*currently unavailable

Last updated: 2023

Let’s check their characteristics in our “clash of the titans” part of the guide.

second top reviewed ezy airbed

ez beds comparison 1
ez beds comparison 1
comparison ezt image 3
Best EZ - Insta Queen2nd place
Serta EZ
3rd place
SS EZT Hideaway
Comfort85 / 10084 / 10081 / 100
Durability85 / 10081 / 10080 / 100
Air retention87 / 10085 / 10079 / 100
Pump87 / 10081 / 10079 / 100
Value for money81 / 10083 / 10077 / 100
OVERALL RATING85 / 10082 / 10079 / 100
ColorTanBeige (light tan)Beige
Height (")222224
see on amazon comparison table orangesee on amazon comparison table gray
*currently unavailable

So, what DID change with our EZ air mattresses??

First of all, we did a lot of new and interesting tests, both in-house and outsourced, with a ton of new user experiences to back the whole story up.

You’ll be able to read all about our test results in a follow-up article due to be published soon, but we’ll hint at some more important ones here as well.

We’ve contacted hundreds of recent buyers for an elaborate opinion on the products, so you’ll be able to hear some new experiences hot off the press. I think the sheer bulk of new info makes a pretty compelling case for staying with us ‘till the end of the article, so let’s waste no time and start dishing out the goods.

EZ Inflate air mattresses – deeper looks

As you probably already know, if you read any of the other articles on 3Beds, our ultimate guides are dedicated primarily to user feedback and our general conclusions regarding certain products.

Here are the moving parts of our digest EZ inflatable bed reviews:

  • We start out with the product specification provided by the manufacturer. This provides a proper introduction and a solid foundation for what’s to come
  • Positive and negative user reviews come next. Colloquially known as Pros and CONs section
  • Finally, we button the story up with pour own impressions and opinions

Now that we got the basics down, we can get some actual work done. Time to (re)introduce our winners for this update.

Insta EZ Bed – Queen

Our winner from the last update as well, Insta is a well-know player when it comes to the market of inflatable mattresses.

They’re known for their lavish product specifications, so we can expect to get A LOT of info just in our first step of the three (3 steps – 3 reviews – 3 beds, it all comes in threes with us).

Current ratings of the best EZ air mattress:

Insta EZ






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

Let’s hear what Insta had to say about this model:

the bed in a house environment

  • 2 pumps – primary pump inflates/deflates the mattress in under 4 minutes; NeverFLAT pump silently monitors the air pressure and keeps the mattress inflated to your preference at all times
  • Multiple comfort levels ranging from plush to firm
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Easy to set up: plug it in, turn it on and just walk away
  • Flocked top is durable, soft, comfortable and keeps the sheets tightly in place
  • Compact wheeled duffle bag for easy storage and convenient travel
  • Inflated size – 78” x 60” x 22”
  • Size of the frame – 64” x 54” x 11.5”
  • Available for phone calls and E-mails for any additional questions

We’re already used to seeing very informative and lengthy introductions from Insta.

It makes our job all that much more interesting since there’s much more things to confirm or deny through our testing circuit and user contact.

Positive experiences users shared in their reviews of this EZ air mattress:

  • Both of the pumps work without a hitch! The primary one works even faster than stated… Well, if we’re honest, I never even heard the NeverFLAT pump going off. All I know is that I never felt any change in the firmness of the mattress overnight. I don’t know if it doesn’t lose air at all, or the secondary pump is just that quiet, and honestly, I don’t care. The important thing is that it doesn’t lose any air, EVER!
  • Lightning fast shipping! We didn’t even order the fancy shipping option since we wanted to save a couple of bucks, and it still arrived two days before the set date. The packaging was also very secure and professionally done
  • I can’t feel any vibrations or bounce when my husband decides to enter his “restless sleeper” mode
  • I tried everything for my chronic lower back pain, and the “magic solution” boiled down to air and some rubber, I guess. I can simply feel my back being supported properly, and it’s done wonders for me. The pain isn’t completely gone, but I can get away with a full night’s sleep. No sore muscles or stiff shoulders every morning also
  • It takes very little space in our storage room
  • We have two of these! One is our permanent bed, and one is used for guests. The height is just perfect! It looks just like a regular bed when I throw my favorite sheets over it, and it feels every bit as comfortable. It’s also incredibly easy to set up, so unexpected guests are no biggy with this bad boy around
  • We’re using it in our bedroom for 6 months now, and it still looks and feels brand new. The surface is super firm and just the way it was in the beginning. No bulges or holes in the middle whatsoever
  • The sides of this Insta EZ bed are incredibly firm! It’s not like I can jump all over them and not slide down, but I can sit pretty comfortably. Take my slippers off, drink a grass of water, put my glasses down and then hit the sheets
  • The connections look very solid, so I think we’ll be hanging out together for a loooong time. There are no traces of glue anywhere, and everything is done and connected with surgical precision
  • It’s pretty lightweight, even when fully inflated, which is a real thinker for me since air mattresses tend to be quite heavy. We can move it easily without having to deflate it
blue insta ez

Occasionally, you can find the Insta EZ in blue (rarely though) – the issue of the bed going out of stock(the regular tan version, too)is well known to those who follow the market

What some users didn’t like and shared in their reviews of the Insta EZ:

  • I didn’t like the little “holes” on the surface of the mattress. It makes it feel pretty uncomfortable for me, so I had to throw a cheap foam topper over it to solve this issue
  • This air bed is pretty heavy to carry around. No wonder the duffle bag comes with wheels. They knew how heavy it was
  • I suppose my only problem would be the price. My monthly budget really took a hit when I bought it, but it’s definitely worth the money
  • It had a plastic odor in the beginning, like all the other air mattresses we ever owned. We already knew we had to air it out for a day or two in order to get rid of the smell, and it did the trick

Our final thoughts on this EZ inflatable bed

couple enjoying on the insta ez with neverflat pump

The frame and the chambered inner construction of the Insta EZ minimizes motion transfer and sinking to the middle (common issue with airbeds) – comfortably sleeps two people

With an overall rating of 85/100, it’s no wonder this model took the cake 4 months in the row.

There was a slight change in the comfort rating (now it’s 85/100), caused by increased sales over the last two months, followed by an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

We can best perceive Insta EZ bed if we compare it to their raised model. We’ve often heard the numbers being thrown around, and yes, raised version is some 100 dollars cheaper, but for good reason. It’s an excellent product, don’t get me wrong, and we’ve written about it already, but EZ bed is a whole new level.

Generally, you’ll buy EZ if you’re looking to getting as close as possible to that “regular bed” feel. Even with the increased height, people often times feel like they’re camping in their bedrooms, and having a proper bed frame nullifies that experience. The frame also accounts for better overall support and the stability of the bed.

So, if you want a proper picture, go on and take a look at the reviews of the raised Insta air mattress, and you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions. The usual things like comfort, durability and such are pretty much on the same level, but having a sturdy and elevated bed frame really enriches the sleeping experience, whether you’re camping out or staying at home.

Serta EZ Bed Queen

Serta model always had a lot of striking similarities with Insta but has always lagged behind for some reason. Still, it’s the second best ezy bed and has been for some time now. Let’s see what it’s made of.

Ratings of the second top-rated EZ air mattress:

Serta EZ - Queen






Air retention




Value for money



  • Comfortable, sturdy construction
  • Durable and well-made
  • No air leaks; good air pumps
  • Prevents motion-transfer
  • Good for back pain


  • Heavy when fully inflated
  • Expensive
  • Short-term plastic smell
  • Too firm for some buyers

see ratings here one line

Specs Serta provided for us:

compact storage of serta ez

Serta EZ comes with a compact wheeled storage

  • Two pumps
  • The primary pump takes approx 4 min to fully inflate or deflate the mattress; the secondary pump (NeverFLAT) maintains the air pressure according to your desired settings
  • Different comfort options (plush through medium up to firm)
  • Self-deploying frame
  • Easy setup
  • Flocked top for better comfort and anti-slipping
  • Inflated measurements – 78” x 60” x 22”
  • Size of the frame – 64” x 54” x 11.5”
  • Duffle bag has wheels for better mobility

Serta and Insta EZ inflatable beds are essentially the same product, but Insta sells way better for some reason. Our opinion is that the devil is in the details, the frame of the Insta is just a tad sturdier, the PVC feels more durable and the weight distribution is better.

Just some food for thought while we’re reviewing EZ air mattresses.

Here’s what the users liked about the second best ezy bed:

  • The height is just perfect! It feels like a real bed, especially with my favorite set of sheets over it. Another great thing is that it doesn’t feel so cold even in cooler temperatures since it’s raised from the ground and not directly on it
  • My husband and I fit perfectly on this bed, and he’s quite a big guy. The mattress holds us without a problem and doesn’t lose air overnight
  • The surface of the mattress is pretty firm, both in the center and on the edges. There’s also no motion transfer, so I don’t feel a thing when my husband decides to spin around like crazy
  • The top and the bottom of this EZ bed are both doing their respective jobs. The flocked top is quite soft and pleasant to the touch, and the steel frame keeps it grounded in its starting position without the pesky sliding all over our bedroom
  • This is a perfect mobile bed for when I’m on the road for work. Since that’s pretty much always, I use it quite a lot and, so far, I have only pleasant things to say about it. It’s not too much of a trouble to carry around thanks to the wheels on the duffle bag, and it makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep I’m getting
  • When I throw some fitted sheets over it, it looks just like a regular bed. You basically can’t tell the difference if you don’t already know it’s an air mattress
  • I can finally forget about my morning routine I’ve been doing for a couple of years now. I have severe back, shoulder and muscle stiffness problems, so I had to stretch for, at least, and hour before I could get semi-functional in the morning. The proper support this little guy offers made all the difference. I wake up with far less pain, and the overall feeling of stiffness in my muscles is all but gone
  • We bought two of these, one for us, and one for any potential guests. It’s incredibly comfortable, and my granddaughters just love watching it inflate. They say it reminds them of a big bug coming to life
  • It doesn’t take up much storage space, so it’s no problem storing it away quickly when we’re not using it. Setting it up anew is just as quick and easy
  • I never heard the NeverFLAT pump activating, but this inflatable bed NEVER lost air so far. So, whether it holds air like mad, or the secondary pump is just that quiet. I like it, whatever it is of the two
setting up the serta ez bed

Setting up the Serta EZ – step-by-step

Reported disadvantages:

  • The primary pump gets pretty loud doing its job. The NeverFLAT one is completely silent, though, which counts the most since it’s supposed to do its thing while we’re asleep
  • This was the new bed I bought for my mother, and the only problem is the height. Her old bed was too high, which was the exact reason we ordered this one, and we still have the same problem. It’s a great bed overall, but too difficult for her to climb onto
  • The indentations on the surface feel somewhat uncomfortable. Nothing a simple topper can’t solve, but their purpose really puzzles me anyway
  • It took the smell of vinyl around two days to completely disappear, but it’s gone now
  • The mattress is just what I was looking for! The only problem is that one of the wheels got hit during the transport, and it fell off. Now, this is one heavy inflatable bed, so tugging it around without all of the wheels is pretty much a pain

Our conclusion

Everything we said about the Insta EZ bed Queen is valid here as well.

As we already stated, these two models are basically pees in a pod, with a slight differences reported by users – our statistics reflect that. Let us give you an example – we did one of our standard surveys of the people that got certain airbeds but used our website as a source of information – here’s how we do it:

  • We ask people to come back and drop us an email after getting the air mattress of their choice
  • We send them a short survey to fill out about the beds
  • We compare the results

Here are a few differences between the Insta and the Serta EZ we found in the survey:

Survey criteriaInsta EZSerta EZ
Reports flaws on arrival2 %4 %
Structural issue within one month (like air leaks)7 %11 %
Pump issues within one month1.5 %2 %
% of users who described this bed as comfortable82 %80 %
% of users who said this mattress was worth the money87 %81 %
see on amazon comparison table orange
see on amazon comparison table gray

we ask people that go through our site and find the advice useful to come back if they do get an air mattress and take a minute to tell us about it. These two EZs (steeply priced as they are) took

You can go for it without looking back. This model too, has our official seal of approval.

SimplySleeper SS-EZT Hideaway Twin-Size Air Bed

Our newcomer from the last update is definitely feeling more domestic this time around.

Let’s peruse some new data we collected over these two months.

Quality category ratings of this EZ airbed:

see ratings here one line


  • Auto opening and closing
  • Strong and durable steel frame with powder coating
  • Support – up to 300 lbs
  • The storage case is wheeled and made of 600 Denier, sturdy polyester
  • Patented integrated electric pump
  • No-touch inflation and deflation
  • Free repair kit
step by step setup of the third top rated ezy bed

The Plug-and-play setup of the EZT (much like the other ezys) is even fun to watch and has been described by one of the users we talked to as “spider turning into a butterfly”

PROs of the third-best EZ as per the user reviews:

  • This air bed is a complete magic! All I have to do is flip the switch, and it does all the work for me. If I knew inflatable mattresses were this convenient, I would’ve made the switch long time ago
  • We bought is as our guest bed, and it was one of the best decisions we made in quite a while. It takes little over a minute to fully inflate, I throw some sheets over it, and we have a full-blown (no pun intended) bed for our visitors
  • The wheeled bag is really handy, and makes everything that much easier. It has a handle, and it’s really easy to roll around, even though, the mattress is reasonably heavy when deflated
  • It offers different options when it comes to firmness, so our guests can adjust it just the way they like it. Regulars beds could never offer this kind of customizability, unless you can buy a couple of extra mattresses and keep them in storage, of course
  • The material the mattress is made of is very thick, and I don’t think it’ll puncture easily. I’ve had camping mattresses made out of thinner material than this, and this one is intended for home use. I can only imagine what SimplySleeper camping mattresses feel like
  • The height is some 21” from the floor, which is perfect for my father to get on and off the bed without extra hardships. It’s also very comfortable and doesn’t cause pressure point, which is a great plus since my father spends the biggest part of the day lying down
  • We bought this inflatable bed as a last resort for my husband’s back problems. It hasn’t gotten any easier for him over the years, and we decided to give it a shot. He says he can’t believe the changes he’s been experiencing. I can also see it in his mood throughout the day. The pain isn’t gone completely, but the mattress got it to a more manageable spot. Thank you SimplySleeper for “giving” me my husband back!
  • The connections are well-glued together, and the frame feels more than sturdy. I must admit, it looked kinda flimsy in the pictures, but once you get on this bed, you can feel how solid and stable it really is
  • I’ve read so many air mattress reviews my head was spinning for a month! This is the cheapest high-quality sleeping solution I came up with, and it’s the closest I could get to a regular bed without buying one. Regular beds are pain in the neck to purchase. You have to buy the frame and the floor of the bed separately, then comes the mattress, which will probably nuke your budget if it’s tight as mine. This way, I got a bed that’s just as comfortable and durable for just a fraction of the cost. I even caught a great discount on Amazon


  • Our guest told us the only complaint they had was the inability to tuck the sheets in
  • The top doesn’t hold my sheets all that well, so I need to readjust them every morning
  • The frame feels quite stable for now, but the fact that the legs are made of hard plastic kinda concerns me

Our impressions

bedding and pillows on the SS HideawayThis mattress first appeared on our site four months ago, and we haven’t had the chance to deal with it before that.

It’s a model that lives in the shade of its “older brothers” in SimplySleeper catalogue, so people don’t know much about it. The knowledge base online is also quite limited, which explains the low number of online reviews.

The tests combined with user reviews of the EZT Hideaway equals the final rating

That’s why we decided to step in and fill in the void that’s been there ever since this mattress hit the market in 2013. We tested it thoroughly, and came up with some very interesting results. We expected nothing but excellent performance due to the renowned brand of the manufacturer, and that’s pretty much what we got.

We did a slew of our regular tests, followed by some frame-endurance tests as well.

We can say we were pleasantly surprised during both the pressure and tensile tests, and we have to admit we destroyed one of the just so we could measure the thickness of the material. Turns out, it’s on par with the leading names in the industry, so it will be saving you a lot of puncture-related headaches.

Comfort, Durability, Customization

The customers have already spoken about its excellent comfort, durability and the width of customization possibilities.

We decided to have some fun with it along the way, so we put 400 lbs of weight on it just for fun, and we haven’t noticed any structural failures.

All in all, it’s a solid sleeping product left aside for way too long, not to mention unjustly. You can test it out if you have a mattress shop nearby, or you can simply order it from Amazon. We guarantee it’ll perform perfectly.

Conclusion of the guide on best EZ beds

Well, no seismic shifts this time around, but we had enough of those in our previous update.

Things have settled a bit in the meanwhile, so we can predict these are our three main competitors and “EZ beds to beat” in the foreseeable future.

Have fun reading all about them, and hope over to their dedicated reviews for some extra info.

Choose wisely, and see ya in time for the next update.