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This is a THE most detailed guide on air mattress sizes.

It’s also unique because it goes beyond dimensions – we’ll also compare the sizes in the context of quality. To be specific – we recommend airbeds in each size. For some size, like full, it’s right on this page.

For others, it’s links to dedicated pages – Just look for the red headings that says “Picks in this size.”

First things first…

Changes in 2023 update

We did test some new beds, but none of them showed us the results good enough to qualify for the top…in either size.

The beds that dominated the sizes – from Twin to Queen and King, are still there.

And that’s a good thing – it means they stand the test of time.

Let’s first take a look at the top pick in the size and them compare it’s ratings to the top-rated model Overall.

If you want to see our top picks Overall (regardless of size) follow this linkbest air mattress – Top 3.

Most importantly we’ll address the issue of where is the confusion in the first place. This is the one guide on airbed sizes to answer all the potential questions, both basic about the sizing and specific recommendations about which models are true to size and which might not deliver.

Last updated: November 2023

Full size air mattress dimension (and top picks)

& capacity
Full review
Intex Elevated Durabeam full size airbed

Intex Durabeam

22 "
400 lbs


Intex Durabeam
Full Review >

see it on amazon

In case you’re looking for a larger size (Queen) you can find our picks by following the link below:

Click here to see our picks for the best queen air mattress

Airbed dimensions explained

We will also get into sizes of camping blow up beds and how to match them to tent sizes.

Basically, we’ll cover everything.

Air mattress sizes chart

In theory, the inflatables come in same size as regular mattresses. The fact that they are perceived or actually be smaller is something we’ll address in a minute, also listing which of the top models is true to size and which isn’t, but before we move on let’s take a look at the size chart once more.

air mattress sizes

Dimensions of a single

There’s no much choice among singles, and it’s our opinion that h only model worth mentioning here is the Zaltana Navy Blue.

The size of the single models is 72 x 29 x 7.5 and you can see it below.

single air mattress

Dimensions of twin size

The dimensions of the sleeping surface of a twin size bed is the same with all of them (75 x35) and they only vary in height.

These are a few examples of what we’re talking about:

  • LOW – Intex Classic (12 inches high)
  • MEDIUM – Intex Raised (16.5 inches high)
  • REGULAR HIGH – Intex Comfort (18 inches)
  • EXTRA HIGH – Fox Plush (20 inches)
  • EZ Beds – Ivation EZ (22 inches high)

Picks in the Size

You can see the whole analysis of our picks for the best twin air mattress here.
twin size air mattress

Twin XL dimensions

There’s only one airbed in this size that we feel is well worth the money and is the Fox Plush. It measures 80 x 39 x 20 “ and requires twin XL sheets.

Picks in the Size

You can read more about our pick in the twin XL air mattress category here.

twin xl inflatable

Full size air mattress

The dimensions of the base of a full-sized inflatable are (75 x 54 “) and the range of heights is:

  • 9 “ (Intex Classic)
  • 13 “ (Intex Comfort Mid Rise)
  • 22 “ (Intex Durabeam, Fox)

full blow up bed

Queen size air mattress

Dimensions of queen size models are the same in terms of the sleeping surface (60 x 80).

The height of the queen-size airbed is in the range of:

  • 8.75 “ (Intex Classic Downy)
  • 19-22 “ (Sound Asleep Dream, Intex Raised Downy, Intex Comfort Plush, Serta and Insta EZ)
  • 25 “ Fox Airbeds

Picks in the Size

You can see our top picks in the size here by following the link below.

Click here to see our picks for the best queen air mattress

queen size dimensions

King size – dimensions and examples

Since there isn’t much f market for king size (most people get the twin or queen) the choices here are limited. The surface of a king size measures 80 x 76 inches and the heights with examples are listed below.

  • 8 “ (Coleman 4-in-1 EasyStay)
  • 9 “ (Aerobed 2-Zone)
  • 25 “ (Fox)

Picks in the Size

To see our top pick in the size see this guide – King air mattress.

king fox blow up bed

California King

California king size measures a whopping 84 x 72 inches and there are two airbeds in the category that we’d like to mention and they come from two different worlds. The sizes of these models make them a choice for a select few.

The first is the extra durable (40% thicker vinyl makes it the top option for heavy people), Fox Plush, and the second one is a luxury adjustable models, the Innomax Medallion.

Picks in the Size

For the top models in the size, visit this guide – California King air mattress.

california king

The height of the Fox is 20 inches while the Medallion that sits at 15 inches.

What’s the source of the confusion about sizes in the first place?

  1. It’s the fact that airbeds (99% of them) are made of PVC and there are three main reasons why an airbed might feel (or be) smaller than regular mattresses:
  2. Depending on the temperatures and weight of the sleeper PVC stretches, so the same amount of air needs to fill a larger space. When that happens, the sleeper sinks a bit into the middle of the bed slightly raising the sides. The result is a subjective feeling of the airbed being smaller.
  3. The bed develops a pinhole leak and basically it’s the same scenario described in point 1 (above). The industry’s response to that was a never-flat pump – this small pump seamlessly adds air through the night and is activated by pressure changes.
  4. The airbeds might actually be made smaller out of the factory. We’ve seen it, and we’ve seen it from some reputable brands – airbeds or sleeping pads not being true to size. We’ve covered the top models and whether they have the issue in the table above.

The beds we listed as examples are all true to size.

One final question we get asked a lot:

What size tent fits a queen inflatable?

As we’ve seen above, an twin size covers a base of about 32 feet square.

queen air mattress fits tent

To be comfortable and not bump into stuff all the time, a twin size will be a good fit for tent with base that’s about three times as big.

To fit a queen size , we wouldn’t recommend a tent smaller than 10 x 10 feet.

If it’s a square dome tent, 8 foot will suffice but with a slopping canopy tent of that size, things can get claustrophobic.

Last updated: November 2023