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It’s been four months since the last update and we finally have some significant changes at the top – the new “king of the hill” among the heavy-duty airbeds is the SoundAsleep Cloud Nine.

The change in most durable air mattress category

This update brings the most significant changes in a while, with the former “champions” either falling out grace because of significant quality changes and sub-par testing results….or being discontinued altogether.

Fret not…

Table of contents

Updated durability and “heavy-dutiness” testing of new arrivals

Some of the new arrivals are rugged, thick, and pretty much indestructible but it’s also a matter of availability. The Simply Sleeper went out of stock way too often and it was a problem for people who wanted to replace the bed.

So, out with the old and in with the new

I’m looking at the statistics as I’m writing this, and Cloud Nine dominates in all durability-related categories – it’s strong and thick, and doesn’t leak. The unpoppable air mattress is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but, if you ask me, it’s worth every cent in the headache-free use.

It’s closely followed by the  Dream Series by Sound Asleep and the Fox. Two out of three airbeds in this category are also listed in the “best air mattress” overall guide. That speaks volumes.

This is one of our go-to guides (along with the most comfortable and best overall) since comfort, air retention, and durability are the most sought-after features people are looking for in a good inflatable bed.

So, without ado, this is the list of updated ratings of airbeds marked as “most-durable” followed by their side-by-side comparison and respective reviews.

Last updated: November 2023

Most durable air mattress – short overview

(note: we apologize in advance because Oly mentions the old SS-48 Rf as the top pick. We’re waiting for the British do-nothing to come back from his holiday in Spain and record an updated video. He does have the most camera-friendly nose in the office, after all).

Overall, durability and thickness ratings of the airbeds

PictureDurability rating
Amazon ratings
most durable air mattress - cloud nine
Cloud Nine


label awarded: most durable
Click here to see its Amazon ratings
sound asleep dream series
Dream Series

label awarded: unpoppable air mattress
Click here to see its Amazon ratings
2nd rated airbed
Fox airbed

key advantage: thick air mattress
Click here to see its Amazon ratings

Side-by-side comparison

cloud nine rugged air mattress

comparison sound asleepcomparison fox plush second best
Cloud NineSoundAsleep
Dream Series
Fox Airbeds
Plush High
Air Retention95/10094/10089/100
Value for money93/10095/10087/100
Overall Rating95 / 10094 / 10089 / 100
ColorBlueBlue / BeigeGray / Dark gray
SizesQueenTwin / QueenTwin XL / Full
Queen / King
California King
Height18 "19 "24 "
Current price
compare the beds button
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Surprising results???

This is the ONLY category where one of the Dream Series models didn’t take the proverbial cake. Both Fox Plush and top-rated Cloud Nine have better durability scores.

Does this mean SoundAsleep Dream Series isn’t durable??


These are the solid air mattresses way above their price tag in all other categories, and their longevity is beyond remarkable. As it turns out, they have met their match in the durability department. But that’s the only department where any model can come even close.

Now that we have three most durable air mattresses in the recent history, we can start dissecting them one by one. After the rest of the tests, we ACTUALLY cut the pieces of the mattresses so we can measure the thickness of the vinyl so that “dissection” part isn’t just an expression.

Individual reviews of the strongest air mattresses

Digest reviews we do for these ultimate guides are shortened iterations of our regular air mattress reviews.

We’ll get to see:

  • The most important product details introduced by the manufacturer
  • PROs and CONs shared by the recent customers
  • Our impressions regarding the specific model

Since we have the basic down, we can start doing some actual work.

Most-durable air mattress overall – the Cloud Nine

cloud nine highest durability airbed 1

Available sizes: Twin, Queen

Special durability feature: Waterproof

Weight limit: 500 lbs

Pump: Dual Smart (integrated) – runs silently in the background and tops it off through the night

see its amazon ratings here

Honorable mention – the SimplySleeper SS-58RF

Current Ratings of the SS-58RF

SimplySleeper SS-58RF






Air retention




Value for money


see ratings here one line

There’s a word of caution we’ll have to preface this review with.

This model simply vanishes off the shelves the moment the new batch arrives, so if you’re interested in getting one, you’ll have to be lightning fast. We have had problems with this airbed when it comes placing it in a price category, it is currently in the price range of 150 to 250 but we always have to keep a close eye on it, because when it runs out of stock you can only get it from re-sellers for 3-4 times the price.

What’s the catch?

This model costs way more than 250 bucks, but now and then it’s available at that price. It’s one of those inside facts we’re sharing with our readers. The next price tag centers around 500, and it goes up to 1k with some sellers.

the most durable airbed - SS-58RF

So, once you see it available at 250 dollars, snatch it before somebody else does if you’re dead-set on getting it.

Specs of this heavy-duty air mattress:

  • Material – Heavy-Gauge PVC (patented and breathable Durmothane)
  • Built-in patented single-piece electric pump (can’t be battery operated)
  • Measurements when fully inflated – 74” x 55” x 18”
  • Oval coil construction
  • Supported weight – up to 600 lbs
  • Folded size – 14.75” x 9” x 17”
  • The material features three different air-tight, puncture-resistant and soft layers
  • 3 minutes needed for full inflation/deflation

We just got a small glimpse at why this mattress simply disappears as soon as the sellers get it. Let’s complete the story with some user feedback.


Positive reviews of of the most durable airbeds:

  • We have three cats in our apartment and use this air mattress as our main bed. Crazy, right? Well, it got here more than two months ago, and it’s still going strong. The material feels much thicker than our previous Coleman that met its untimely end at the paws of our furry little friends
  • My grandsons go against every caution in the manufacturer’s instructions for this inflatable bed. They state NOT to use it as a trampoline, so they naturally made it into their bouncy castle; they say this is NOT a toy, well, you get the picture… In spite of all that abuse, this little guy remains as it was the first day we got it. It’s a survivor!
  • We definitely got our money’s worth out of this inflatable mattress. We used it for 2 years straight as our main bed before we had to order another one
  • This is by far the most reliable airbed, in-spite of the markings on the label I take it camping and have been doing so for a year…it’s yet to let me down
  • This is the toughest airbed we ever owned. We are a family of 4 and with all the camping trips we take we need an inflatable that can take the “abuse”. We usually go through 2-3 of these a year. It’s now been 14 months since we got this Simply Sleeper and it still stands strong.
  • I like the surface of this bed. It doesn’t have any deep indentations to make it uncomfortable. I don’t even need the extra foam topper to have a great night’s sleep
  • I had a shoulder surgery recently, and this portable bed solved my “insomnia” problem once and for all! The pain kept me up for quite a while until a friend recommended I try one of these out. I almost burst into laughter and barely held a straight face, but realized I had nothing to lose ‘cept for a few bucks. It was totally worth it! The surface is simultaneously firm and with enough give to accommodate my painful shoulder without the pesky pressure points. Best advice ever!
  • This is one high-quality air mattress! The material feels very thick and unlike any rubber bed we’ve had before. All the connections appear to be solid and surgically precise, so I think it’s gonna last quite a while
  • It holds air like crazy! My husband and I use it as our permanent bed, and he’s a big guy… The surface remains firm, so I don’t roll over to his side when we’re sleeping, and we had to refill it two times in two weeks of constant use

most durable ss-58RF

Some issues buyers had with it:

  • It’s a comfortable mattress, but just a little bit more cushioning would make it perfect! You can solve this “problem” easily by throwing in an extra topper
  • The entire mattress feels a bit too bouncy to me. I like my sleeping surface as firm as possible because of my bad back, and even on the firmest setting it feels simply too bouncy, for the lack of a better word
  • The only thing that bugs me with this inflatable bed is the pump. Not the quality but the fact that it can’t run on batteries. I’d really like to take this mattress camping, but then I’ll have to have an independent power source
  • The comfort is not the issue here, just the overall finish of the mattress. The texture kinda feels rough and cheap, which just ruins the impression of an otherwise excellent air mattress

Our impressions about the top choice in durability

A solid construction and unbelievable durability for an air mattress is what this model has to offer above anything else.

When a model gets out of our testing circuit with an overall score of 95/100 for durability and beats SoundAsleep along the way, we know we have a keeper.

ss-58RF extra tough pvc

As the customers already said, it can last more than two years of constant use, even though it’s not made to replace a regular bed on a nightly basis. All of the connections are sealed shut, and they’ve performed excellently during our tensile tests. You can see the full review of the SS-58RF here.

You’ll see the results of our thickness measuring in the follow-up article, but I’ll just say this air mattress is as puncture-resistant as they get.

With the score of 90/100 for comfort, we can see the other important factors weren’t left behind to focus on the main selling points. The manufacturers will do that more often than not, though. They’ll spend the budget on one particular feature, and leave the rest at the mercy of the laws of physics. So, we always pay extra attention to make sure we have a good overall product on our hands, not just a durable piece of uncomfortable, un-inflatable rubber (in this case).

So, the team behind 3Beds is unanimous in its wholehearted recommendation of this model. It’s been the “top dog” in this category for 6 updates now, which is over 18 months now…that fact alone speaks volumes.

Fox Plush High-Rise Air Mattress – second most durable heavy-duty air mattress

Fox Plush High Rise






Air retention




Value for money



  • durable & resistant to punctures
  • true to size
  • comfortable top - extra layer of air flow chambers
  • highest - easier to get on and off


  • heavier than other airbeds
  • bulkier - packs bigger
  • reported structural flaws (details in the full review below)

see ratings here one line
If we wanted to associate the word “beast” with any brand of air mattresses out there, it would definitely be Fox.

I’m not quite sure why we’re playing word games instead of writing air mattress reviews, but I’m sure I’m going somewhere with this. Bear with me.

The sheer heavy-duty-ness of these air beds gets them as close as possible to regular beds, so that was a huge point in their favor over the years for sure.

Second most durable air mattress - Fox Plush

Rated as second most durable air mattress – Fox Plush

Basic info:

  • Air-Flow design of the air chambers
  • The vinyl used is 43% thicker than the competition
  • Built-in pump offers quick inflation/deflation
  • 90-day warranty

Nobody writes product specification like Fox. It’s as if they wanted us to know less about their product. Not gonna happen with 3Beds team on the job.

Heavy-duty pump can be manually operated

Heavy-duty pump can be manually operated

Let’s start with some user reviews of this extra tough airbed:

  • This mattress holds me, a 350 pounds male like I was nothing! It’s also much more comfortable than I ever expected
  • The moment I laid on this bed I was sold on the great support it offers. I’ve spent many a sleepless nights due to my chronic back pain, and this little guy really helped me out! I can feel my back being properly supported and aligned, so I don’t have to deal with excruciating pain or the morning aftermath ever again!
  • The vinyl here is a completely different planet from what I’m used to when it comes to air mattresses. The sheer thickness of the material helped me have a great time on our last camping trip, without constantly thinking of all the potential mishaps that can leave me sleeping on the ground that night. It’s one durable piece of inflatable furniture
  • The top portion is excellent! I swear it feels softer than my SoundAsleep Dream Series in Queen Size. Besides comfort, it also keeps my sleeping bag (and me in it) riveted in place instead of sliding off left and right
  • I prefer my beds firm, and this air mattress gives me just that! I’ve burnt through a lot of these, and even though they say you can inflate them super firm, a lot of them just can’t get there. Either they lose air during the night, or the auto-settings just don’t allow it. This bed gets hard as a rock, and I haven’t sensed my hips or shoulders complaining ever since I got it
  • It almost takes no time to set it up or store it away. The extra benefit was the fact that I didn’t have to buy any extra, custom, whatever sheets since my set of fitted Queen Size sheets fit perfectly. The dents on the side really help keep everything in place
  • Our first 4 nights on this bed were during the visit to our son. That’s why we bought it, after all. Needless to say, it aced its first test. We inflated it once and didn’t have to add any air for the entirety of our stay. Not to mention it was really comfortable and gave off the feeling and support of our master bedroom bed at home
  • After reading so many air mattress reviews it all came down to a simple game of eeny meeny miny moe, and what game it was. All the positive reviews for this model were completely true, and I ended up with and excellent bang for my buck!
  • The packaging was impenetrable, so there were no chances of anything bad happening to it. Plus, it got here full 2 days before it was expected

Negatives users shared in their reviews:

  • The bag that came with it feels really flimsy and underwhelming
  • The price went up compared to three years ago when I bought my first Fox High-Rise
  • This mattress is HEAVY! I was under the impression air mattresses should be light and easy to carry. Nope! You can forget backpacking with this thing on your back. The only reasonable setting where I can use it is car-camping
  • The vinyl feels too stiff for my liking, but that does make it less likely to be punctured, so it’s not all that bad

Our final thoughts

Buyers used to describe this air mattress as “almost impenetrable” back in the day. Now they’ve taken the “almost” out, and all that we’re left with is “impenetrable”.

We don’t usually like to talk about test results outside of the dedicated article, but we have to make an exception here. The vinyl used for this bed is 0.60mm thick, as opposed to 0.4mm, which is commonly used. This gives it a huge boost in puncture-resistance, which is the biggest fear of every proud air mattress owner.

The massive and sturdy construction also makes it heavier than most models out there, so there’s that to keep in mind. Although, that shouldn’t make all that of a difference since we can’t carry ANY air mattress camping unless we’re going by car. They’re all too heavy. It’s also one of the few air mattress that comes in extra long version (Twin XL).

One more thing we have to mention is the surface of this Fox model. They advertise it as “super flat”, meaning it won’t sag, develop strange lumps, lose its firmness anywhere… You get the picture. Both our tests and user reports confirm this claim. This is mostly achieved by their innovative “Air-Flow” chamber design. The secret lies in diamond-shaped air chambers that facilitate the flow of air from one to the next.

All this makes Fox High-Rise Plush one of the best at what it does, and it does a lot. So, here goes another recommendation from the 3Beds team.

SoundAsleep Dream Series – Queen Size

We believe this model needs no special introduction, at least to those who already researched airbeds – it’s the best-rated model Overall at 94 / 100 and the top choice in most categories. Here, however, it only came third.

Overall rating

SoundAsleep - Queen/Twin






Air retention




Value for money



  • Supportive and comfortable - Comfort Coil
  • Thick quality materails - puncture resistant
  • Top score in air retention
  • Fast, reliable pump
  • Quiet inflation
  • Superior customer service


  • No color choices
  • Only Twin & Queen size
  • On-arrival defects (see in full review below)

see ratings here one line
third best-rated by durability - the soundasleep

Official specs:

  • Innovative ComfortCoil Technology
  • 40 air coils
  • Built-in pump that inflates/deflates the mattress in 4 minutes with a flip of the switch
  • Dimensions when fully inflated – 78” x 58” x 19”
  • Dual chamber construction
  • Double-high raised portable bed
  • Sure-grip bottom
  • Flocked top
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-layer and puncture-resistant material
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Customer support available at all times

That’s why Dream Series reigns supreme in all categories save this one.

the dream series airbed

Here are some positive experiences:

  • The height is simply perfect! It makes for an effortless getting in and out of the bed
  • It has done wonders for my bad back. I had a back surgery some months ago, and this inflatable bed finally brought me a bit of respite from all the sleepless nights I had to struggle through with my old bed
  • I can just feel the raw power of the pump, and it’s no wonder it inflates it in just a few minutes. I also like how I can deflate it the same way. It rid me of the pain of having to do it manually and much slower
  • You just can’t beat the quality SoundAsleep offers at that price!
  • I can’t believe the firmness of the side rails! I can actually sit on the edge of the mattress without them bowing out beyond recognition. They’re not as firm as the center portion, of course, but just firm enough for comfortable sitting
  • I’ve had my SoundAsleep from 2013 and had to replace it after 3 full years of constant use
  • This mattress feels like a regular bed! I expected an entirely different experience when I tried it out for the first time, but the sheer support left me speechless. It feels like I’m being held by spring coils or something, only much more comfortable. As far as comfort goes, this little guy is without equal!
  • The flocked top holds my sheets like a boss! Not to mention how soft and comfortable it is
  • I’ve had problems with old Serta air mattress because of the indentations on the surface. They were quite uncomfortable for me, and this bed has taken it to perfection. It features very small pockets, but the sleeping surface is much more comfortable. I don’t even have to use my foam topper to compensate for the lack of comfort
  • Absolutely no pressure points! NONE! The surface simultaneously provides a firm support and accommodates my shoulders and hips

the sound asleep deflated

Some of the reported downsides:

  • The pump gets really loud. That’s pretty much the only beef I have with SoundAsleep
  • It would be perfect if they made it just a little higher than this
  • The first glance tells me it’s somewhat smaller than Queen-Size
  • Even when deflated, this bed is heavier than I ever imagined. The duffle bag helps keep it compact and all, but it’s still heavy as Hades

Final thoughts

Where to even begin with the Sound Asleep Dream Series??

It’s riveted on 1st position in all the categories and guides that would have it, except for this one. That’s what makes durability an interesting topic to write about around here. If we’re being completely honest, having one leader for so long tends to slow things down a bit.

Ever since it appeared in 2013, Dream Series has been “terrorizing” the competition. It’s been on the rise ever since, and the trend can not be stopped anymore.

There are so many things contributing to the overall flare of the brand that we really don’t know where to begin.

ComfortCoil is a patented air chamber technology that got air mattresses inches away from feeling like regular old-school beds. 40 separate coils filled with air ensure a proper support and the overall stability of the mattress. You won’t see any bulges or form inconsistencies here, oh no.

The products from SoundAsleep continue to shift the plates of the industry, both with this bed and some new arrivals. We’re excited to see what they have in store for this year.

dream series profile pump view

We can also talk about the high-power built-in air pump, which inflates this massive mattress in a few minutes. All we have to do is flip the switch, and the pump will do the rest for both inflation and deflation.

Eco-friendly PVC is another important factor. Not only is the material thicker, and thus, puncture-resistant, it also protects us and the environment from the toxins regular PVC would emit. There are no toxic plasticizers used to make the material softer here, rather, it’s all achieved via eco-friendly, non-toxic substances.

The elegant design is just one more in the sea of things people like about this portable bed. Its sleek lines and soft color combination make is easy on the eyes as much as on our backs, hips, shoulders, necks…

Durability is not as pronounced as with previously mentioned mattresses. Truth be told, SimplySleeper and Fox models focus on being as sturdy as possible and even then barely managed to defeat SoundAsleep in their native category. You’ll see the differences in durability results, and you can judge for yourself how close of a battle that was.

All in all, this air mattress has it all! It’s our number 1 pick, even though this guide finds it at 3rd place.

Go for it! You’ll never go back.

Honorable mentions in the category of the most durable/reliable airbed

This category has always been a cutthroat. The results were always very close and it often seemed unfair to leave some of the mattresses that  were in the top 7 or 8 in the ratings of endurance and quite at the top. Another reason why we decided to listen to Brian and include this section of “Honorable mentions” is that we’ve seen a lot of close calls and wins by small margin to ignore the beds that fell short and just under the line of top 3 most dependable airbeds.

So, in this last update to the guide we are including the airbeds that fell into the places 4-6 in durability ratings:

  • Coleman Queen Airbed Cot
  • Ivation FirmaCoil extra tough airbed
  • Coleman Double High SupportRest Premium

What’s next?

We’re simply going to analyze these beds as we did with the TOP 3 – we’re going to look into the basic data, the positive reviews and the not so positive ones and make our conclusions.

Note: The order of the mattresses doesn’t reflect their overall rating but rather their ratings in the category of durability.

Coleman Cot airbed – rated as 4th most reliable (some have labeled it as an “indestructible air mattress”)

With the ratings of 88/100 in the category of durability, this Coleman has been popping in and out of the top products in this category. Let’s take a closer look and see what “it’s made of”.

Coleman Premium Double High

read reviews button black orange

The specifications:

  • Elevated on a sturdy frame (versatile and good for both indoor and camping use)
  • The cot included can be separated to make two sleeping surfaces
  • Steel frame of the cot – durable material with the max weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • Pull-out side-tables with cup holders included
  • Battery operated (4D batteries included

stable airbed coleman cot twin size

The PROs:

  • I have had this airbed for two years now and had zero problems with it. Before this Coleman I’d replace airbeds every season because I “abuse” them and use the bed for a range of stuff, it was anything from a guest bed to camping air mattress and it hasn’t changed a bit. It’s one of the better buys I made in years.
  • The frame is high-quality steel and it really is as sturdy as they say. With the blow-up bed on top it becomes extremely comfortable. No slippage of the mattress because the cot is attached to the zip-in casing so there’s no wiggle room. It’s smartly designed and definitely worth every penny we paid for it
  • The one I got the first time had some sort of a defect in the cot, I couldn’t set it up properly. It was frustrating but I’d like to say that the customer service was swift, kind and professional. I sent them pictures of the issue and they responded within an hour with instructions on how to send the bed back. A new one arrived two days later and it worked just as described. It’s a 5-star product…
  • We’re an active family, we travel a lot and have people over pretty much every weekend so we went through (not sure of the exact number) but probably around 10 airbeds so far. This Coleman is by far the most practical – the steel frame is strong and it’s a much better feeling to sleep on this than a regular air mattress that goes directly to the ground.
  • I’m an avid camper and I go through airbed like sweatpants, probably one per season. The fact that this bed includes the steel frame makes it much more durable and less prone to punctures on the campsite. The cup-holders are a nice touch, too…
  • It’s not an option if you are backpacking, but if you’re driving to the campsite it’s a viable option. You might not be able to tell judging by the picture but it packs pretty compact (as much as a steel frame can) and it’s a good choice if you are driving to the camp.
  • If this bed stays in stock I’m never getting another one – I feel it’s the only thing that’s out there that won’t make you feel embarrassed when you set it up for guests. In fact, we’ve had people telling us how well they slept on this Coleman over breakfast.
  • The pump is great and fast. It’s very practical not to depend on power sources and that goes for home use, too. I used to own an Insta bed and the chord was so short that I had to move furniture around just to set it up.
  • This sturdy yet comfy bed is the closes you can get to the experience of being in your own bedroom on a campsite. It fits standard sheets, doesn’t wiggle or move around under me and there’s no sinking to the middle, I guess because of the support of the cot. I’ve had it for 3 seasons now and it’s still resistant to any puncture or leaks.
  • This Coleman is one of the two most long-lasting airbed I ever had. It’s going strong after 5 years. The only other product that was just as strong was the Serta EZ I had before it. Between the two I owned a couple of regular airbeds without frames and it seems that the frame makes all the difference.
  • Amazing endurance and reliability – I didn’t expect much from an air mattress at this price point but this bed seems like it’s built to last. The frame is real steel and you could feel it, the top airbed is just firm enough for proper support
  • My wife and I do love adventure and the outdoors, but we’re just past the age where sleeping on an air pad (we slept on airpads products for probably a decade) just doesn’t do the trick anymore. We also tried both low rise and high rise camping airbeds over the last year but it’s just not good enough. The moment we got this rugged airbed we knew it’s exactly what we were looking for. No more back pain and stiff legs and shoulders, we’re enjoying our hikes as we used to once again. If this bed goes south, we’re getting the same exact model.
  • It was a bit disappointing that we didn’t get this bed on time but two days late. It’s no big deal but my wife is Norwegian and she tends to make a big deal out of these sort of things. After we contacted the company and being put on hold for like 15 minutes they decided to just send a new one because they lost track of the order. Then, the two beds arrived on the same day. We sent the one back. My point is this – even with all the hassle we’re delighted to have gone through it and stuck it out because this is very probably the highest-quality airbed one can buy in that price range. It tick all the fields, from convenience and practicality to reliability and just sheer quality.
  • Firm and tough airbed, those are the two words that come to mind after 2 years of using this baby without a single noticeable change. No leaks, no needed fixes. It is bulky with the frame and all but if you are not carrying it on your back, that’s a non-issue

stable airbed coleman cot twin size

Some of the durability issues users experience:

  • My problem was never the bed, it was the cot that started tearing at places after about 6 months of use. I’m not sure if it was just my luck getting a defective one, but I had to get a new one sewn from stronger material.
  • I read all these raving reviews about how high-quality and reliable this airbed is and I went for it. It wasn’t the case for me, in fact, I’ve had just the opposite experience. Nothing broke or anything like that, but it just started deflating the first night and I couldn’t find the hole no matter what I did. I’m sending it back for a replacement
  • The material is not as quiet as people described it. Even with the textile casing, this bed still make the squeaky noises that interfere with my sleep patterns and even wake me as I turn around.
  • I’ve seen people saying that this thing packs compactly and I don’t know who’s crazy. If packing is folding it to trice the size it was when it arrived then, yeah, maybe. But getting it back into its original casing is a pain.
  • If you are on the heavy side, especially if there’s two of you, stay away from this bed. My wife and I gave up sleeping on it after 2 nights, it was so uncomfortable I could feel the bars of the steel frame underneath

zip casing prevents slippage

What we think about the Coleman Cot?

This is a guide that lists most durable airbed and we’re primarily going to address that here, we’ve already talked about the Coleman Cot Queen in its dedicated guide. Talking about “stamina” and durability is a bit different with this bed than with the regular models. It’s because you have more “moving parts” – for the whole product to be worth your buck, the mattress has to strong, the frame has to be stable and the connections between the two have to be well made so that the metal doesn’t cause punctures.

Let’s get specific – the ratings of 88/100 in the reliability category speaks volumes. Only handful of products receive a rating of over 85 and (along with comfort) it’s probably the most carefully scrutinized quality aspect in our testing methods.


Simple – it’s the two aspects that stood a head above anything else in an expensive poll we conducted last year asking our visitors to choose two “decision points”.

The Coleman Cot excels here – it’s sturdy, well-made, with a steel frame and cup holders, which are a nice touch. From what we’ve seen, this bed is built-to last and the negative reviews our testers shared with us we’re mostly statistical flukes.

Who’s it for?

If you are looking for the perfectly balanced bed and have durability at the top of your priority list, there are better beds out there. But this bed serves a specific purpose, keeping you off the ground and eliminating that feeling of sleeping on air.

It’s does list 600 lbs as it’s maximum capacity but we found that testing those numbers is not a good idea. The mattress is well-made and it can take the weight but it compromises the comfort. As one of our testers put it, “…you can feels the steel frame”.

Bottom line – good value for money and a solid choice both for guests and camping purposes.

When it comes to finding a durable, reliable and heavy-duty air mattress, the Coleman Cot had very little competition.

Ivation extra tough airbed (Double Height) in Twin size

Without any malice, Ivation is a strange brand among air mattresses.

It’s kind of that one kid that would eat it’s lunch alone in primary school. Then, 10 years later, you realize the kid was a genius of some sort. We hope this half-clumsy metaphor described what we think about Ivation.

ivation extra tough air mattress

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We didn’t pay much attention to the few air mattress models that make until (out of sheer boredom, we have to admit) we started reading about this extra tough air mattress and realized that we’ve missed an obvious candidate for this guide. It’s been in the top 10 most long-lasting airbeds ever since. It’s currently rated at 87/100 in the durability category which makes it one of the top choices.

It is a pity, however, they only make it in Twin size. We know airbeds and we know this kind of durable air mattress would sell like hot cakes in Queen size as well. Toughness and low % of leaks, especially at the seams (which is common in cheaper models) are an important factor here.

But enough of our business advice to Ivation, we’re here to look into their premium product – the Extra Tough (we’d say they could have picked a more catchy name, but we’d be giving business advice and we promised not to).

So, let’s dig into the inner working of this Ivation – the fact sheet:

  • Inflation of under 4 minutes (silent and efficient pump)
  • Improved weight distribution, comfort and durability by implementing the Coil Chamber design
  • Extra height – feels like sleeping on a regular bed
  • Extra strong PVC, increased resistance to punctures
  • Deflates quickly and packs small

ivation extra thick pvc

What are the the consumers saying about the durability?

  • This is my 4th airbed in 5 years and the first one to last over 8 months without developing leaks. If you knew my household, you’d know that this a pretty big deal, we have two little ones that are hyperactive jumping on it day in and day out. I’m impressed by how well this bed was made, much better than the ones I paid two times as much for.
  • I don’t expect too much of an airbed, especially in terms of durability but this one surprised me. It was mean to be used as a temporary bed for my son during a move and he just refused to get a regular bed afterwards. He plays football and has back issues which he claims were resolved by sleeping on this airbed. Hold air well and its a breeze to inflate and deflate.
  • Before this Ivation, we owned an Aerobed, an Insta and a Serta and this bed’s lifespan is already longer than all of these combined. Before getting it we’d get a new one for every summer season and this is the 4th year we’re using the same bed for our guest house.
  • I’m not used to not adding air every night or two and I top this off about once a week. Just the right balance between sturdiness, durability and comfort
  • This is a great product well worth the few extra bucks. It’s heavy-duty and you can really feel the difference between the PVC in this one and the Coleman we used to own. The flocked top minimized that “rubbery” feel, slipping of the sheets and sweating on hot summer night. Simply put – it sleeps like a regular bed.
  • I used to think that an air mattress is just that, a cheap temporary solution until I spent a bit more and got this bed. It’s nothing like my old airbeds that were obviously mean to be used for camping and not for prolonged used. I sleep on it for 4-5 night a week and only add air weekly. Very durable and worth every cent.
  • Very convenient, inflates and deflates in under 4 minutes and it’s way better in terms of durability than the Indexes I used to own. I travel a lot and I know airbeds and the main issues, this is the most solid and stable blow-up mattress I ever slept on.
  • I was skeptic about the whole air coil thing and the promises of extra support but I’m so glad it turned out to be true. It makes the world of difference, no squishing to the middle.

quick inflation under 4 minutes

The less favorable experiences:

  • It was an unpleasant surprise when the pump shut down, I thought the thing broke. Then I realized it automatically shuts down to cool off. It’ still strange because it only takes 4 minutes to inflate the bed. To put it nicely, I’m less that thrilled with this airbed.
  • One of the seems teared after only one week of use and they claim “it’s extra tough”. This one is going back no matter the cost, it’s more about the principle.
  • Not very comfortable, it is sturdy but that doesn’t justify the fact that it feels like sleeping on the floor
  • I’m sending this back right away, it didn’t stay inflated for two hours the first time I used it. It’s a waste of time

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Ivation Extra Tough inflatable bed – conclusions

The numbers we’ve seen in our charts show no “real” problem with any of the quality aspects. When we say numbers we mean the red lines we’ve established over the years of what constitutes a real quality issue and what’s a statistical margin. It is not the most famous of brands and chances are, for most of the readers, this will be the first time they hear about it. Ivation had its misses and its hits, and this one definitely belongs to the later group.

That’s all we’re going to say about the mattress in general – the negative reviews we’ve seen are (we believe) results of receiving a defective product.

Now to the matter at hand – rated at 87/100 for durability, this Ivation stands tall against much more established brands.

Two things are crucial here:

  • The extra thick PVC
  • The coiled inner design (it distributes weight better and puts less stress on the seams)

It doesn’t belong to the group of air mattresses that you might call “cheap” but you can freely say it’s solid value for money. If you are interested in an air mattress that you’d use often and not once a year when your in-laws decide to visit.

Coleman High SupportRest Airbed (Premium Double) – rated 7th most durable

Melissa is our dedicated in-house authority on aesthetics and she absolutely loves this eye-candy of an airbed. She says, quote, “It’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of beige and taupe.”

The rest of the staff (being all male and pretty much rid of  taste for interior design) just nods along like we understand what she’s saying. We do get the fact that the design is different from anything else out there and it is refreshing to see a grid or stripped top and shiny gray sides, but we’re more interested in the “substance”.

sturdy edges coleman airbed

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Having said that, the Coleman Premium has been in the top 10 most reliable airbeds for at least 2 years and if rating trends are any indication, it’s there to stay.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so sturdy and durable.

How Coleman describes the Premium:

  • Re-enforced coiled inner structure for in increased stability
  • Raised edges to prevent the pillows slipping
  • Unparalleled speed of inflation (3 minutes)
  • Dimensions: 78x60x18 “
  • 1 year warranty
Stripped version of the coleman premium

Stripped version of the Coleman Premium

The PROs from the reviews of Coleman Premium:

  • My experience with this Coleman is negative that turned into positive. I got a bed that obviously defective and it was loosing air every day. So, I contacted Coleman and they replaced the bed no questions asked, a new one arrived the next day. That’s how you turn a customer, the bed is OK but after the experience I simply like Coleman and feel safe if anything similar happens (and you never know with air mattresses, take it from someone who sleeps on one for 14 years now)
  • Surprised by well this Coleman stands the test of time, especially having in mind the price range. I had a Serta before getting this, it was twice as expensive and I really can’t tell the difference in quality. This bed holds air very-well, it’s comfy and doesn’t sink, the edges keep the pillows in place. I’m glad I didn’t splurge on much more expensive products like I usually do…
  • I remember that I could  tell right out of the box that the material of this air mattress is stronger and thicker. It makes a difference on how it holds air over time, it’s 3 months in and it’s same as the day it arrived, well-crafted, durable and worth it.
  • I’ve had this bed for 2 and a half years and still looks and feels like new and it’s used at least one or two nights a week.

rated most reliable coleman double high airbed

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The CONs from the reviews of Coleman Premium:

  • The issue I’m seeing is the while the bed lasts like a champ, the flocking is not as durable and is starting to think. I’m not even sure if something can be done about it apart using sheets every single night..
  • This was defective on arrival. It wouldn’t hold air for a single night, I woke up on the floor. Just sent it back for replacement

Conclusions about Coleman Premium:

Here is the thing with the Coleman Premium – we found that the product is defective on arrival more so than any air mattresses we “investigated”.

Therein lie a lot of answers about a number of reliability issues we’ve seen in reviews and the bed still being in the top 6. In other words, If you do get this Coleman and it leaks or has any other issue, don’t just give up on it, replace it – the real thing is a high-quality product. The percentages of defective products that went up to 3% doesn’t paint a good picture about Coleman, which is otherwise one of the most reliable airbed companies out there.
It is likely to be the choice of more conservative shoppers who trust names they know. In our opinion, they wouldn’t be wrong, this one has some true grit to it.

Final thoughts on the list of most durable airbeds

We sincerely believe that whatever airbed you choose from the ones we listed here as “most durable” there’s very little room for mistake. The beds listed are all reliable products.

The price range we choose from

We made an effort not to go overboard wit the the prices of the beds that enter the competition in the first place because we know that the people looking for a durable air mattress are not those who are looking to spend thousands on luxury air mattresses (like the Innomax medallion for example). We tried to give you, the readers, exactly what you told us you’d like to see in this guide – reasonably priced air mattresses that are superior in durability and better suited for prolonged, every day use.

What we’ve seen in this update

When it comes to durability PVC thickness and internal structure is the name of the game. With all other things equal (no shady outsourcing) the two beds that dominate this category are here to stay and we can steak our reputation on the quality of the two products – the Simply Sleeper RF-48 and Fox Plush. Both extra thick, both super durable, both passed all our durability tests with flying colors and the ratings reflect that.

It might seem confusing that the bed that was placed 3rd is, in fact, the best rated overall – the Sound Asleep Dream Series. The explanation is pretty simple – it might be the best overall but it’s not the best in durability ratings. The inner structure is just as good but the PVC is not as thick (0.4 mm).

The honorable mention also list some worthy opponents but, honestly speaking, we feel that no bed can come close to the SS 48 and the Fox in this category.

We’re already gathering data for the next update and contacting new people to test the products.

Choose wisely,

Author: James M. Gregory
Last updated: November 2023